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Yummy Lummy’s 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

My holiday inspired sandwich | watch out Reuben

I’m not very happy with Instagram and WordPress at the moment. For some reason overnight (Australian time) all my embedded Instagram images have gone and have been replaced by images from other IG users. I’m also preparing for a rental inspection this week which I found out about while I was in Vietnam. It’s raining and cold…cleaning is so much fun 🙂

For this post I have gone old school and manually added the images. How yesterday!!!

After a morning of cleaning and checking out WordPress and Instagram fora I decided on a lunch inspired by the last few days in Ho Chi Minh City. Bron was dead keen to try Bánh mì. This is basically a sandwich you can fall in love with. Wikipedia has a good description which I reckon you should read. I’ve downloaded a PDF for you Bánh mì.

I went looking for some ingredients in the local supermarket, viz., Coles. Coles has what it calls Vietnamese rolls. These are hard and thin. They’re not much like the Bánh mì baguettes we enjoyed in Ho Chi Minh City which were made with wheat and rice flour. They were thicker and softer too. I found a combination of herbs including coriander, mint, basil and watercress. I couldn’t find any pork pâté so I bought the cheaper chicken pâté (over the duck version). In terms of meat I used some duck that I’d saved from last night’s takeaway dinner. For the aioli I cheated. I ground some garlic, salt, ginger, fish sauce, palm sugar, and lime zest. To this I added some natural yoghurt rather than buy or making some mayonnaise.

I used the left over duck from last night's boneless duck and char siu laksa

I used the left over duck from last night’s boneless duck and char siu laksa

So at lunch time I cut the baguette and removed some of the bread. I put some pâté on one side and then added some duck meat. On the other side I added the aioli, the herbs, some cucumber and a little more aioli.

Pâté duck aioli herb sandwich

Pâté duck aioli herb sandwich

The final version went together nicely and I enjoyed what will rival any Reuben sandwich.

Pâté duck aioli herb sandwich

Pâté duck aioli herb sandwich

The day had already started well with Breakfast with Bron at Black Pepper.

I had some French toast with bacon and maple syrup.

French toast with bacon and maple syrup

French toast with bacon and maple syrup

Black Pepper on Urbanspoon

Black Pepper



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It looks like my Instagram problems have been resolved

Our stay in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

It’s been an epic few days since the last time I blogged. I think this post will be short on details. After the holiday I’ll probably write some thoughts on bits and pieces I’ve learnt and share some thoughts on the hotels we stayed at and some of the restaurants we ate at. These on the fly posts will mainly be about photographs of food and some sights.

If you missed the first post here it is under our holiday adventure.

I’m writing this on Friday morning (2013-07-05) from an hotel room in Hue.

The last image I left you with was my discard bowl of snail shells and pig trotter foot bones that I’d gnawed all the meat and skin from.

Monday 2013-07-01 our first full day in Hanoi

The Essence Hanoi Hotel is really a very nice

The Essence Hanoi

It contains the Essence Café which serves a complimentary breakfast every day. Here you will find a combination of local and other delights to satisfy the taste buds of any traveller. We noticed many Australians, some Europeans and some Americans staying at the hotel as well as a good number of Chinese.

Given the French influence why not start with a croissant 🙂

These were light and not at all buttery or greasy. They were delightful.

I should mention almost all the images are from my Instagram feed. Please click on the images to see the comments.

The tropical fruits were so refreshing and delicious for breakfast.

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#breakfast Tropical fruits #yummy #vietnam #holidays

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The Dragon fruit is so distinctive.

They also had Crème Caramel 🙂

I’m a sucker for a crème caramel even for breakfast 🙂

After breakfast we went for a big walk. We walked a little over 12 km. Check out my RunKeeper activity here It shows a map of our walk.

We visited the French Quarter and walked through a wet market.

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The wet market is so interesting

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It was incredibly interesting to see all the fresh meat and produce. There were chickens trussed up in amazing ways. Live turtles and fish and crustacea everywhere the eye could see. The remarkable thing was the lack of smell. There were no unpleasant odours. Everything looked and smelt fresh.

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Wet market

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I’m not sure if the Instagram video will work in WordPress, if it doesn’t please click on the image and it should show a a long necked turtle in a cage.

We also enjoyed some pastry from the French Quarter.

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Pastry in the French quarter

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I’m not sure exactly what this is but it looked cute and tasted light but not overly sweet.

This is where we were situated in relation to Lake Hoan Kiem

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This is where we are in relation to Lake Hoan Kiem

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This is where we had lunch on Monday. It was well rated in TripAdvisor and the Lonely Planet guide.

Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim for Bun Cha

Bron captured me with my noodles waiting for my Bun Cha

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Me with my noodles 😃 #vietnam #holiday

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Bron takes a great photograph. Notice my National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre cap 🙂

A mountain of herbs

This was to share between two people. It was a very large plate.

Vermicelli noodles

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#lunch Vermicelli noodles #yummy #vietnam #holiday

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The server came and cut it into quarters with a pair of scissors to make it easier to manage.

Grilled pork and grilled pork patties

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#lunch Bun cha grilled pork #yummy #vietnam #holiday

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These were delicious.

My bowl

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#lunch My bowl #yummy #vietnam #holiday

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Sea crab spring rolls

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#lunch Crab spring rolls #yummy #vietnam #holiday

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These are eaten with the Bun Cha.

The local public water closet

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Yes I tried a public toilet. #IBS #vietnam #holiday

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I had to pay for the pleasure and paper costs more. It’s not good if you have bad knees and weak thigh muscles.

The Temple of Literature

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At the Temple of Literature

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Stelae of Doctors | The Holy Tortoises

Sorry about the glare but this explains the tortoises and the engravings

More Holy Tortoises (Stelae of Doctors)

Where the shrine was for the Temple

Inside there were many people praying and there were fruit offerings on the altar.

The walk was exhausting. Hanoi was between 35 and 40 °C with high humidity. Yes, I know, just what I like, but walking in the warmth and humidity can be draining. We went back to the hotel room shortly after the Temple visit for a break.

Dinner was at Highway4 in Hanoi

Check out the menu

I had butter-fried frogs’ legs

These were light and not greasy at all. The meat just fell off the bones. It was like eating chicken wings.

I wanted crickets but they ran out so I ate locusts cooked in pig fat with lemon leaves

These really did taste very nice. The plate was full of locusts. At least 100 of them. After the meal I had bits of locust leg or wing between every tooth in my mouth I think.

Bron asked for Mountain Pork with Galangal

This had a very strong flavour. It’s difficult to describe. It was very nice.

Tuesday 2013-07-02

I started the day with East meeting West

Dumplings with potato lasagna, bacon, sausage and baked beans

I also created a chocolate jaffa breakfast treat by combining Pain au Chocolat with Orange marmalade. I also needed tropical fruit.

We took a four hour drive to Ha Long Bay

On the way we stopped at a workshop that employs disabled people to make arts and crafts. While we were there we saw Premier Campbell Newman from the greatest state, viz., Queensland. He appeared to be there with his family.

We stopped at some rice fields to see how hard the farmers work to grow rice

On arriving and boarding our boat (the Huong Hai Sealife) we ate lunch

Crab soup

Pawpaw and dried beef salad

This was really nice. I’d eat bowls of this if it was available.

Steamed tiger prawns and coconut cream

Sautéed squid

I love the weather. It was warm, humid and raining. The rain was warm.

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This is weather I love. I'm so happy.

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We were also on the edge of a typhoon

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Yesterday we were on the edge of a typhoon

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One of 1700 limestone islands

There are lots of cruise boats on the bay

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Lots of cruise boats in Ha Long Bay #vietnam #holiday

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We visited Surprise Island and explored the caves. All I could think of was spelunking and Histoplasmosis.

This was called big finger. Bron and I thought it was something else.

A short Instagram video of Ha Long Bay (I hope it works, if not click on it and it should work in the Instagram website)

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In Ha Long Bay

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That evening we were treated to a Vietnamese spring roll making class

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Vietnamese spring roll making 😃 #vietnam #holiday

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Then we enjoyed a small buffet dinner

With profiteroles, chocolate cake and a jelly shot

Wednesday 2013-07-03

The next morning we took Tai Chi class to this view

Bron and I then kayaked to the Soi Sim beach

That’s the boat we stayed on, viz., The Huong Hai Sealife

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Our boat, the Huong Hai Sealife of Soi Sim Island

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On the return drive we stopped at another workshop for disabled people. I saw this bottle with a cobra and scorpion in it in the alcohol section.

We got up close with more rice farmers again

Our guide Mr Loi knew a lot about rice farming and how important it is to the economy

On the way back Mr Loi also explained that in the north, cats and dogs are eaten in specialty restaurants

We did not try cat or dog

After returning from Ha Long Bay we went to the Water Puppet Theatre and then ate at the Hanoi Soul Café

Bron asked for fried tofu and salty egg sauce

I asked for brittle fried chicken

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#dinner Brittle fried chicken #good #vietnam #holiday

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We both finished with Pho Bo

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#dinner Pho Bo #yummy #vietnam #holiday

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The Water Puppet Theatre is one of those must do things in Hanoi. It was very clever and explained some Vietnamese history to the audience. I’d recommend it to anyone visiting.

Thursday 2013-07-04

I woke up with abdominal cramps and a couple of loose bowel movements.

I needed something simple to eat

Brown bread and marmalade

Plus an old favourite from my fat days

Coffee made with condensed milk

We went for a walk around Lake Hoan Kiem and watched so many people exercising. There was Tai Chi, jazzercise, aerobics, weight training (like Venice Beach) and all manner of other exercise. We saw lines of people chopping and massaging each other. It was great.

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Lots of people exercising around the lake

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The streets of Hanoi in the Old Quarter at 6 am

The quietest we saw it

To be continued from Hue

Be good. Eat well. Stay happy.

Ha Noi at EveryTrail
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When real life and blogs fuse | Ginger cake | Lemon Marmalade

This morning after my walk I read through the blogs I follow on WordPress. One of my favourites is Spoon Feast which is written by Pamela Roberts who is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) through the American Culinary Federation (ACF). This morning Pam had written about lemon marmalade. I wrote a comment about how I like marmalade and that lemon marmalade would be great. Later in the morning I had morning tea with Bron and she brought along some of her ginger cake. The recipe is a David Lebovitz creation. Bron’s creation was amazing. It was moist yet light and not sticky like some cakes are. The cake has a good amount of molasses in it as well as fresh ginger. To accentuate the ginger and molasses flavours the cake has black pepper. It really does work together.

Click on an image to get a higher resolution version

Bron’s awesome ginger cake

On returning to my desk I noticed that Pam had responded to my comment. In my mind I had thoughts of salmon, ginger, and lemon marmalade. I knew that Buderim Ginger made a ginger, lemon and lime marmalade and thought I could combine that with the salmon I was cooking tonight.

Buderim Ginger, lemon and lime marmalade

So tonight I pan seared some salmon and made a sauce with the ginger, lemon and lime marmalade to signify the fusion between real life and blogs. I even added some black pepper to accentuate the flavours.

Salmon with ginger, lemon and lime marmalade

Salmon with ginger, lemon and lime marmalade

Kreativ Blogger Award

A fellow blogger, viz., Susartandfood‘s Blog was generous and has passed on to me the Kreativ Blogger (award). Thank you very much Susan.
I’m now passing this on to seven fellow bloggers (I’m sorry if they’ve already shared in this happiness).

The rules for this award are:

  • Thank the blogger who gave me the award and provide a link. My thanks go out to Susan from across the Pacific. Please stop by and visit her and catch up on her thoughts about life, living and eating at
  • List 7 things about myself that my readers might find interesting
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know

Seven things about me that aren’t exactly exciting but you may not have known.

  1. I’m an ABC (Australian Born Chinese) and fifth generation.
  2. My great grandmother was Irish.
  3. I always wanted to study medicine because my Dad is a doctor.
  4. I also wanted to be a zoologist but didn’t because I couldn’t grow a beard and all the great zoologists seem to have big bushy beards.
  5. I don’t drink alcohol because my liver doesn’t produce the enzyme to hydrolise alcohol. I often want to drink to understand what my friends are enjoying.
  6. Despite my carrying on about Canberra being too cold, I don’t like it really hot, I like warm and humid weather because it makes my skin feel better. When it’s too hot I get a headache.
  7. I do not like, sorry I hate gardening and yard work.

Now for my seven nominations (again sorry if you’ve already had this passed on to you)

  1. TheBernieBrand because she is just so light happy and funny with a great sense of humour
  2. The anonymous hotel worker because she is new and tells funny stories about guests at her hotel. I’ve travelled a bit and have seen the truth of it too
  3. The Diane Lee show because Diane is open and honest about life, gives great advice and writes from the heart
  4. Invisible Ink because Sarah is so heart felt. She’s not a frequent blogger but her words are worth reading
  5. Domestic Diva MD because she’s a fellow medical practitioner who likes food
  6. Wayfaring chocolate because Hannah is a Canberra resident who loves chocolate
  7. In the Taratory because T1 and T2 are now Canberra residents and write great restaurant reviews for Canberra

So there you have it. Please visit all these sites and leave comments.

Merry Christmas WordPress bloggers

This year I discovered the joy of WordPress blogging. I feel like I’m in a community of like minded friends. I wish everyone who reads and writes a blog a very Merry Christmas and a happy blogging new year.

Happy holidays everyone 🙂 Happy cooking, photographing and best of all eating!