Pork cutlet an a tower of vegetables

I’m really enjoying the food tube or ring or sleeve that Miss15 bought me for Fathers day. Eventually it will be used for rice and other things but so far it’s been potato and sweet potato along with some pan seared Atlantic salmon.

Tonight I breaded (crumbed here in Australia) a nice pork cutlet. Instead of combining the potato and sweet potato I kept them separate and separated them physically in the tower with wilted spinach, mushrooms and spring onions. I also topped the dish with a little asparagus and broccolini. I deglased the pan with a little white wine and reduced some honey and soy sauce to drizzle on the potato tower.

Sorry I didn’t quite have the cutlet completely covered. The image looks a bit untidy. It was incredibly delicious though. I loved it.

Oh and I forgot I checked out Hilah’s youtube channel on pork chops. I love her accent.


My new food tube

Miss15 bought me a couple of food tubes this weekend. I was up in Brisbane visiting my daughters and we went shopping and Miss15 asked if I wanted anything for the fathers day just past a few weeks ago. We were in kitchenware shop looking at cake decorating stuff and I saw a couple of food tubes.

Click on the images to reveal higher resolution views

I seared some Atlantic salmon and mashed some potato and sweet potato in my ricer. I put it into the food tube and created a mash tower in the centre of the plate. I topped this with spring onions. I made a thickish honey soy sauce (it had caramelised and become sticky) to drizzle on the mash stack and vegetables.

And to prove I could do it again, this is from Monday night.

Honey soy salmon

After such a big weekend in food and a long day at work I thought something simple was needed. Then I remembered I still had some Zymil lactose-free gluten-free light cream in the refrigerator. I had opened it early last week and I needed to get one more use out of the small bottle. On the way home I bought a couple of spuds and thought salmon on a bed of mash with some veges. Bron regularly mentions the lack of greens on my plate so I steamed some asparagus and broccolini as greens.  I also steamed some carrot and added some honey after it was soft and tender. The honey is important because when it is warm it’s runny and along with some of the water from the carrot I used it for the honey soy sauce at the end.

I love my potato ricer. It is such a neat invention and makes such great mash. I boiled two spuds and put them through my ricer and added a dollop of cream plus a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and a teaspoon of garlic from a bottle of raw garlic. This was stirred in along with some finely sliced spring onion and some salt and pepper.

After pan frying the salmon and making sure the skin was crispy I added the honey juice from the carrot to the fry pan and then a dash of soy. I reduced this a little and spooned the sauce over the salmon.

The result was a delicious meal of salmon, mash, greens and carrot.

Honey soy salmon with asparagus, broccolini, carrot and mash (Nikon D90)

My mum’s coconut chicken

I was asked by littlemissmoi if my Mum shared recipes. She doesn’t have many recipes. She cooks by experience and taste. Sadly she has developed some severe food allergies in her senior years so now most food lacks things like soy sauce, stock and anything that may have a preservative added.

For the coconut chicken this is what I observed.

Chicken flesh cut into thin strips.
Scotch whiskey, corn flour, garlic and ginger added.
Chicken browned in a wok.
Onions sautéed in the wok. Meat added back.
Salt and cracked pepper add.
Fresh sliced chilli added.
Coconut cream added.
Fresh basil added.

Mum reckons it would taste really good with some fish sauce and soy sauce. Sadly she can’t eat them any more.

It was pretty good with her fried rice.

My Mum and Dad's fried rice. It IS AWESOME.

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Comfort Food—Jook (Congee)

Tonight I made jook. I think it’s also known as congee. Basically it’s a rice gruel. It is peasant food. It can range from a runny soup to a thick gruel with a porridge like consistency. It is to me what chicken soup may be to others. I always feel better after eating it.


Chicken Jook (also known as Chicken Congee)


1 whole chicken, best with giblets and liver if present
3 tablespoons of sherry
3 slices of fresh ginger
3 shallots cut across and crushed with a meat cleaver or cooking knife
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup Arborio rice
1 chicken stock cube


1.    In a pressure cooker place the rice, ginger, sherry, shallots, stock and salt.
2.    Place the chicken on top.
3.    Cover with water.
4.    Heat until the pressure cooker dances.
5.    Lower heat and cook for 20 minutes. Release pressure and open cooker.
6.    Remove the chicken and shred meat.
7.    Place shredded meat back into pressure cooker and stir through the rice porridge.


Serve with thinly sliced spring onions, soy sauce and shredded ham.