A quick #lunch at PappaRich after watching The Trip to Italy

Bron and I went to a movie this morning and saw The Trip to Italy. We really enjoyed it.

After the movie we enjoyed a quick lunch at PappaRich in the Canberra Centre.

I enjoyed a piece of Tandoori chicken and some chicken and beef satay sticks as well as a coffee milo drink 🙂

Chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce as well as Tandoori chicken.

Chicken and beef satay with peanut sauce as well as Tandoori chicken.

Coffee Milo hot drink at PappaRich

Coffee Milo hot drink at PappaRich

The coffee milo drink was an odd surprise. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, just a quick post to share some food 😉

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Sunday #breakfast @hahabarcbr | Ha Ha Bar Belconnen recommendation from @Girlhassparke

I’ve lived in Belconnen since 2007 and have never been to the Ha Ha Bar on Lake Ginninderra. Yesterday Megan mentioned on Twitter that breakfast at the Ha Ha Bar never disappoints.

So this morning I ventured to the Ha Ha Bar for breakfast.

I arrived shortly after 8 am and the place had a good smattering of customers. Soon after I arrived more people came streaming in demonstrating the Ha Ha Bar’s popularity.

The service was friendly and helpful. I was shown a table on the balcony overlooking  Lake Ginninderra. It was a view that allowed me to do a little people watching as locals walked, jogged, ran and cycled by.

I asked for a long black coffee on being seated and when it arrived it looked great. It was rich, dark and strong.

A picture of a cup of coffee

A long black coffee from the Ha Ha Bar in Belconnen

The menu looks pretty standard for restaurant that does breakfast, lunch and tea (plus high tea).

I asked for my standard, i.e., Eggs Benedict with bacon rather than ham. The Ha Ha Bar also adds a bit of spinach which is a nice touch.

a photograph of Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, bacon and spinach for a delicious breakfast at Ha Ha Bar Belconnen

The eggs were cooked perfectly with a lovely runny yolk. The Hollandaise had a nice rich creaminess which made the spinach and bacon even more delicious. The bacon was streaky and nicely cooked. I’d happily eat eggs here again.

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Hope you had a great weekend and ate YUMMY

Ha Ha Bar on Urbanspoon

The Ha Ha Bar website http://www.hahabar.com.au/

Google maps https://goo.gl/maps/pcQbn

Delicious #lowcarb hashed corned beef and egg breakfast stack

It’s a Saturday morning and after a poor sleep and a coffee I decide the only thing that will help me feel better is to explore the shelf of shame 😉

I pull out a tin of corned beef and from the refrigerator some Coon cheese, a cos lettuce and an egg.

Fried egg on hashed corned beef with Coon cheese atop a cos lettuce leaf.

Fried egg on hashed corned beef with Coon cheese atop a cos lettuce leaf.

This with another cup of coffee gave me the energy to face the day 🙂

Delicious low carb hashed corned beef and egg breakfast stack

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • Tinned corned beef
  • Cos lettuce (any green leaf really)
  • Egg
  • Coon cheese (any cheese really)
  • Cracked pepper
  • Curry powder
  • Worcestershire sauce

Cooking method

  1. In a hot oiled fry pan sautée about 100 g of corned beef so that it separates in the pan and starts to caramelise
  2. Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and a teaspoon of curry powder and mix well while the corned beef is cooking
  3. Lay out a green leaf on a plate
  4. Add some thinly sliced cheese (I’m using Coon because it melts nicely, American cheese would be good too)
  5. Gently fry an egg sunny side up and so the white is cooked but the yolk is still soft and runny
  6. Add the corned beef on top of the cheese
  7. Gently place the fried egg on the corned beef
  8. Grind black pepper over the egg
  9. Capture an image
  10. Eat the food
  11. Clean up

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A really big week in @Instagram | Dining in and dining out | Chairman and Yip | Lemon Grass Civic | Koko Black

Since returning from a weekend in Brisbane I have posted so many photos to @instagram. It really is an addiction. This week I went past 2300 photos and 68 000 tweets. Of course most of the images are of food. I had also hoped to make an effort this week to eat better. You know more leafy greens, more fibre and less fat and cholesterol. I don’t think I was very successful. My waist has started to thicken a little and my trousers are feeling a little tighter. I have been walking and exercising, I need to increase that and decrease the food intake.


You can also see images on my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/garydavidlum


On Monday morning I met Bron for coffee at our regular coffee shop, viz., Metro Espresso Bar in Phillip

I went for coffee with Bron. Look what she gave me.

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Bron gave me a gift. She really is sweet.

Take a look inside…

Chocolate treats from Bron

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Homemade chocolates. Aren’t they gorgeous.


Bron also gave me something for lunch.

Bron brought me in a homemade hot cross bun. #yummy

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A homemade hot cross bun and some butter. These were fantastic. The glaze was so sticky and sweet…YUM.


For dinner I made something without too much fat.

#dinner I was hungry. I had two pieces of salmon #yummy

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Salmon and salad.


After dinner I indulged with tea and…

Time for peppermint tea and Bron's homemade chocolates #yummy

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Bron’s chocolates 🙂 Delicious


I had a really crook sleep on Monday night. So much so I needed a real caffeine hit.

Nō-Dōz PLUS and a spinach laden vanilla banana smoothie. My Facebook friend Bernie thinks I’m weird.

#breakfast No it's not lime. It's a vanilla banana smoothie.

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Looks good hey!


My Aldi Expressi is so good.


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Tuesday lunch was a mushroom quiche.

#lunch Mushroom and vintage cheese quiche #yummy

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Dinner was chicken and salad

#dinner Chicken Maryland with salad #yummy

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I began Hump Day with a coffee

Mmm… Morning office coffee

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I like flags especially the NT Flag. I also have a giant QUEENSLAND flag.


Sorry this is blurry. I made a warm beef salad for dinner with Bron.

#dinner with Bron. Warm beef salad #yummy

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The beetroot had been roasted the night before. It was delightful.


Bron brought over a Stephanie Alexander cherry pie she made. It was amazingly good. So many layers of flavour.

#dessert Look what the lovely Bron made for me. Stephanie Alexander cherry pie #yummy

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Take note of the double cream and salted caramel that Bron also made. This was so good.


Take a look at the cream splitting and forming a river of buttery love


This tasted so good I’ve asked Bron to make it again (and again and again).


The next morning (Thursday) I made my iced coffee banana smoothie with left over beetroot.

Looks like a strawberry milkshake.


Thursday morning was a beautiful blue sky morning in Canberra. I started a new hash tag #coldanddry Those who know me know I like #warmandmoist

Blue #canberra sky #coldanddry I want it #warmandmoist

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Blue skies. One of the beautiful things and why I #likeCanberra


Some light reading with a coffee

Hot chocolate time

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On Thursday evening Bron and I went to dinner with a couple we’re friends with to The Chairman and Yip in Civic (P and LP are our special friends we often have dinner with at their place). We arrived at 1800 AEDT for the Early Bird Specials (because we’re old people). We chose the Early Bird Banquet. We’ve previously eaten there.

Look at this lovely stuffed mushroom.

#dinner Stuffed mushroom. #yummy

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It was amazing. In the background is some steamed wonton and fried calamari.


For our entrée we had 1. calamari tossed with spicy salt and chilli, 2. steamed wontons dressed with hot chilli infused oil, and 3. grilled field mushrooms with cashew and herb pesto.

For our main course we shared 1. sesame crusted salmon with cinnamon infused soy, 2. portuguese spiced corn fed chicken, 3. beef and scallop ground pepper hot pot, and 4. pumpkin and cucumber with caramelised chilli and kaffir lime.

#dinner pan seared salmon #yummy

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This salmon was a little over cooked but the taste was amazing.

All in all the experience was really good. The Chairman and Yip is well worth visiting for dinner, even the early bird dinner. The service is fast and the wait staff are friendly. It’s definitely worth the $38.50 per person for the flavours.


We went to Koko Black for dessert. Koko Black is an institution in Canberra and one of the places to go for a chocolate hit after dinner or after a movie at the Dendy cinema.

#dessert Chocolate affogato #yummy

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I had a chocolate affogato. Delicious. I’ve been told because it has no coffee it’s not really an affogato. Who cares?


Another shot of coffee on a Friday morning before breakfast.

#coffee 😃

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For Friday breakfast we have restarted our Mavi Breakfast wrap tradition, with a change.

We now share it so we don’t feel so full all day. Connor wasn’t cooking this morning so it was a little loose and had too much barbecue sauce. That said, the bacon, egg, cheese, mushrooms and hash brown all tasted good.


For lunch we were meant to do @snagstand but didn’t get to because we were busy. I elected to have a pie with @jacquimkane

#lunch Had to be quick. #yummy Ping @jacquimkane @kecozanat @jesskirkham08

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These was a cheesy bacon and chunky beef pie along with an extreme chocolate whoopie and a Bundaberg ginger beer (nectar of the gods).


In the afternoon we had planned a little afternoon tea, really a birthday party for @jesskirkham88 who was 25 on Friday.

Nice flowers @jesskirkham08 Happy birthday Ping @jacquimkane @kecozanat

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Flowers from Jess’s husband


Preparation for the party begins

Looks like a work birthday birthday party @jesskirkham08 Ping @jacquimkane @kecozanat

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More preparation

Happy birthday @jesskirkham08 🎂🎈🎉🎁🍰

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Note the sausage rolls are made by Jess’s mum. They were delicious.


Mars bar cars

Mars bar cars

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Fairy bread. Jess is an expert at making fairy bread.

Fairy bread

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Someone made a rookie mistake and cooked cheerios in the microwave oven.

Who can't cook Cheerios properly?

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This is another lesson in regional differences. In Queensland (God’s own country) we call them Cheerios (Hans even makes a product called Cheerios)
In other parts of our island continent there are other names like saveloy, “little boys”, franks or cocktail sausage. I’ve even heard them referred to as “little dicks”.

I will have to write another time about the battered sav and Roy and HG Nelson during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games (SOG2000).

Anyway, cheerios need to be treated delicately, like a “little boy” would be treated lol


Jess is on the left of the image and Jacqui (pie friend) is on the right

Happy birthday @jesskirkham08 Hello @jacquimkane 😃🎉🍰🎈🎂😜😃😃😃

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It’s Jacqui’s birthday on Thursday. Will we do it all over again? I hope so.


Nettie made cupcakes. They were delicious.

Cupcake time 😃🎈🎂🎉🍰🎁

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We even got loot bags.

Look adult loot bags for a work mate's birthday

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This is mine. Yes that’s a balloon.


For Friday dinner I caught up with some Canberra tweeps at Lemon Grass in Civic.

#dinner tonight

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Regular readers will note many previous posts and Lemon Grass in Woden. We were here to compare and contrast.

If you’re interested here is a search for previous posts http://garydavidlum.com/?s=Lemon+Grass&submit=Search






So how did it compare. It compared very well. The service was friendly and attentive and timely. The staff appeared interested in the customers. They were also helpful. Two of our party asked about gluten-free options. On asking about a redistribution of crispy egg noodles, this was greeted with enthusiasm so everyone else received extra noodles and as a lovely touch we received a large extra plate of noodles and fried basil. Without asking we had more than enough rice which was a constant problem at Woden. The dish, i.e., #39 tasted better too. More spicy and more flavours. My only concern was the restaurant is quite small and therefore because of its popularity it’s very noisy. With my hearing deficit and tinnitus I had trouble hearing my friends. I had placed myself next to a wall mirror to improve my photography which meant my bad ear was ‘facing’ my friends. I know what you’re thinking Gary puts photography ahead of friends…

We will go back, probably multiple times. I would recommend Lemon Grass in Civic over Woden and independently as a Thai restaurant in Canberra.


We all wanted #39

Our WhatsApp group for dinner is #39 right @t_a_n_y_a @macjam1 @natmcb

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When dining at the Woden franchise we had come to love #39 the creamy red curry. We had even set up a WhatsApp group called #39. We were all basically keen on #39.


@chat2tb it's good that @macjam1 hubby is loaded enough to shout you so much wine

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Everyone except me had wine.


Yum, creamy red curry with beef and lots and lots of egg noodles.


I'm now sad because #39 is all gone @chat2tb @natmcb @macjam1 😦

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Sadly it came to an end.


For dessert we went to Koko Black. I didn’t mind two nights in a row.

Guess what I'm thinking?

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What should I choose?


I went with the vanilla ice cream spectacular.

#dessert Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce #yummy

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The caramel sauce was smooth, warm and sweet and oh so good. We joked a bit about warm smooth purulent discharges.


I also had another chocolate affogato

#dessert chocolate affogato #yummy

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I felt pretty full after this.


On Saturday morning I went for a walk

Sun rise over the Belconnen Arts Centre. #igerscanberra

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The sun rising over the Belconnen Arts centre


Hello Mr Owl

Good morning Mr Owl.

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Well it is Saturday morning #coffee

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Coffee at Gormet Deli in Belconnen


At lunch time I had a coffee with Bron. I love lunch with Bron at Ricardo’s Cafe.

2nd #coffee with Bron ❤ her and Ricardo's Cafe

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I also had a Black Forest Cake (Bomb)

#lunch Black Forest cake.

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The inside

Inside my Black Forest bomb #delicious

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Mmm… Thigh schnitzel

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Who knows what I’ll do 🙂


Metro Espresso Bar http://metroespresso.com.au/

Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/GWQZ2

The Chairman Group http://chairmangroup.com.au/

The Chairman and Yip http://thechairmanandyip.chairmangroup.com.au/

The Chairman and Yip is one of Canberra’s better restaurants.

Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/fXj3C

Koko Black http://www.kokoblack.com/

Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/01hEL

Fusion food

I’m not making a claim to understand the advantages or disadvantages of fusion cuisine and more because I can than being creative tonight’s dinner is a fusion meal. I crumbed some veal in fresh bread with mixed herbs and GOA beef curry powder and served it with a stir fry of onions, ginger, lup chong, asparagus, broccolini, coriander, spring onions and carrot. This was served with some noodles.

Click on the image for a higher resolution version

Crumbed veal and stir fry

Of course the day started brilliantly with morning tea with Bron. She brought me a pistachio macaron from the Lindt café in Darling Harbour.

Coffee and a pistachio macaron


Food glorious food; since Wednesday; this has included dining out and home cooked happiness

On Wednesday I spent the day in Sydney for a meeting. I flew back to Canberra on Virgin Australia. I was able to enjoy an afternoon snack of cheese and ice cream plus some quince paste.

A snack on a Virgin Australia flight. Cheese, quince paste and an ice cream sandwich.

On Thursday morning inspired by the Ranting Chef and a post on 09 August I made baked beans on toast. I added a little Holbrooks Worcestershire sauce and some chili flakes plus Tabasco sauce for spice. I would have added an egg but it was already going to be enough.

Baked beans on toast with coffee

On Thursday evening we went to celebrate the birthday of a friend. We went to Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant in Belconnen. We’ve been there a few times before and I’ve blogged about the experience. Bron and I shared an entrée (Sanur’s Deluxe Platter for Two $18.9 A platter of mixed spring roll, chicken or beef satay, sweet corn patties and battered prawns) and I asked for fried chicken (“Chicken” Char Grilled or Fried ½ Chicken $18.9 Sanur Style Chicken marinated in house special ingredients and served with sambal bajak). I was a little disappointed it was dry and not that flavoursome. Bron had the Crispy Ayam ($18.9 Battered marinated chicken thigh tossed with garlic and aromatic salt) which was delicious. The chicken was moist, tender and tasty. For dessert we both enjoyed the Coconut Delusion ($8.90 Coconut pancake filled with unti (shredded coconut) with pandan anglaise, ice cream & toasted almonds).

Entrée platter

Entrée platter

Fried chicken

Bron’s chicken

Coconut dessert

The evening was punctuated with hilarious stories of menstrual period iPhone apps and videos of a bloke called Merv who is good at sucking. The flow of the conversation had periods of tension and hilarity. There was lots of talk about the ladies cycling together. I didn’t know they all had bicycles. 🙂

This is Merv

On Friday morning Bron and I enjoyed our regular Mavi Breakfast wrap.

Mavi breakfast wrap

For lunch on Friday I felt like some hot chips from Urban Bean in my work building. These chips are delicious. A small container costs $4 which sounds expensive (and it is) but the container is quite large. It also comes with some aioli.

Great hot chips

On Friday night Bron made a light dinner. We had a baked egg in a creamy Italian style risotto. It was delicious. This is a split photograph edited before and after the egg was cracked.

Baked egg and risotto

For breakfast on Saturday we had poached eggs and ham. I wanted a little cranberry sauce too.

Poached egg with ham and cranberry

After doing some washing  and house work we went out to Ricardo’s café in Jamison for afternoon tea. Bron had a golden mousse and I ate a swan.

Golden mousse


For dinner on Saturday we celebrated another friend’s birthday and went to Chairman and Yip after drinks at Benchmark wine bar. I was a little disappointed by the Benchmark wine bar. The drinks were really expensive and I got the feeling they were trying to get us out yet the restaurant was only about a third full. There was a huge hens party going on and we had wait staff asking us if we wanted more drinks every five minutes. My greatest disappointment as someone who cannot drink alcohol though is the absence of pineapple juice. That’s what I wanted. In the end I settled for a lemon lime and bitters. To be fair it was our waiter’s first shift. A friend asked for a Chardonnay and he received Chandon sparkling wine. Our waiter was very apologetic and smiled a lot.

At Chairman and Yip it was very different. The wait staff were efficient yet unobtrusive and allowed us to enjoy our meal. This was one of the nicest meals I’ve eaten in Canberra. For en entrée I asked for duck pancakes and ended up sharing with Bron who had pan fried Kurobuta Rich River (Victoria) pork cake with red wine vinaigrette. Both entrées come for $16.50. Both were delicious although the pork cakes were more filling.

Duck pancakes

char-grilled fillet of beef with shallot and spring onion sauce

For a main course I asked for a char-grilled fillet of beef with shallot and spring onion sauce. Bron asked for beef and scallop ground pepper hot pot, M asked for chairman’s red curry chicken and L asked for pumpkin and cucumber with caramelised chili and kaffir lime.

pumpkin and cucumber with caramelised chili and kaffir lime

My first plate, in the end we shared everything amongst each other.

For dessert I asked for a panna cotta with a passionfruit sauce. Bron asked for Pyramid of chocolate mousse over white chocolate mousse that sounded like chocolate fellatio which created uproar at our table. 🙂

Panna cotta with passionfruit sauce

This morning we had breakfast at Ellacure in Bruce. We’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. It didn’t disappoint. I asked for poached eggs on toast with a side of hollandaise and avocado while Bron asked for Eggs Benedict with bacon (this is Bron’s instagram image). Breakfast at Ellacure is very worthwhile. The service is very good and the food is delicious. The service verged on trying to get us out, but really, it was 0900 in the morning and they would be very busy after 0930. They were very efficient. I would rank this a great place in Canberra for breakfast or brunch.

Look I got pineapple juice 🙂

The best thing was I got pineapple juice 🙂

Poached eggs, hollandaise and avocado. This is one of the best photographs I’ve taken.

Don’t forget coffee 🙂

Tonight I was inspired by another blogger I follow, viz., Live2EatEat2Live aka The Mouse. He recently posted a picture that I have fond memories of as a boy. This is my version.

Rice with egg, lup chong and soy plus some spring onions

Chong Co Thai Bar and Restaurant | Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant | @Bron99 ‘s amazing birthday cake

After being away last week in Ottawa it was good to see and catch up with Bron. On Thursday night we had a night out at Chong Co Thai Bar and Restaurant and then to Max Brenner for some chocolate. Yesterday was Bron’s birthday and a few of us went to dinner and then had dessert at a friend’s place.

On Thursday night we didn’t really need to scan the menu. We knew what we wanted and shared some Thai fish cakes for an entrée. These were nice and full of flavour but a little rubbery. For a main course Bron chose the barbecue chicken (marinated skin on chicken with served with sweet chilli sauce) and I chose the barbecue lamb which Bron had the last time we were here.

Chong Co Thai fish cakes (iPhone)

Chong Co Barbecue chicken (iPhone) Served with sweet chilli sauce

Chong Co Barbecue lamb cutlets (iPhone)

The chicken and lamb were delicious. I would highly recommend these two dishes for a main course meal.

After the main course we walked to Max Brenner for a little chocolate.

I had a white chocolat and an exploding chocolate shot. The hot chocolate drinks are served in hug mugs which look like toilet bowls.

Max Brenner white chocolat in a hug mug (iPhone)

Exploding chocolate shot is popping candy over melted chocolate served with gummy bears (iPhone)

The popping candy is fun. It’s a pity the venue is very noisy, it would be good to eat this in a quiet room.

Friday was a pretty full on day but our Friday’s are always made better with a Mavi Breakfast wrap and coffee. This is a deal done at Mavi.

Mavi Breakfast wrap contains a hash brown, egg, bacon, mushrooms and barbecue sauce. (iPhone)

On Friday evening I didn’t get to Bron’s until late (don’t ask, it was a long day at work). Bron prepared a lovely Chicken thigh roasted with lemon, garlic and shallots served with lemon risotto and broccoli. This was accompanied later with a Flourless toffee date hazelnut chocolate muffin with cream. The meal was delicious.

Chicken thigh roasted with lemon, garlic and shallots served with lemon risotto and broccoli (iPhone).

Flourless toffee date hazelnut chocolate muffin with cream (iPhone)

Saturday was Bron’s birthday. We went to the EPIC markets at Exhibition Park early in the morning. Bron bought a heap of produce including some truffles and cultured butter. I bought a vanilla slice.

Do you think it’s big enough? (iPhone)

After the markets we had breakfast at Ricardo’s Cafe in Jamison. This is an amazing place for pastries. Just click on the link to see. I had a coffee and big breakfast.

This was very filling (iPhone) You can see Bron’s Eggs Benedict in the background.

On Saturday night we went to dinner with some friends to Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant in Belconnen. We’d been there before but that was years ago. The menu is full of delicious choices and I’m reminded of a review from T1 of In The Taratory fame. Bron and I shared a couple of entrées, viz., the Bakwan Jagung ($9.9 buys you Sweetcorn patties with prawns and shallots served with sweet chili dipping (3 pieces)) and the Udang Goreng Tepung ($10.9 buys you King prawns in spiced, crispy coconut batter served with cucumber relish (4 pieces)). For a main I had a whole deep fried fish (a little fish) Ikan Balado ($28.90 buys you deep fried of whole fish or prawns or calamari served with padangnese style mild chili sauce). I like fish like this and was happy to head the eyes.

Bakwan Jagung Sweetcorn patties with prawns & shallots served with sweet chili dipping (iPhone)

Udang Goreng King prawns in spiced, crispy coconut batter served with cucumber relish (iPhone)

Ikan Balado Deep fried of whole fish or prawns or calamari served with padangnese style mild chili sauce (iPhone)

Ikan Balado Deep fried of whole fish or prawns or calamari served with padangnese style mild chili sauce sans flesh and eyes (iPhone)

After dinner we went to Tanya’s place for dessert. Meredith had given Bron a Dutch pancake maker for her birthday and we needed to try it out. In addition Tanya had been busy making a cake or awesome proportions.

Dutch pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream. (iPhone)

The balls are cake encased in white chocolate. The balls are decorated with icing and the green grass is also green dyed chocolate. This was amazing and tasted so good (iPhone).

I was so relaxed after dessert I fell asleep and put a show with my snoring 🙂

This morning Bron prepared scrambled eggs with the cultured buttered infused with the truffles she bought at the markets.

Truffled scrambled eggs (iPhone)