Grilled rare venison rump

This week my boss gave me a gift of 290 g of venison rump that her husband had hunted and processed. It was vacuum packed and frozen. Her cooking advice was to use high heat, cook it quickly and rest it well.

I did a little on-line searching on how to cook venison and came up with some tips. I’ve listed them below in the recipe.

I’m so grateful to my boss, she’s retiring soon and I will really miss her. She loves good food, cooks well and understands the joy of eating for pleasure and health. We often just chat about food.

Grilled rare venison rump

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • Venison
  • Sherry
  • Olive oil
  • Dark soy
  • Dried mixed herbs
  • Chinese five spice
  • Green pepper corns
  • White wine
  • Pouring cream
  • Tomato
  • Cos lettuce

Cooking method

  1. Gently thaw the venison in the refrigerator overnight
  2. Pat dry
  3. Remove fat
  4. Add to a mixing bowl and add sherry, oil and soy sauce and coat well
  5. Add the Chinese five spice and herbs and coat well
  6. Let the meat sit at room temperature for 30 minutes turning every five minutes
  7. Heat the fry pan to HOT
  8. Turn on the exhaust fan
  9. Open all the windows
  10. Pray the smoke alarm doesn’t activate
  11. Rest assured in the knowledge that a well killed and handled bundle of muscle like the gluteus muscles of a large animal is relatively safe from infectious disease
  12. Gently and with love put the meat into the fry pan and count to fifteen slowly
  13. Turn the meat and count to fifteen slowly
  14. Do that until about five minutes has elapsed (this all depends on the thickness of the cut of meat)
  15. Put the meat on a plate and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes
  16. Deglase the pan with wine
  17. Add the green pepper corns
  18. Add some pouring cream
  19. Reduce to a lovely creamy sauce
  20. Add a nob of butter to shine
  21. Take off the heat
  22. Place the lettuce on the plate
  23. Cut the tomatoes and place on the lettuce
  24. Add the meat to the plate on a piece of lettuce
  25. Spoon some sauce on the meat
  26. Photograph the plate
  27. Eat the food
  28. Clean up
  29. Start writing the blog post


  • Deer fat tastes bad so cut it off and throw it away
  • Venison is very lean so use high heat and do NOT overcook
  • If you like meat well done do NOT cook venison
  • A meat thermometer is a good thing to use if you have one
  • Praise the hunter and the hunted for the meat is GOOD

Okay so the recipe reads oddly right! This week I was given a little advice from a fellow Canberra blogger who shared an article about copyright and recipes. Basically, if you want to demonstrate the work is yours make the recipe your own with your own words and style. Yep, this is what I call my style 😛

Raw venison rump untrimmed

Raw venison rump untrimmed

Raw venison rump trimmed of fat

Raw venison rump trimmed of fat

Venison rump on a high heat

Venison rump on a high heat

Venison rump resting

Venison rump resting

Pepper sauce

Pepper sauce

Plated up—Rare venison rump

Plated up—Rare venison rump

The venison tasted really nice. It was rare and tender just how I like my meat. I’d definitely cook venison again. It was delicious. I didn’t adorn the plate with a heap of extra vegetables. I really wanted to enjoy the meat as the star of the meal. I really did enjoy the meat.

Dessert is raspberries and chocolate flavoured whipped cream (unsweetened)

Dessert is raspberries and chocolate flavoured whipped cream (unsweetened)

Me in my Brisbane Broncos member shirt for 2014. Tonight the Broncos are playing against the Roosters in round 3 of the 2014 NRL season. I hope the Brisbane Broncos defeat last year's premiers, the Sydney Roosters.

Me in my Brisbane Broncos member shirt for 2014. Tonight the Broncos are playing against the Roosters in round 3 of the 2014 NRL season. I hope the Brisbane Broncos defeat last year’s premiers, the Sydney Roosters.

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Hope you have a great weekend and eat YUMMY

A fabulous weekend in Brisbane with lots of eating out

I spent this weekend in Brisbane visiting my daughters and parents. I’ve been looking forward to this time away for quite a few weeks. It would give me a chance to celebrate Miss13’s birthday and it would be great to enjoy some warm weather in Brisbane.

One of the highlights of last week was being featured in the good food and wine guide in The Canberra Times  Continue reading

Yikes! I’m 80.2 kg | How did that happen?

This morning I weighed myself. I haven’t done this for a couple of months. This morning standing naked I weighed 80.2 kg (or 176 lb for my friends in the USA). Since about Easter I’ve felt myself thickening a little. At the beginning of the year I was about 76 kg. At Easter I was suffering from ManFlu and then had an ankle problem which meant exercising was not a high priority for me. Coupled with some more extravagant eating it should come as no surprise that I’ve got over 80 kg.

I really need to stop eating so much, exercise more and watch what I’m eating. This last week has been a little out of control. Let’s take a look.

Now we need to remember I started the week with the ham hock (which was delicious). I also experienced my birthday (and much of Bron’s generosity). Finally I had one of the best quick meals I’ve ever had last night [click on the links for the images in the posts].

So in between I also ate pretty well.

Roast belly pork

#dinner belly pork #yummy

Yes, I ate all that to myself and there was nothing left over.


Friday morning signalled my last Friday working in the department so I had my last Friday Mavi breakfast wrap.

#breakfast My last Friday Mavi breakfast wrap. Look at that hash brown and bacon 😃😃😃 #superyummy

This doesn’t mean my last Mavi breakfast wrap, just the last one on a Friday. From next Friday I start working as a Visiting Medical Officer in Pathology at The Canberra Hospital every Friday.


On Friday night I was late at work and so that means takeaway

Hungry. Mmm... Char siu and roast duck. What will I buy for takeaway #dinner ?

I wanted something yummy from 2YUMMY


I chose a laksa of course

#dinner my char siu laksa #yummy I drank the liquid straight from the bowl 😃

My char siu laksa.


My breakfast on Saturday wasn’t sensible.

#breakfast #tart #yummy

It was a lemon meringue tart from Elk and Pea


Before I went to see GI Joe Retaliation I needed lunch. I don’t want to spoil this for anyone. I loved the movie. It’s well worth watching if you like ninja action, guns, heavy machines and very athletic looking actors. I will definitely purchase the DVD when its available.

#lunch beef horseradish hot dog #yummy Ping @snagstand @jacquimkane @kecozanat @jesskirkham08

My Snag Stand Beef Horseradish hot dog


A movie isn’t a movie without, you guessed it

Time for GI Joe #movies



For breakfast this morning I splurged and had some toast

#breakfast #avocado and poached #eggs on toast

Not just toast but half an avocado plus two poached eggs


For dinner I braised some gravy steak with vegetables

My #dinner tonight. Braised beef and vegetables with brown rice #yummy

This was pretty nice and it was lean


I’ve included the rest of my week in instagram

If you click on any image in this post you’ll see the IG comments made by my IG friends. Some are pretty funny.


It’s autumn


Good morning Mr Owl

Mr Owl


I really do not like speed dampening "cushions"

New speed dampening cushions have been installed on local streets. I’m not a fan of them. I am a supporter of better road safety.


Good morning. #clouds

Saturday’s early morning clouds


Good morning Mr Owl. Beautiful blue background

Mr Owl this morning. Beautiful blue sky. 


This car has been here for weeks

An abandoned car outside the local cop shop


On a depressing note, my footy teams have not done so well this weekend. The Brisbane Broncos were defeated by South Sydney. The Reds drew their game. The Melbourne Storm were defeated by the Canberra Raiders. So very very sad…


Elk and Pea

Snag stand

Week 11 of 2013 in my Instagram life

After the last blog post last weekend I finished with an image of chicken schnitzel. Here it is cooked with some fried eggs. Yum comfort food.

#dinner #simple Chicken thigh schnitzel and fried eggs #yummy

Chicken high schnitzel with fried eggs


On Sunday morning I had breakfast with Bron and we went to Black Pepper for Eggs Benedict.

#breakfast Eggs Benedict with bacon and an extra side of hollandaise sauce. #yummy Bron had the same 😃

I always ask for more Hollandaise sauce


I went to work on Sunday to catch up on some work. Fortunately I had a snack there.

#lunch It's Whoopie time 😃

An extreme chocolate whoopie


From my garden

From my garden

From my garden

I do nothing to the garden bed in my apartment. I do not even add water and look at what grows.


Sunday night dinner of salmon salad

#dinner Salmon and salad with pear, beetroot, spring onions, feta, coriander, tomatoes, lemon zest and juice #yummy


Monday was a public holiday. I visited Bron and we had her homemade hot cross buns

Bron's hot cross buns #yummy #breakfast

These were really good. I had two and lots of butter.


After another day at work on a public holiday I made chicken salad

#dinner Because I'm an old man and because I don't feel well I had an early dinner. Maple and soy chicken salad. #yummy


Tuesday night I felt a little blergh and just made chicken and potato gems (tater tots)

#dinner I was bad. Chilli crusted chicken with potato gems (tater tots). #yummy

I felt better after eating this.


Bron has been busy making macarons. Look at these babies. Salted caramel, rose water and vanilla.

#dessert Look what Bron came and gave me today. Homemade macarons #superyummy

A salted caramel maracon.

#dessert The most delicious salted caramel macaron I've tasted #superyummy Thank you Bron ❤

This is the best salted caramel macaron I’ve ever tasted. These were so good. I love the way the flavours change as I bit into them and then as my tongue made contact.


My personal passport expires in about eight months. It is easier to renew it before it expires. I pick up my new one in a couple of weeks.

Morning office #coffee Time to renew personal passport.

Most of the travel I do is for work and for that I use an official passport. My current personal passport expires in January 2014. Given a passport cannot be used for the last six months of its ‘life’ and because renewing a current passport is many orders of magnitude easier than renewing an expired passport, I thought it was time.


Nothing beats a sausage roll for a quick lunch

DIY biology and a sausage roll. Quick #lunch So busy.


It was nice having a WIZZ FIZZ lollipop

I think I need a wizz fizz before dinner 😃


Thursday morning treat from Bron

Bron asked me not to photograph these delicious treats. I can't help but like the nipples.

Now this is the morning after the meal at Morks so I wasn’t that hungry but who can resist macarons. 


It was Jacqui’s birthday at work. We didn’t our usual Pay day Pie day, instead we had a burger. You may recall Jacqui from last week’s post.

#lunch Urban Bean cheese burger with bacon egg and beetroot. Amazeball chips #yummy Happy birthday @jacquimkane

This is an Urban Cheese. It is a cheeseburger from Urban Bean Espresso Bar. It has an Angus beef pattie, tasty cheese, bacon, fried egg and beetroot. The chips came with homemade mayonnaise.


I just had a salad for dinner

#dinner with Bron. Salad and no meat. #yummy

Followed with macarons

Look what we have for #dessert Nipply macarons. Thanks Bron


Mmm…Friday morning rituals. Mavi Breakfast wrap. This one was amazingly good.

#breakfast Getting my hand and mouth a Mavi breakfast wrap #yummy

The owner made this one and we reckon he put in more bacon and mushrooms.


Hot chip Friday lunch of course

#lunch hot chip Friday. Sorry @snagstand too busy today.

You’d think I would have had enough of these but no.


Saturday morning breakfast

Big #breakfast #yummy

This was a mistake. We had breakfast at Gourmet Deli in Belconnen Westfield shopping centre. This place has great coffee and is a fantastic delicatessen. This breakfast was a little too ‘greasy’.


For dinner on Saturday night I was at Bron’s place. Bron has been thinking of making Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire puddings again. She’d made them a little over a year ago and we blogged about it.

Here are some very short video sequences of the puddings being poured and rising in the oven. I have uploaded them on Vine but don’t know how to embed Vine into this blog so I’ve embedded YouTube uploads.

Out of the oven

Yorkshire puddings #dinner #yummy

What a lovely plate of Yorkshire puddings


With the smoked hit ocean trout and horseradish

Bron made Yorkshire pudding with hot smoked trout and horseradish #dinner #yummy

It’s very hard to describe just how nice it is to have the tangy trout and horseradish along with the crisp fresh fluffy pudding


Dinner is served

Bron made Yorkshire pudding with hot smoked trout and horseradish and pear and walnut salad #dinner #yummy

It looks great doesn’t it?


Bite sized morsels of happiness

Bron made Yorkshire pudding with hot smoked trout and horseradish #dinner #yummy

This is perfection between my fingers


Oh yeah there was a pear and walnut salad

Pear and walnut salad #dinner #yummy

This added a lovely touch


Dessert was Bron’s amazing sticky date pudding with butterscotch and custard

Bron made the most amazing sticky date pudding with butterscotch, custard and ice cream #dessert #yummy

This is I think Bron’s signature dessert. No one makes it better. The butterscotch sauce is to die for. The custard is perfect. The ice cream was Madagascan Vanilla Bean.


Sunday breakfast was simple and in two stages

Bron's poached egg #yummy

Poached eggs are so yummy

River of yolk love #yummy Thanks Bron

Check it out. Hot homemade hot cross bun.

Amazing Bron breakfast. Poached egg on muffin followed by her homemade hot cross bun with butter. #breakfast #yummy #breakfastforwoojm

I hope you agree this looked so good. It tasted better.


After a walk today I needed a snack.

Grilled Australian Havarti cheese on toast #lunch #yummy

Australian Havarti cheese on toast


For dinner tonight I made some honey soy salmon and a salad.

#dinner Honey soy salmon with salad #yummy

I like the sweetness of mixing honey with soy on the hot fry pan and reducing it.


For dessert Bron gave me some of her sticky date pudding.

#dessert Bron's sticky date pudding with butterscotch and custard #superyummy

It was a nice big piece with extra butterscotch sauce and custard. This was just so good.


So ends this post.Thank you for reading this and going through my instagram experience. I’d also invite you to view my Facebook page and if you like it please click the LIKE button. Thanks.

I hope everyone has a great week at work. I know I’ve been finding my new role a challenge and it seems there is a lot of fatigue around not just in my workplace but from what I hear and read around the place. I hope everyone finds balance in their life. Take care. Live long and prosper.

On a good note, the Brisbane Broncos defeated the St George Illawarra Dragons this week and the Gold Coast Titans defeated the Canberra Raiders. It was unfortunate that the Melbourne Storm defeated the North Queensland Cowboys. I don’t feel that bad though because Melbourne are my number four team. For those who don’t know me well my top four teams in the National Rugby League are 1. Brisbane Broncos, 2. North Queensland Cowboys, 3. Gold Coast Titans, and 4. The Melbourne Storm. For Soccer it’s the Brisbane Roar. For the Australian Football League it’s the Brisbane Lions and the Gold Coast Suns. For cricket it’s the Queensland Bulls. For Rugby it’s the Queensland Reds. For State of Origin it is the Queensland XXXX Maroons. One day I’ll reveal the teams I detest.

Grand final footy food

This week has seen a good few days in food but tonight was the NRL grand final. It required something special. Something inspired. In terms of inspiring meals, we’ve already seen this week how Bron was inspired by David Lebovitz. I took my inspiration from Bron’s inspiration.

I wanted to make a sandwich that required both hands to hold. I also wanted to use a bread that wasn’t as crusty but not too soft. I wanted cheese too. But what to put inside. I had a mystery meal in the freezer. I knew it was a curry of some sort. I wouldn’t know until I thawed it out.

The ingredients for tonight’s Grand Final sandwich included Mozzarella cheese, Butter, Bread roll, and Mystery meat.

When I thawed the curry it looked like belly pork. I was winning already.

Before I get to the sandwich, the good news is the Melbourne Storm defeated the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Rugby League Club. The final score was 14:4 and the triumvirate of amazing Queenslanders Cronk, Smith and Slater played superb games this evening. It was disappointing that the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys didn’t advance further this year. Such is life.

Now to the sandwich. I thawed the curry pork for a couple of minutes in the microwave oven. The roll was sliced to produce a butterflied length of bread. I smeared some butter on both sides and then cut the cheese lol. I warmed the roll for about 20 seconds in the microwave oven too. After laying on the meat I laid over it the sliced mozzarella cheese. I then grilled it until the cheese went a little brown. It felt good holding a sandwich that needed both hands to hold.

Mozzarella cheese for laying on the meat.

This is the bread I chose from Coles at Jamison.

It was a nice loaf.

Sliced open and laid flat.

Pork belly curry for the filling.

Meat laid on a buttered bread roll.

Laying on the sliced Mozzarella cheese.

After being under the grill.

Closed roll.

A close up 🙂

So how did it taste? It was great. The curry and cheese worked well. The soft bread roll made all the difference. It was great holding a big sandwich in both hands and watching the footy. It was so big though I needed my own half time break to finish eating it. There was a degree of scepticism about this sandwich on Twitter. I can understand why it seems like an odd combination. In my mouth and on my taste buds this combination worked and worked well.

I hope all the Storm supporters are happy, and I hope the Bulldog supporters can be happy knowing they were the minor premiers this year and know on the night the better team won.

All the images captured with a Nikon D90 except the last one posted to Instagram with my iPhone 4

Food glorious food; since Wednesday; this has included dining out and home cooked happiness

On Wednesday I spent the day in Sydney for a meeting. I flew back to Canberra on Virgin Australia. I was able to enjoy an afternoon snack of cheese and ice cream plus some quince paste.

A snack on a Virgin Australia flight. Cheese, quince paste and an ice cream sandwich.

On Thursday morning inspired by the Ranting Chef and a post on 09 August I made baked beans on toast. I added a little Holbrooks Worcestershire sauce and some chili flakes plus Tabasco sauce for spice. I would have added an egg but it was already going to be enough.

Baked beans on toast with coffee

On Thursday evening we went to celebrate the birthday of a friend. We went to Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant in Belconnen. We’ve been there a few times before and I’ve blogged about the experience. Bron and I shared an entrée (Sanur’s Deluxe Platter for Two $18.9 A platter of mixed spring roll, chicken or beef satay, sweet corn patties and battered prawns) and I asked for fried chicken (“Chicken” Char Grilled or Fried ½ Chicken $18.9 Sanur Style Chicken marinated in house special ingredients and served with sambal bajak). I was a little disappointed it was dry and not that flavoursome. Bron had the Crispy Ayam ($18.9 Battered marinated chicken thigh tossed with garlic and aromatic salt) which was delicious. The chicken was moist, tender and tasty. For dessert we both enjoyed the Coconut Delusion ($8.90 Coconut pancake filled with unti (shredded coconut) with pandan anglaise, ice cream & toasted almonds).

Entrée platter

Entrée platter

Fried chicken

Bron’s chicken

Coconut dessert

The evening was punctuated with hilarious stories of menstrual period iPhone apps and videos of a bloke called Merv who is good at sucking. The flow of the conversation had periods of tension and hilarity. There was lots of talk about the ladies cycling together. I didn’t know they all had bicycles. 🙂

This is Merv

On Friday morning Bron and I enjoyed our regular Mavi Breakfast wrap.

Mavi breakfast wrap

For lunch on Friday I felt like some hot chips from Urban Bean in my work building. These chips are delicious. A small container costs $4 which sounds expensive (and it is) but the container is quite large. It also comes with some aioli.

Great hot chips

On Friday night Bron made a light dinner. We had a baked egg in a creamy Italian style risotto. It was delicious. This is a split photograph edited before and after the egg was cracked.

Baked egg and risotto

For breakfast on Saturday we had poached eggs and ham. I wanted a little cranberry sauce too.

Poached egg with ham and cranberry

After doing some washing  and house work we went out to Ricardo’s café in Jamison for afternoon tea. Bron had a golden mousse and I ate a swan.

Golden mousse


For dinner on Saturday we celebrated another friend’s birthday and went to Chairman and Yip after drinks at Benchmark wine bar. I was a little disappointed by the Benchmark wine bar. The drinks were really expensive and I got the feeling they were trying to get us out yet the restaurant was only about a third full. There was a huge hens party going on and we had wait staff asking us if we wanted more drinks every five minutes. My greatest disappointment as someone who cannot drink alcohol though is the absence of pineapple juice. That’s what I wanted. In the end I settled for a lemon lime and bitters. To be fair it was our waiter’s first shift. A friend asked for a Chardonnay and he received Chandon sparkling wine. Our waiter was very apologetic and smiled a lot.

At Chairman and Yip it was very different. The wait staff were efficient yet unobtrusive and allowed us to enjoy our meal. This was one of the nicest meals I’ve eaten in Canberra. For en entrée I asked for duck pancakes and ended up sharing with Bron who had pan fried Kurobuta Rich River (Victoria) pork cake with red wine vinaigrette. Both entrées come for $16.50. Both were delicious although the pork cakes were more filling.

Duck pancakes

char-grilled fillet of beef with shallot and spring onion sauce

For a main course I asked for a char-grilled fillet of beef with shallot and spring onion sauce. Bron asked for beef and scallop ground pepper hot pot, M asked for chairman’s red curry chicken and L asked for pumpkin and cucumber with caramelised chili and kaffir lime.

pumpkin and cucumber with caramelised chili and kaffir lime

My first plate, in the end we shared everything amongst each other.

For dessert I asked for a panna cotta with a passionfruit sauce. Bron asked for Pyramid of chocolate mousse over white chocolate mousse that sounded like chocolate fellatio which created uproar at our table. 🙂

Panna cotta with passionfruit sauce

This morning we had breakfast at Ellacure in Bruce. We’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. It didn’t disappoint. I asked for poached eggs on toast with a side of hollandaise and avocado while Bron asked for Eggs Benedict with bacon (this is Bron’s instagram image). Breakfast at Ellacure is very worthwhile. The service is very good and the food is delicious. The service verged on trying to get us out, but really, it was 0900 in the morning and they would be very busy after 0930. They were very efficient. I would rank this a great place in Canberra for breakfast or brunch.

Look I got pineapple juice 🙂

The best thing was I got pineapple juice 🙂

Poached eggs, hollandaise and avocado. This is one of the best photographs I’ve taken.

Don’t forget coffee 🙂

Tonight I was inspired by another blogger I follow, viz., Live2EatEat2Live aka The Mouse. He recently posted a picture that I have fond memories of as a boy. This is my version.

Rice with egg, lup chong and soy plus some spring onions

Unlike @bron99 I cannot poach an egg to save myself

Regular readers will know I love eggs. I especially like them for breakfast and I’m a fan of poached eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and omelets. I regularly post images to which is a Posterous site established by a primary school teacher in NSW with a focus on breakfast. Many of the images I’ve posted have been courtesy of Bron who is an expert egg poacher. I, on the other hand am hopeless. I can fry an egg with the best of them, but my poached eggs are a mess. Last night we were watching Bill Granger’s Bill’s Tasty Weekends and Bill demonstrated an easy method to poach an egg with an additional tip from Bron. It was to simply bring water to the boil, put in a egg ring (Bron’s tip), crack in the egg, turn off the heat and put a lid on.

I tried it this morning.

Poached egg and ham (iPhone)

When I cracked the poached egg, the yolk was nice and runny.

Poached egg and ham (iPhone)

I normally post breakfast images with my Brisbane Broncos mug. They lost to the Melbourne Storm on Friday night, so here is my new mug from my recent meeting in Frederick, MD.

I hope everyone has a great breakfast.

Red meat, white meat and carbohydrates galour

It’s been an odd weekend. Bron has gone away for a couple of weeks so I have to fend for myself. Thinking of Bron I made Brioche French toast yesterday morning and then we went to the local club for dinner last night. Today I cooked pork belly (my other white meat).

The Brioche was soaked in cream, eggs, vanilla and sugar.

Brioche soaking in cream, vanilla, eggs and sugar

I served it with cream and maple syrup because I didn’t have any berries. Note the Brisbane Broncos mug taking pride of place given they defeated the Canberra Raiders on Friday night.

Served with cream and maple syrup

After breakfast I went to Costco to pick up a new pair of reading spectacles. While I was there I happened upon one of the many meat cabinets. I picked up some red meat in the form of a rack of lamb and some scotch fillet.

I plan to cook this this week some time.

I love my vacuum sealer. I can prepare meat and freeze it to keep for extended periods.

My scotch fillet in food saver bags.

On Saturday night we went to the Southern Cross Club at Jamison. This is a local club and they do a reasonable steak. I tend to go for the scotch fillet with prawns and calamari in a Béarnaise sauce served on a bed of mash potato.

Steak, served rare as I want it.

For dessert we had a layered meringue cake. It was delicious. I should have asked for ice cream too.

Meringue layer cake with cream

The meal was fairly good. The service is okay. Saturday night is a pretty busy night for the Southern Cross Club.

This morning I made a salami and Gruyere cheese omelet for breakfast. It was pretty delicious.

Salami and Gruyere Cheese omelet for breakfast

This afternoon I took a piece of belly pork and slowly cooked it in a low oven. After I got it to room temperature I scalded it with boiling water.

It's upside down but this is after it's been scalded with boiling water

I then seared the skin in a saucepan while the oven was heating up.

After searing in a saucepan

I then put the saucepan and pork into an oven for five hours at 110 °C.

This is how it looked after a couple of hours.

I also made a sweet potato and Gruyere cheese and cheddar cheese bake.

To the bake I added some curry powder we got from the Easter Show.

Madras chicken curry

I served the pork with the sweet potato and some asparagus spears.

Plated up pork belly with sweet potato and asparagus spears

It’s been a good weekend, although I will miss Bron for a couple of weeks.

Rugby and pizza

Last night I got an invitation to a friend’s place to watch the Wallabies play the Eagles on a big screen television via cable. The local free to air channel with the rights to the rugby world cup had decided to play the NRL preliminary final game between the Brisbane Broncos and the Manly Sea Eagles. I was in turmoil. The Broncos are my team. I love that team and in other circumstances I would have watched the game.

We watched the rugby with an American friend. It was funny when I mentioned the Broncos he thought the Denver NFL team.I felt bad for him when the score line blew out. The Eagles had a few good pieces of play. They were tough.

While it’s always good to see the little macropods win a game, it was an expensive game in terms of injuries and a really poor kicking performance.

While I don’t drink alcohol, there was lots of American wine and we had dips and chips and then home made pizza. It was awesome. Sadly my photography efforts with an iPhone are not that good.

Dip, cheese stuffed peppers, chips and cheese

Pizza and a rocket salad

Pizza and rocket salad with parmesan and apple

I now don’t feel like breakfast.