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This morning Bron and I had breakfast at the Ha Ha Bar in Belconnen on Lake Ginninderra.

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Sunday #breakfast @hahabarcbr | Ha Ha Bar Belconnen recommendation from @Girlhassparke

I’ve lived in Belconnen since 2007 and have never been to the Ha Ha Bar on Lake Ginninderra. Yesterday Megan mentioned on Twitter that breakfast at the Ha Ha Bar never disappoints.

So this morning I ventured to the Ha Ha Bar for breakfast.

I arrived shortly after 8 am and the place had a good smattering of customers. Soon after I arrived more people came streaming in demonstrating the Ha Ha Bar’s popularity.

The service was friendly and helpful. I was shown a table on the balcony overlooking  Lake Ginninderra. It was a view that allowed me to do a little people watching as locals walked, jogged, ran and cycled by.

I asked for a long black coffee on being seated and when it arrived it looked great. It was rich, dark and strong.

A picture of a cup of coffee

A long black coffee from the Ha Ha Bar in Belconnen

The menu looks pretty standard for restaurant that does breakfast, lunch and tea (plus high tea).

I asked for my standard, i.e., Eggs Benedict with bacon rather than ham. The Ha Ha Bar also adds a bit of spinach which is a nice touch.

a photograph of Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, bacon and spinach for a delicious breakfast at Ha Ha Bar Belconnen

The eggs were cooked perfectly with a lovely runny yolk. The Hollandaise had a nice rich creaminess which made the spinach and bacon even more delicious. The bacon was streaky and nicely cooked. I’d happily eat eggs here again.

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Hope you had a great weekend and ate YUMMY

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The Ha Ha Bar website

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OMG Ring of fire | Slight disappointment in Chong Co Belconnen

Have you ever eaten a really spicy meal? A meal or dish with way too many chilli peppers or Tabasco sauce? Growing up my family ate a lot of spicy foods and we all love chilli. My father grew chilli plants and preserved the chilli either as pickled chilli or in oil. I remember watching him eat them like snack food while watching television.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve felt overwhelmed by the heat of chilli. Then you know what happens a day or so later after the chilli has been churned and the nutrients digested in our intestinal systems. It’s interesting that our tongues are such sensitive organs while most of the rest of the mucous membrane of the alimentary system lacks the pain receptors for chilli. That is, all except the sensitive mucous membrane of the anal verge. That interface between the gut and our integument, our skin. On passing out of us, I know you know that common refrain, “OMG A ring of fire”.


On Friday night Bron and I went to a favourite place, viz., Chong Co in Belconnen. We’d eaten many times before and always enjoyed the experience. On Friday night we shared an entrée which had a fish cake, chicken satay, curry puff and spring roll. Bron asked for a duck salad and I asked for PLA CHOO CHEE, viz., Pan fried barramundi topped with chilli, cooked in coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil leaves. We’ve both asked for these dishes before and enjoyed them. This time though we were both a little disappointed. Bron thought the duck lacked crispness and for me the chilli was way too much. I finished the dish but it was way too hot.

Next time I’ll be asking for something else.

Friday 2014-01-10 19.29.34 AEDT Mixed entrée of chicken satay, fish cake, curry puff and spring roll.

Friday 2014-01-10 19.29.34 AEDT Mixed entrée of chicken satay, fish cake, curry puff and spring roll.

Friday 2014-01-10 19.40.45 AEDT PLA CHOO CHEE Pan fried barramundi topped with chilli, cooked in coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil leaves

Friday 2014-01-10 19.40.45 AEDT PLA CHOO CHEE Pan fried barramundi topped with chilli, cooked in coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil leaves

Yes, my ring is now on fire.

Bánh Mì from Saigon Fresh and Laksa from Asian Noodle House Belconnen

Saturday was a great day. After the usual washing, cleaning and grocery shopping Bron took me to Saigon Fresh in Gungahlin for a Saigon Roll (aka Bánh Mì). We grew to love Bánh Mì from our holiday to Vietnam. Saigon Fresh is in Gungahlin Village near Best and Less. Their website is a blogger page

We each asked for a pork roll with chilli

Bánh Mì from Saigon Fresh

Bánh Mì from Saigon Fresh

It was really good.

After lunch we went to Costco for some shopping.

5 kg of Nutella

5 kg of Nutella

Tempted but avoided this purchase

Me and 10 kg of chocolate

Me and 10 kg of chocolate

Again very tempted but no purchase

After Costco we went for a walk around Lake Ginninderra. Check it out at

We came across some pelicans



We timed the walk to end where we parked outside the newly opened Asian Noodle House in Belconnen at 1 Beissel Street

We shared some fish cakes

Fish cakes

Fish cakes

Bron asked for the duck and rice

Roast duck and rice

Roast duck and rice

I asked for the duck laksa with extra tofu

Duck laksa

Duck laksa

After dinner we watched a DVD and ate some chocolate. I won’t say we ate all this.

Wonka chocolate

Wonka chocolate

I was a great day. Thanks Bron.


Google maps

Two Ss this week for dinner | Sanur’s Balinese | Sage Dining Rooms

This week we went to two restaurants whose names start with the letter S. On Wednesday evening we went to Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant in Belconnen and on Thursday night we dined finely at Sage in Braddon.

We’ve dined at Sanur’s and Sage many times before and enjoyed the experience.

Sanur’s Balinese Resturant

You can check out previous posts on Sanur’s through the search tool

We like eating there although I didn’t give it a very high toilet rating 🙂

On Wednesday night we weren’t in the mood for a big heavy meal so I asked for the beef rendang and Bron had the Nasi panda wangi.

#dinner Beef Rendang #yummy

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Normally I eat a whole deep fried fish, this time I went outside of my usual thinking. I’m glad I did. With a bowl of rice this was delightful. The beef was pull apart tender and the sauce had a lovely kick to it without being uncomfortable. The flavour lingered long enough to make we want more and more.

You can check out the menu at

Beef Rendang $18.90 Slow cooked beef in rich coconut sauce with Indonesian Traditional herbs and spices

Nasi Pandan Wangi $16.90 Spiced yellow coconut rice served with serundeng fried chicken, peanut chili sauce, lemongrass battered tempe, sliced omelet and bitternut cracker

Sanur's Balinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sage Dining Rooms

You can check out previous posts on Sage dining rooms through the search tool

Each and every time we come to Sage we have a new and fantastic experience. This place is one of the finest restaurants in Canberra. The dishes are just so different, so complex, so delicious, so many flavours and so gob smacking good.

On Thursday night we elected to have the Omnivore Tasting menu I’ve downloaded it here.

The Amuse-bouche

Amuse-bouche from last night's #dinner

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cauliflower soup (v)
peanut, ginger, shallot, curry oil

Cauliflower soup from #dinner last night

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cured ocean trout
horseradish meringue, fennel, charred leek, hazelnut

Ocean trout from #dinner last night

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spiced rum braised pork belly
red cabbage, rhubarb, black pepper, chestnuts

Pork belly from #dinner last night

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seared scallops
coastal greens, smoked eel, teriyaki

Seared sea scallops from #dinner last night

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eschallot, illawarra plum, foie gras, cassis

Venison from #dinner last night

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chocolate variations
caramelia, raspberry, coffee

#dessert from #dinner last night

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I’m sorry this is not well focussed.

This meal on a Thursday (non-pay week) was really very very nice. Bron and I had a secluded corner of the restaurant which was well lit and away from the din of the main floor area. The food was amazing. The wait staff were superb. The bloke we had had memorised everything that was on each plate and described it all perfectly. There was a never ending supply of sparkling water and the cutlery was refreshed for each tasting course.

It’s true a tasting menu is never a cheap option and being a non-pay week a daunting option, but in my opinion it’s the best way to get a sense of what Sage dining rooms has to offer. I would highly recommend booking a table and trying it out.

And now what everyone wants to read…my non-food ratings.

I’ve done Sanur’s before and it hasn’t changed.
Toilets. See previous posts. I didn’t need to go this time.
Napkins. Fail. They’re paper.
Removing plates while others at the table are still eating. Fail. I’m a quick eater, I can inhale a beef rendang. It’s true the bloke came over and asked if he could take them, but what am I to say, “No, please wait until Bron has finished”. He shouldn’t have approached me in the first place.

Sage is an entirely different non-food experience.
Toilets. 3.5/5 Large and well lit. Cold though. The big old stainless steel urinal is probably designed for three but will fit two broad shouldered men comfortably. There were no hand towels and the dryer was pathetic.
Napkins. Pass. Nice cloth napkins.
Waiter étiquette. Pass with flying colours.

Sage Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sanur’s Balinese Resturant

Sage Resturant

What’s happened this week food wise? | Spam spam and more spam | Chairman and Yip

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Since my last post about the crust-free meat mince pizza I’ve been pretty occupied at work and then this weekend has been a combination of going out and eating and today being at work again.

On Wednesday morning I made green eggs and ham

The green came from some parsley I added to the egg before whisking it.


On Wednesday night Bron came over and shared some of your super yummy salted caramel macarons with me

Bron brought over one of her delicious salted caramel macarons #yummy

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This was about the best salted caramel macaroni I’ve ever tasted


Bron also brought over some beef pie she’d made

#dinner Beef pie with magnificent pastry and vegetables. #yummy

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This was a fantastic meal


On Thursday morning I had spam and egg

#breakfast I feel better today. Fried egg and spam #yummy

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A nice light but filling breakfast


Thursday night it was my turn to cook for Bron

#dinner with Bron. Simple and light. Salmon and vegetables. #yummy

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Salmon and vegetables


Bron was given a box of Champagne truffles as a gift by a work mate after she did a spectacular job on a project

#sweet #treat from Bron #yummy

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These were pretty delicious


Friday morning was another egg and spam meal. Omelet 🙂

#breakfast cheese and spam omelet #yummy

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Friday was spent at The Canberra Hospital, so I bought lunch

#lunch Bacon and onion quiche with a caramel thick shake. The quiche is too salty.

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Bacon and onion quiche with a caramel thick shake. The quiche was way too salty. I don’t think I’ll do that again.


On Friday night Bron and I went to see Iron Man 3 in 3D. We enjoyed it.


On Saturday morning we went to the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets to check out some groceries and other things.

#paleo #breakfast not too bad

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I had a pale breakfast at Beppe’s Tuscan Kitchen. It was pretty good and filling too. The bacon was a little too salty for my liking and the egg was slightly over cooked. 


While in Tom’s Superfruits I spied this jar of pickled onions

Bum hummers 1000 farts in a jar #funny

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Hilarious | Bum Hummers | 1000 farts in a jar


On Saturday night Bron and I went out with some friends to Chairman and Yip for dinner. This is one of the finest restaurants in Canberra and never fails to please. I’ve reviewed it here a few times. Search Chairman and Yip in Yummy Lummy

I started with stuffed mushrooms

#dinner mushrooms with pesto #yummy

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These were stuffed with pesto. Always good.


For a main I asked for pork chops honey gin seng red dates goji berries and then we shared

#dinner pork chops honey gin seng red dates goji berries

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The lighting was pretty low in the restaurant. Sorry about the poor quality of the images.

The Chairman and Yip on Urbanspoon

Trip Advisor reviews


Bron asked for sea perch and our friends asked for the beef and scallop hot pot plus the caramelised pumpkin and cucumber

#dinner sea perch pork chops and beef hot pot #yummy

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It was a lovely plate of flavour


Chairman and Yip is a must do for anyone serious about eating in Canberra. A very worthwhile restaurant to visit.

Dunny rating is 2½ out of 5. If it wasn’t for the Aēsop hand products it would rate 2 out of 5. The urinal plumbing had obvious corrosion. The hand basin was old. The hand dryer was weak and there were no paper towels.

The napkin rating was a pass. They were cloth. Cloth=classy.


For dessert I had a takeaway Tiramisu from Gelato Joe’s

#dessert tiramisu takeaway

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It was okay. They ran out of churros so I was disappointed.


To make up for the poor egg experience at Beppe’s Tuscan Kitchen Bron made her fabulous poached eggs

#breakfast perfection with Bron #poached #egg on a #muffin #yummy

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Nothing beats Bron’s eggs


I spent today at work. After a weekend away with my kids last weekend and a day off this week because of illness I had a lot of catching up to do.


Tonight I made some pumpkin soup

#dinner Preparing pumpkin soup #yummy

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I used onion, ginger, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, Kent pumpkin, white wine, curry powder and coconut cream


The finished product

I topped the soup with a little parsley, Gruyere cheese and coarsely ground black pepper


I hope you have a great week ahead. I’m planning to. If you haven’t worked it out, I like spam 🙂

Bolly Buds Indian Restaurant in Belconnen

Last night we went to Bolly Buds in Belconnen to pick up some takeaway dinner. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Oracle Building on Benjamin Way (corner College Street [-35.242754, 149.067981]) in Belconnen. The website isn’t up yet but they do have a Facebook Page.

Bron and I spent some time looking over the menu and asked for:

Onion Bhajia $5.9
Lollipos $9.9
Butter Chicken $16.9
Korma Lamb $17.9
Paneer Makhani $14.9
Plain Rice $2.9
Plain Naan $3.0
Garlic Naan $3.9

We think the Lollipos were meant to be balls of chicken meat on sticks, however we received for tandoori like chicken wings which were large, tender and delicious.

After dinner Bron served her apple and cinnamon muffins with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious.

All in all, Bolly Buds as a takeaway restaurant is pretty good. The service was fine and friendly. The taste delicious. The cost not exorbitant. I expect it will be a popular venue for the residents of the Oracle after a busy day at work. Inside the decor was pretty plain and not that enticing in terms of wanting to sit in an eat. As a takeaway venue it was perfect.

The menu for Bolly Buds