Restaurant non-food ratings

Dyson Airblade installed in the Design Exchang...

Dyson Airblade installed in the Design Exchange in Toronto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A while back (20 April 2013) I started giving restaurant’s scores for two non-food related areas, viz., their rest rooms and napkins.

From that post…

One last thing, I’m thinking of a rating system for restaurants based on two non-food criteria. If I remember I will offer a dunny rating and a napkin rating. I believe a good rest room (toilet or dunny) should be specific for gender (preferably not unisex), have urinals set at adult height and not just pædiatric height, pedestals with out swinging doors (for emergency situations), have paper towel (cloth for the really posh ones) and/or a Dyson air blade or XLERATOR™ air dryer. I’ll elaborate on this in future posts. For Black Pepper it gets a four out of five dunny score. For napkins I prefer cloth napkins over paper. My ranking would be fail | pass| excellent. My napkin ranking for Black Pepper is fail.

Given the number of times I’ve mentioned the dunny and nakpin scores in this blog I thought I should post a page so that in future posts you can have a better understanding of what I mean.

Post script. Bron thinks I’m the only bloke in Australia who uses the term “dunny”. Who else uses it? To be fair, I don’t usually use that word in my every day speech, I really only refer to it when I want to strine up my message 🙂

Anyone want a #dunny

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Anyone want a dunny. I saw this at Costco and knew I needed an image for this page.

An additional rating on table clearing etiquette

I have a few friends who have mentioned one of their pet peeves is when the wait staff clear the table while one of the patrons at the table is still eating. Nothing annoys these friends more than when they’re dining with friends to see plates and cutlery cleared while someone is still eating and finishing their meal. It’s the height of rudeness and really reflects poorly on the restaurant. It’s usually just ignorant rudeness.

The dunny rating for Rama’s is 2/5. I contemplated 1.5/5 but they are so friendly and nice I bumped it up. The toilet is unisex. The floor had urine on it from a previous customer who clearly stood too far away from the bowl. The seat was marked and dirty. The hand basin outside the toilet cubicle was one of those awful narrow ones that you can’t wash your hands in properly. At best you can wet your fingers and then move the soap around on your fingers. The taps (faucets) had the hot water on the right and cold on the left which for Australia anyway is the wrong way around. The taps though are artistically labelled hot and cold in what looks like enamel paint.

The napkin rating is fail. They were paper. Again i know it sounds harsh but it is a simple rating scheme. Pass or fail. Cloth pass and paper fail.


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