An important announcement Please resubscribe to Yummy Lummy at

Well not so much of an announcement but just a change.

I’ve made the leap to a self hosted site. I’ve experienced a few frustrations with this change and the new site doesn’t look anywhere as good as I would like. I’ll be experimenting with new themes over the next few months and hopefully I’ll settle on an appearance I want.

So this website will remain active for searching and access to old post purposes. I discovered the ability to import from to is not as easy as the website tutorials suggest.

Please go to Yummy Lummy and resubscribe and please continue following me there.

Thanks everyone. Please get in contact with me if you have any comments or advice.


8 thoughts on “An important announcement Please resubscribe to Yummy Lummy at

  1. i was thinking of doing that too. Just go over to but then again if it is such a hassle doing this .com i cant imagine the hassle doing .org.
    i will resubscribe to your new one!!!

    • I thought about it for a long time and thought I’d done enough to make it happen smoothly. Of course that’s never the case. That said I’m now enjoying the extra flexibility with plug ins. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks for resubscribing 🙂

      • you are welcome. I just went to visit your new site. it looks good! i really like how professional and awesome looks. do you want to do mine. ha ha. with the luck i have been having, i would probably have my blog deleted by accident if i tried to move it to .org!

  2. you should add a permalink on this page at the top, so people can click and access your new one

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