Sunday #breakfast @hahabarcbr | Ha Ha Bar Belconnen recommendation from @Girlhassparke

I’ve lived in Belconnen since 2007 and have never been to the Ha Ha Bar on Lake Ginninderra. Yesterday Megan mentioned on Twitter that breakfast at the Ha Ha Bar never disappoints.

So this morning I ventured to the Ha Ha Bar for breakfast.

I arrived shortly after 8 am and the place had a good smattering of customers. Soon after I arrived more people came streaming in demonstrating the Ha Ha Bar’s popularity.

The service was friendly and helpful. I was shown a table on the balcony overlooking  Lake Ginninderra. It was a view that allowed me to do a little people watching as locals walked, jogged, ran and cycled by.

I asked for a long black coffee on being seated and when it arrived it looked great. It was rich, dark and strong.

A picture of a cup of coffee

A long black coffee from the Ha Ha Bar in Belconnen

The menu looks pretty standard for restaurant that does breakfast, lunch and tea (plus high tea).

I asked for my standard, i.e., Eggs Benedict with bacon rather than ham. The Ha Ha Bar also adds a bit of spinach which is a nice touch.

a photograph of Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, bacon and spinach for a delicious breakfast at Ha Ha Bar Belconnen

The eggs were cooked perfectly with a lovely runny yolk. The Hollandaise had a nice rich creaminess which made the spinach and bacon even more delicious. The bacon was streaky and nicely cooked. I’d happily eat eggs here again.

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Hope you had a great weekend and ate YUMMY

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12 thoughts on “Sunday #breakfast @hahabarcbr | Ha Ha Bar Belconnen recommendation from @Girlhassparke

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  3. I’ve eaten there a few times and had coffee too. It’s a lovely place and very popular.

  4. Awesome shot of those eggs! Eggs Benedict is my favourite breakfast option but I prefer it with salmon. Would they serve salmon instead?

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