My progress with losing weight | An update

In the first week of 2014 I started to reduce the carbohydrates in my diet in an attempt to lose weight. I’d done it before and I was confident I could do it again. My starting weight was about 82 kg. Before I continue please note my medical disclaimer.

My weight loss journey

My weight loss journey

If you click on the chart above you’ll get a bigger version which shows my progress from the beginning of 2014. There have been some breaks in record keeping. I spent a few days in the USA for work earlier in the month and didn’t record my weight. I know everyone says not to weigh yourself daily however, I reckon if you’re psychologically prepared for days of no change and some days of increases it’s not a bad thing. I record my weight and perform a BMI calculation in the MS Excel spreadsheet. According to my BMI I’m still overweight. I need to get closer to 70 kg to be within the so called healthy weight range. I’m using weight and how I look in the mirror as my guide.

Some tips for those who want to try this way of losing weight.

  • Drink lots of water and be prepared for a few walks to the bathroom during the evening. That means sleep is interrupted. You need to ensure you’re well hydrated.
  • If you’re prone to gout remember to avoid gout associated foods, that is, anything with a high purine load. Foods like offal, seafood, mushrooms and anything that has a high cellular turnover. Again being well hydrated helps.
  • Chewing gum (sugar free) is your friend. If we feel a little peckish and don’t have a snack at hand chewing gum will get you through the hunger pang. In addition sugar free chewing gums loosen your bowels which help with constipation. Remember keep your fibre up too.

One of the good things about a low carbohydrate way of life is that the food can be fresh and prepared easily at home. If you find cooking relaxing it’s a perfect way of life.

I’ve attached a selection of meals for your consideration. If your mouse hovers over the image a short caption will appear. If you click on an image you get a slideshow option and the full caption can be read at the bottom.

If you’re interested in any of the recipes please feel free to ask.

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I hope you’re well and eat yummy.


17 thoughts on “My progress with losing weight | An update

  1. That’s about 13 lbs. in two months! Congratulations, that’s great.

    I feel inspired. I will have to figure out a way to reduce carbs and increase proteins while maintaining my vegetarian diet. I tried vegan but it was way too hard, at least for now.

    Anyway, that’s great.

    • Thank you. I’ve been told vegetarians can adapt to a low carbohydrate way of life although it is a little more of a challenge. Cheese and tofu seem like mainstays.

  2. Great work Gary… 6kgs is a great achievement, I’ve found that 5-6 kgs loss is when you start to feel and notice a difference… and that’s enough to keep the motivation going for the NEXT 6 kgs!

  3. Well done, Gary!! It’s satisfying seeing that number keep falling, and clothes becoming looser. As an aside, I’m doing really well with my weight loss. As you know I’ve been on Lite N Easy for 5 out of 7 days (1500 calories a day) and am running around 30kms a week. Weight loss is steady at around 1/2-3/4kg a week. I’m about half way to my goal weight… and I started at the beginning of December. I’m looking good AND feeling great!

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  5. Well done with your weight loss! Maybe I ought take up this low carb thing to kick a few more kgs. I lost 12 so far, but have stopped dieting and am just attempting to maintain at this stage. Are you doing low carbs or no carbs? When do you consume carbs?

    • At the moment I’m trying to keep my daily carbohydrate total at around 20 g sometimes higher. Soon I’ll move to about 30 to 40 g.

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