Yum Cha at the Aspley Oriental

On New Year’s Eve Tuesday I arrived into Brisbane at approximately 1300 AEST. I suggested to my parents and Miss12 and Miss16 that we have lunch together on my arrival. Mum suggested Yum Cha at the Aspley Oriental at the Hypermarket because it’s close to home.

After a delay with my hire car, I got Mum and the girls to the Hypermarket at about 1355 AEST. The sign on the door said lunch was served to 1500 AEST. When we stepped into the restaurant, it was crowded but not what I’d call bursting. A man, I presume a manager ‘greeted’ us as we waited at the sign, “Wait here to be seated”. He barked at us. He barked that there was not much left, only what’s in the trolleys and if we wanted anything we should order from the À la carte menu. We were shown a table with nothing on it except a wrinkled table cloth. There were only a couple of trolleys on service and as they came past we asked for whatever they had. At one stage we had food but no crockery and no chopsticks and no sauces.

The bloke I have presumed to be the manager was barking at everyone; patrons and staff alike. The food was okay. The service apart from the ‘manager’ was friendly and cheerful. Although it did take a couple of efforts to get a pot of ‘bottomless’ Chinese tea.

At about 1420 AEST it was evident that the staff were in clean up and close the restaurant mode. I know that when a sign says service is from 1100 to 1500 that the last hour is not going to be ideal, but I think they should add to the sign that new customers shouldn’t enter after 1400 AEST.

If you’re hungry and don’t have time to drive or catch public transport into the city or Fortitude Valley, you could try Aspley Oriental. The barking ‘manager’ is certainly entertaining. If I go again, it’ll be at the start of service just to compare.

Aspley Oriental is part of the Oriental group in Brisbane. There are restaurants in Fortitude Valley and Sunnybank as well.
Aspley Oriental Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
The Urbanspoon reviewers are mixed and one gives a good defence for the ‘manager’. They’re worth a read.

You can also read Google+ reviews here https://plus.google.com/109613573437288620760/about?gl=au&hl=en

Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/s8nXf


5 thoughts on “Yum Cha at the Aspley Oriental

  1. Shu mai is what they call the pork and shrimp dumplings here! I love that one! The scallops look really good too! Making me hungry Gaz!

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