OMG this place is amazing #PappaRich #Canberra

While we were at the Canberra Centre yesterday to watch The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug, we happened to pass PappaRich next to Hero Sushi in the food court area on the ground floor.

As we were looking at the menu outside, a random old bloke came up and tugged my sleeve and said this place was amazing and we had to try the bread.

Bron and I had been thinking of doing Yum Cha at the Dumpling Inn this morning but discovered yesterday it was closed until the new year. We agreed that after a round the bridges walk we would have an early lunch at PappaRich today (Saturday).

In anticipation of a big lunch and dinner (tonight marks day four of my duck devotion), I had a light breakfast.

Saturday 2013-12-28 07.52.44 AEDT jam on sourdough bread for breakfast.

Saturday 2013-12-28 07.52.44 AEDT jam on sourdough bread for breakfast.

After a couple of bowel stimulating coffees, yes I have IBS and before any lengthy exercise I need to make sure I’m not going to be caught short. TMI? Sorry, I share almost everything.

We went for a circuit walk that takes in Commonwealth Avenue Kings Avenue bridges.

You can see the route we took if you click on this RunKeeper link

After the walk I was feeling pretty hungry.

You can see the menu here

We were shown a table and instructed on the ordering process. Each table has a note pad, pencils and a buzzer button. You go through the menu and write down the code for what you want. You then press the button. You can hear the buzzer go off and someone comes over quickly to take your chit. Almost immediately your issued with a taxation invoice which I guess you can pay at anytime while waiting for food. I elected to wait until we were ready to leave. The food and drinks come out pretty quickly in no particular order.

Bron was spell bound by steamed bread with peanut paste on it. Okay for Bron, it was a thick piece of steamed bread with peanut butter on it. I say peanut paste, and I will always say peanut paste because that is what I grew up with. As a boy the legislation of the time only allowed products with butter in them to be called butter. The term peanut paste is not unique to Queensland. I’ve discovered some other countries also use the term. I’d never use peanut paste as a butter substitute so for me it’ll always be peanut paste.

Both of us however, were transfixed on the image of deep fried chicken skin. We had to have it.

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.47.56 AEDT PappaRich's Pappa deep fried chicken skin.

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.47.56 AEDT PappaRich’s Pappa deep fried chicken skin. OMG this was good. It may rival KFC. That’s how awesome the taste and texture of the chicken skin was.

I also asked for Oriental chicken chop which was a crumbed and deep fried chicken thigh.

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.50.34 AEDT Oriental chicken chop.

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.50.34 AEDT Oriental chicken chop.

For dessert I asked for roti bom which is sweet roti bread served with condensed milk and granulated white sugar.

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.57.19 AEDT Roti bom

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.57.19 AEDT Roti bom

To wash it all down I asked for a Iced mocha with ice cream.

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.59.43 AEDT Iced mocha with ice cream

Saturday 2013-12-28 11.59.43 AEDT Iced mocha with ice cream

Saturday 2013-12-28 12.50.54 AEDT PappaRich

Saturday 2013-12-28 12.50.54 AEDT PappaRich

So this is somewhere we want to keep returning to to try out all the food. It’s so quick and easy. The food was yummy. The service was quick and friendly. My blood lipids must be unmeasurable at the moment. I reckon this place is highly worthwhile. Please check it out.

Yours truly

Canberra’s Eating Machine (aka me 😉 )


Check out the menu at

PappaRich on Urbanspoon


10 thoughts on “OMG this place is amazing #PappaRich #Canberra

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  2. The deep fried chicken skins look amazing! Hungry! Wanted to give this post a like but WP is doing something today as this is not loading…Hope that you and Bron and the family had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! ^..^ B

  3. I just attended a Laotian’s first birthday party and I dare say I am waddling home! The family-cooked food was amazing. Just looking at your delicious image of deep fried chicken skin made me both feel sick to the stomach and had my mouth watering simultaneously. lol. I’ve stalled at about a twelve kilo weight loss and I keep tripping myself up with birthday parties and taking up recommendations to great restaurants! Hmmmm lol.

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