Roll’d in the Canberra Centre. How does it compare with Saigon Fresh in Gungahlin?

Ever since coming home from Vietnam Bron and I have been in search of good Bánh Mì (Saigon roll) in Canberra. Bron has found Saigon Fresh in Gungahlin which has been great. It certainly satisfies a hunger we get from time to time. A number of Canberra bloggers and blog comments have mentioned Roll’d a chain franchise from Melbourne which has opened in the Canberra Centre.

Today after a walk of the middle section of Lake Burley Griffin we went to Roll’d to try a pork Saigon roll.

RunKeeper Screenshot

A screenshot of the route we walked on Sunday 2013-11-17 The route is in red.

National Carillion

The National Carillion

Bánh Mì

Bánh Mì from Roll’d. It’s not as good as Saigon Fresh. There wasn’t any head cheese or pickled daikon radish. The carrot was julienne and not picked. The pâté was a little sparse too.  That said, it was pleasant but there was no “wow” factor. I’d eat another but I think I’ll be exploring iPho for something a little more authentic. Especially after reading this from The Food Avenue.

Roll'd on Urbanspoon

After eating our roll we walked around Garema Place to find iPho so we could try it another time.

This is iPho’s takeaway menu from Sunday 2013-11-17

We’ll definitely come here to try their rolls.

After lunch we felt peckish for something sweet. Guess where we went?

Vanilla slice

Ricardo’s cafe vanilla slice

Vanilla slice and caramel milk shake

We went to Ricardo’s cafe and I had a Vanilla slice and caramel milk shake

Ricardo’s Cafe on Urbanspoon

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11 thoughts on “Roll’d in the Canberra Centre. How does it compare with Saigon Fresh in Gungahlin?

  1. hello, there is banh mi at a café in curtin shops, next door to bakery. Found by accident but tastes as good or better than Gungahlin. Only $5.50.

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