Grill’d Healthy Burgers in the Canberra Centre

A little while ago I received an e-mail about the opening of a new Grill’d Health Burgers restaurant in the Canberra Centre. The e-mail was an offer for a complimentary burger that I could review.

This is the first time I’ve been made such an offer. This blog is a hobby and I’ve never really given the notion of a review for a free product much thought. Recently, a fellow Canberra blogger, viz., Tara posted a page called Boring but important in which she outlines her position on product reviews. I guess Tara and I share a similar attitude to our blogging adventures.

Getting stuff for free is not new to me. As a trainee I remember free meals, free trips away to resorts and all sorts of paraphernalia from large pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. All that has changed now and in Australia, the rules and regulations are well described and well known to everyone in the medical profession.

So what am I to do? For now, I’m conscious I also work for the Australian Government Department of Health and the ACT government’s Health Directorate. As such I need to be free of conflicts of interest. For the time being I won’t be accepting offers but that’s not to say I won’t in the future. If I do I’ll be very clear about declarations.

Anyway, given I got the heads up on a new burger restaurant, I decided to take a look.

When I arrived at about 12.20 pm the place was crowded with a good cross section of Canberra eating and drinking within. I approached the ordering bench and asked for a crispy bacon and cheese burger from the menu with a bottle of water. I paid $14 and found a table near a window. Within ten minutes my burger emerged. It was delicious. The bun was crispy but not too crunchy. The lean beef burger pattie wasn’t too thin but not overly thick. The taste was delicious. While it was a bacon and cheese burger the taste of bacon and cheese was not overpowering. This was a great hamburger and very worthwhile. The service from the wait staff was quick, efficient and very friendly. As I finished the burger and started posting images to instagram my plate was taken and table cleared. There was a good vibe to the place. I’m happy to recommend Grill’d Healthy Burgers in the Canberra Centre.

A tasty bacon and cheese Grill's healthy burger. Guess what? I didn't ask for chips :-)

A tasty bacon and cheese Grill’s healthy burger. Guess what? I didn’t ask for chips πŸ™‚

I posted an image to Instagram and a Twitter conversation ensued.

Tasty bacon and cheese burger at Grill'd in the #Canberra centre #yummy

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The address for the new Grill’d Health Burgers is Ground Floor, Scotts Crossing Entrance, 148 Bunda Street, Canberra ACT 2600. Telephone 02Β 6262 6970

The current menu is at this link Saturday 2013-11-16

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12 thoughts on “Grill’d Healthy Burgers in the Canberra Centre

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  7. I’m a big fan of Grill’d! It caters to both my dietary requirements and Ms6’s taste requirements!

  8. Thanks for the link back Gary – I’m glad you and I agree! I got the e-mail, too, and tempting as it was, didn’t take them up on it – seemed a bit too far from the policy! I’m glad that as a paying customer it was an excellent experience.

  9. It sounds nice, but long gone are the days you can get a burger and a drink for under a fiver. Years ago, my husband and I hosted a German exchange student. She was very excited about going out for dinner with her friends one evening, and their choice of dining venue was Grill’d. I found this rather amusing as to me, it was a burger bar, but to her it was a sophisticated yet fun place she could hang with her gal pals. I, myself, still have not yet set foot in the establishment, but after your glowing review, might just do so. I had the chance to check out Riccardo’s at Jamison today… and am in the process of coercing a few friends to go along for their high tea one day…

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