Turkish Adana Kebab House, Belconnen

Last Thursday I spent the day in Sydney for a meeting and wasn’t scheduled to arrive in Canberra until around 7 pm. I didn’t feel like cooking and so takeaway options needed to be considered. A friend at work has been singing the praises of Nandos for weeks and their takeaway chicken ribs. I thought I’d give them a try. After a finding a park at Westfield Belconnen I walked around to the Nandos restaurant. It wasn’t full but there was a long queue at the reception desk. From what I could see they were waiting for tables. The staff were there and they didn’t appear to be doing anything to speed up the process. I was hungry and not in a mood to hang around. I turned around and started to walk back to my car. I passed by the Turkish Adana Kebab House and thought a kebab may sate my appetite.

The restaurant wasn’t full but they appeared to be doing a brisk trade. The takeaway bench is located near the cash register (what a quaint term now that most transactions are by EFTPOS or credit card). I was greeted with a smile and asked what I wanted to order. I asked for a Lamb Doner Kebab Roll with the lot plus chilli and garlic sauces. I was asked to tick the appropriate boxes on the foil lined wrapper and then the roll began to take shape. Firstly a generous amount of meat, then all the salad fixings plus cheese and finally a liberal squirt of sauces. The bread was rolled with the aid of a foil sheet and then put into the foil lined wrapper. This was twist sealed and put into a hot press. Within a minute my kebab was ready. All in all is cost me $9 and not a lot of time.

Lamb Doner Kebab Roll

Lamb Doner Kebab Roll

How did it taste? Well I have to confess I didn’t tuck into it as quickly as I should have. I had to undress from my work cloths and sort through documents in my work bag. By the time I got to the kebab it felt cold. Given the foil and my level of hunger I didn’t want to heat it up in the microwave oven so I ate it cold. It tasted okay. The filling was tasty and the chilli sauce was good. I can’t help thinking it would have tasted a lot better if it was still hot.

I’ll probably go back to have another one to do it justice.

Turkish Adana Kebab House menu

The website http://www.turkishadana.com.au/index.html has annoying autoplay music. If you click on any of the other tabs the music stops. You can also order on-line.

UrbanSpoon http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/344/1755731/restaurant/ACT/Turkish-Adana-Kebab-House-Belconnen
Turkish Adana Kebab House on Urbanspoon


5 thoughts on “Turkish Adana Kebab House, Belconnen

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  2. Haha well that answered my question! 🙂 Yeah, kebabs are better hot, and I like them when they’ve been left in the sandwich press that little too long rather than that little to short…and hot. yes, they have to be hot.

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