Pork belly…erm Pork Barrel for breakfast and pork for tea

Today was a day dedicated to the pig. In Homer Simpson’s words, “A magical animal”.

For breakfast we went to Pork Barrel next to the Lobby restaurant, on King George Terrace in Parkes.

We both asked for Eggs Benedict with bacon served on beetroot and feta sourdough. Breakfast cost $58 which is outrageous. That said, the bread was very very good. The eggs were perfectly cooked and the bacon was just right.

‘Bowls’ for breakfast meals coupled with breakfast knives that cannot cut the crust of sourdough are things that annoy me about some Canberra venues. I know that Tara also has a thing about knives too.

After breakfast we went for a short walk. It was a really nice breakfast but not worth $58.

Tonight for dinner Bron made bun cha from scratch. It was delicious. Amazing. Best ever.

It’s been a magical piggy day 🙂

Thanks Bron for a great meal.

Caramel mousse from Ricardo's cafe

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Caramel mousse from Ricardo’s cafe

Pork Barrel http://www.porkbarrel.com.au/

UrbanSpoon http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/344/1558464/restaurant/ACT/Canberra/Pork-Barrel-Cafe-Parkes

Pork Barrel Cafe on Urbanspoon

TripAdvisor http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g255057-d3537245-Reviews-Porkbarrel_Cafe-Canberra_Greater_Canberra_Australian_Capital_Territory.html

Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/XCxJP


6 thoughts on “Pork belly…erm Pork Barrel for breakfast and pork for tea

  1. I had breakfast at Elk & Pea in Braddon today and my breakfast (smashed avocado, mushrooms, feta, basil and a poached egg on toast) to my utter delight came with two slices of white bread with butter. I was so relieved. I’ve become accustomed to a single slice of dry sourdough with up to two eggs, and goddammit one slice of bread per egg should be standard, buttered toast is the business and I like a nice soft, cuttable bread that doesn’t hurt my mouth. Down with sourdough!

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