The week in images and food | Reinvigorating my #StarTrek love

It’s been a busy week. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged random images of food and other stuff 🙂
I’ve started getting back into Star Trek. I’ve always been a fan ever since primary school. I remember coming home from swimming club on Friday evenings and watching Star Trek The Original Series with Dad. If you’re into Star Trek I recommend The pod casts are great and worth listening to. Many of the hosts are happy to be followed on Twitter and they really friendly.
You can see I’m watching my favourite series, viz., Enterprise
On Sunday evening I spent three hours cooking some chuck steak, celery, carrot, onions and a turnip.
Beef casserole
Monday night is salmon night and so I had some with vegetables.
Salmon and vegetables
Tuesday morning was remarkably warm for early September. You can see at 4.45 am it was 16 °C.
Mr Owl
I’ve been playing with gently frying eggs and Strasbourg sausage. I heat the fry pan up to hot, crack an egg into a silicone egg ring, pop on a lid and turn off the heat. I leave the egg in there for 4 minutes and it comes out with a soft warm runny yolk.
Fried egg sausage stack - Version 2
I also had salmon on Tuesday night this time with boiled red cabbage with goes a very pretty purple.
Salmon and cabbage
On Thursday morning I had a 6 am teleconference at work so I could have a breakfast wrap at Mavi. I needed a bacon fix.
Mavi Breakfast Wrap
I was sick on Friday and craved comfort food. Curried corned beef along with some caramelised onions is what I needed.
Curried corned beef and caramelised onion - Version 2
On Friday I got to 1000 followers on Twitter
For dinner I went to the Southern Cross Club with Bron and had a steak
Rare eye fillet, Hollandaise sauce and mashed potato
For dessert there was churros with dipping sauces and fruit skewers.
Churros and fruit
I was more careful when I cooked my egg this morning.
Fried egg and Strasbourg sausage stack
As I was going to Costco I passed through Floriade and stole the mayorship when I stopped off for a quick look.
Floriade mayor
Today the plan was to have lunch at Ricardo’s Cafe but there was no seats so I got a meat pie and sausage roll as a takeaway.
Steak and mushroom pie
For dinner I put together a minced steak pattie and some salad.
I also caramelised some onions. I love caramelised onions.
Caramelising onions
Caramelising onions
I wish it was summer now.
Burger and salad
I also used a fresh pineapple to make a pineapple crush drink with dinner
Pineapple crush
For dessert I had a passionfruit tart and a Portuguese tart
Passionfruit tart and Portuguese tart

I hope you have a good week to come. Take care and eat yummy 🙂


13 thoughts on “The week in images and food | Reinvigorating my #StarTrek love

  1. I am just catching up my friend! Love your food posts, and walk away every time more hungry than when I sat down to read your posts! Hope that you are doing well! I just needed to reconnect after busy times at work and then a much needed vacation! Hello to Bron too! – B

    • Hey there Barb. Good to hear from you. All is well here. I hope you enjoyed your vacation break. I think I’ve been eating too much lately 🙂

  2. How on EARTH does one get 1000 followers on Twitter? Asides from being famous, I mean. Are you famous? Is there something I didn’t know? Lol. I don’t understand Twitter and just when I think I have the hang of it… I don’t. 😀

  3. I am green with envy at the pie and sausage roll. I watched the into darkness film a few days ago. I was surprised at how many references it had to previous stories and the tribbles was a bit much but i dont know why people didnt like cumberbatch i thought he was the best thing in it

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