Bron rekindling holiday memories

Last night Bron invited me over for dinner and a movie.

We recently returned from Vietnam and have been craving the flavours we enjoyed.

Bron had a little bit of Wagyu beef in her freezer and suggested Pho Bo. Who am I to say no to Pho Bo 😉

Pho Bo

Pho Bo

Bron’s Pho Bo was just like being in Hanoi. I want this for breakfast.

For dessert Bron put together some odds and ends from her refrigerator. She poached some pears and made a tart.

Poached pear tart

Poached pear tart

This was amazing. Bron is about the best cook I know.

Afterwards we watched Argo. We enjoyed it.

ARGO go F&^k yourself (It’s a quote from the movie)


4 thoughts on “Bron rekindling holiday memories

  1. Its Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow so Sunday night is really a Saturday night. I have 10 DVDs in front of me that I havent watched and trying to decide which one – and now its going to be Argo – thanks for the inspiration!

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