Taze Mediterranean Cuisine and The Wolverine

Last night after work Bron and I went into Civic for something to eat and a movie. With nothing planned as we approached the car park in the basement of the Canberra Centre I suggested Taze Mediterranean Cuisine on Genge Street. Bron was happy to have a look. At about 7 pm it didn’t look too busy and we were given a table near the main windows and asked if we could be out before 8.10 pm. Not a problem.

We agreed to share zucchini fritters for an entrée and for a main I asked for 300 g of Wagyu rump.

Zucchini fritters

Zucchini fritters

Wagyu rump steak

Wagyu rump steak

The fritters were light, fluffy and delicious. The steak was tender and tasty.

We’ve eaten at Taze before and enjoyed the experience. This was a more spontaneous venture and was very nice. For a Friday night I’d definitely eat here again if a table is available.

Between dining and movie watching we went for a look around the Canberra Centre and I bought the Captain Scarlet DVD box set.

Captain Scarlet DVD

Captain Scarlet DVD

We decided to watch The Wolverine at The Dendy in the Canberra Centre.

It was a good movie. A little out there for the X-men. If you like X-men then you need to watch it.



All in all a good night out.

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Taze Mediterranean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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