Two Ss this week for dinner | Sanur’s Balinese | Sage Dining Rooms

This week we went to two restaurants whose names start with the letter S. On Wednesday evening we went to Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant in Belconnen and on Thursday night we dined finely at Sage in Braddon.

We’ve dined at Sanur’s and Sage many times before and enjoyed the experience.

Sanur’s Balinese Resturant

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We like eating there although I didn’t give it a very high toilet rating 🙂

On Wednesday night we weren’t in the mood for a big heavy meal so I asked for the beef rendang and Bron had the Nasi panda wangi.

#dinner Beef Rendang #yummy

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Normally I eat a whole deep fried fish, this time I went outside of my usual thinking. I’m glad I did. With a bowl of rice this was delightful. The beef was pull apart tender and the sauce had a lovely kick to it without being uncomfortable. The flavour lingered long enough to make we want more and more.

You can check out the menu at

Beef Rendang $18.90 Slow cooked beef in rich coconut sauce with Indonesian Traditional herbs and spices

Nasi Pandan Wangi $16.90 Spiced yellow coconut rice served with serundeng fried chicken, peanut chili sauce, lemongrass battered tempe, sliced omelet and bitternut cracker

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Sage Dining Rooms

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Each and every time we come to Sage we have a new and fantastic experience. This place is one of the finest restaurants in Canberra. The dishes are just so different, so complex, so delicious, so many flavours and so gob smacking good.

On Thursday night we elected to have the Omnivore Tasting menu I’ve downloaded it here.

The Amuse-bouche

Amuse-bouche from last night's #dinner

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cauliflower soup (v)
peanut, ginger, shallot, curry oil

Cauliflower soup from #dinner last night

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cured ocean trout
horseradish meringue, fennel, charred leek, hazelnut

Ocean trout from #dinner last night

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spiced rum braised pork belly
red cabbage, rhubarb, black pepper, chestnuts

Pork belly from #dinner last night

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seared scallops
coastal greens, smoked eel, teriyaki

Seared sea scallops from #dinner last night

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eschallot, illawarra plum, foie gras, cassis

Venison from #dinner last night

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chocolate variations
caramelia, raspberry, coffee

#dessert from #dinner last night

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I’m sorry this is not well focussed.

This meal on a Thursday (non-pay week) was really very very nice. Bron and I had a secluded corner of the restaurant which was well lit and away from the din of the main floor area. The food was amazing. The wait staff were superb. The bloke we had had memorised everything that was on each plate and described it all perfectly. There was a never ending supply of sparkling water and the cutlery was refreshed for each tasting course.

It’s true a tasting menu is never a cheap option and being a non-pay week a daunting option, but in my opinion it’s the best way to get a sense of what Sage dining rooms has to offer. I would highly recommend booking a table and trying it out.

And now what everyone wants to read…my non-food ratings.

I’ve done Sanur’s before and it hasn’t changed.
Toilets. See previous posts. I didn’t need to go this time.
Napkins. Fail. They’re paper.
Removing plates while others at the table are still eating. Fail. I’m a quick eater, I can inhale a beef rendang. It’s true the bloke came over and asked if he could take them, but what am I to say, “No, please wait until Bron has finished”. He shouldn’t have approached me in the first place.

Sage is an entirely different non-food experience.
Toilets. 3.5/5 Large and well lit. Cold though. The big old stainless steel urinal is probably designed for three but will fit two broad shouldered men comfortably. There were no hand towels and the dryer was pathetic.
Napkins. Pass. Nice cloth napkins.
Waiter Ă©tiquette. Pass with flying colours.

Sage Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sanur’s Balinese Resturant

Sage Resturant


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