State of Origin Game 2 | #QUEENSLANDER

Tonight was game 2 in this year’s state of origin series. Queensland was soundly defeated by NSW in game 1 and tonight Queensland had to fight back to square the ledger before the third and final game next month. Queensland had a great advantage in hosting the game at Lang Park.

Bron invited me to her place for dinner and to watch the game. We had footy food. A shepherds pie, sausage rolls, chips and spudsters. The pie was amazingly good as were the sausage rolls. Bron has footy food down to a fine art.


Tonight Queensland came out strongly and took advantage of the crowd support. After a torrid 80 minutes of fantastic football along with one very tame brawl and a little bit of sin binning, Queensland prevailed and defeated NSW 26 to 6.

After the second try I had a tweet highlighted by Telstra.


Bring on game 3. QUEENSLANDER


Good night everyone. Catch you later.



7 thoughts on “State of Origin Game 2 | #QUEENSLANDER

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  2. All sport talk over here of course will be of the Ashes (forget Wimbledon Federer will win it). The question on everyone’s lips is whether Oz is imploding or whether England will manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (and that’s from someone who watched the Ashes throughout the 1990s and assumed that cricket was a show where you watched Atherton being ritually humiliated by Glenn MacGrath et al.

    • I hope our cricket team gets a good thrashing in the opening matches. They’re a mob of overpaid pretty boys with bad manners. I hope our rugby team can come back against the British and Irish Lions this weekend.

      I miss Cricket that was played when I was a boy. Played by men who earned respect.

      • Merv Hughes, That chap scared the shit out of me and I was sitting on a sofa! As for the rugby its a sad reality that we only have about two English players in the team (Over here its a moot point whether you’re English or British – I mean Andy Murray is Briitsh when he’s winning, Scottish when he’s losing!)

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