Queensland Day and Bunsen burner love

Thursday 06 June 2013 was the 154th celebration of Queensland day and the day Queensland got its constitution.

I had a 6 am teleconference and needed coffee

Good morning | Office #coffee Early start for international teleconference

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I like being in the office early. It’s quiet and it means I get more work done.


#coffee number 2 for a long day at work 😃😃😃

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That said I need more coffee when I start earlier than normal.


The best part of this year’s Queensland day celebration was Queensland day breakfast with Bron

A Mavi Breakfast wrap with all that bacon, egg, cheese, mushroom, hash brown and BBQ sauce goodness.


A sign was posted on the window of my work area (click to see the comment).


Almost as good as breakfast with Bron is the cookies and cream cheesecake Bron brought in for me to enjoy at lunch time


The final Queensland day image I posted (click on the image to see the comment)


Friday was my clinical day

Good morning | Cafe Hoz #coffee

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Coffee at Cafe Hoz

I’m tempted to eat breakfast on Fridays at the hospital


In preparation for a big night at Rama’s I had a light lunch


In the afternoon I recaptured my love for the Bunsen burner


I hope you had a good week. How do you celebrate your state, territorial, provincial day?


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