Rama’s Fijian Indian Restaurant in Pearce

On Friday evening after a pretty busy week Bron and I enjoyed a night out at Rama’s Fijian Indian Restaurant in Pearce.

Bron and I have dined there a few times before

It’s been a little while since we last ate there and after a long week we were pretty keen to enjoy a reasonably filling meal, not gluttonous but filling. Rama’s doesn’t disappoint in terms of flavour and variety. I do need to explore other restaurants in Canberra that serve Indian food, but I will happily keep coming back to Rama’s.


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Deep fried crispy bread 4 for $3.00 but these were complimentary before the starter 🙂


#entrée #dinner #yummy

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#Entrée #yummy

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Mixed Entree
Vegetable Samosas (2 of), Fish Pakoras (2 of), Bhajia (2 of) serves 2. [$22.00]
The Bhajia was really nice. The pastry of the samosa was really good and Bron rated this really highly.


Chicken Dhai Wala #dinner

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Chicken Dhai Wala
Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a spiced yoghurt sauce. [$22.00]
This was a spicy dish but not really hot. You certainly got a sense of heat but the spiciness was lovely.


Beef kofta #dinner #yummy

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Beef Kofta
Ground meat balls cooked in a rich creamy sauce and topped with blanched almonds. [$22.00]
The sauce with this dish was creamy and smooth. It was wonderful soaked up in the rice. Four meatballs though was a little light on, although we were full, for $22 a dish mainly of sauce was a little too expensive. Perhaps a smaller serving dish and less sauce.


Raita is refreshing

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Grated cucumber in spiced yoghurt. Ideal for cooling the palate. [$5.00]
This was lovely and refreshing although it could have had a little more cucumber.


Rice was needed for soaking up delicious juices and sauces #dinner

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All curries are served with unlimited rice at a charge of $2.50 per person.


Altogether #dinner Raita, Roti, Chicken Dhai Wala, and Beef Kofta #yummy

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Wholemeal pan fried bread.(g) 1 for $2.50
Who can say no to fried bread, even if it is wholemeal. It sopped up the sauces nicely and coated the chicken in a jacket of happiness.


Bron brought #dessert Cookies and cream cheesecake #superyummy

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For dessert Bron brought me some of her cookies and cream cheesecake. YUMMY!!! This was truly amazing.


The food at Rama’s is really nice, spicy, tasty and served with a genuine friendliness. The restaurant itself is a little cramped. As a non-drinker I don’t care that it is BYO only but you should know they do NOT charge corkage and will happily provide a cooler for the bottle.

The takeaway service is also very popular and they deliver. In my opinion, a mark of a really good suburban restaurant is their takeaway service and I’ve been told by many friends that the Rama’s takeaway is very good.

Now for the all important non-food ratings. I’ve uploaded a page to help readers make sense of what I’m on about. You can find it at http://yummylummy.com/restaurant-non-food-ratings/ That’s where the Rama’s rating will be too.


We will eat again at Rama’s. It’s a friendly and cheery place with very nice food.

Ramas Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Rama’s http://www.ramas.com.au/
Dine in menu http://www.ramas.com.au/Dine-In%20Menu.htm PDF http://www.ramas.com.au/Dine%20In%20Menu.pdf
Take away menu http://www.ramas.com.au/Take-Away%20Menu.htm PDF http://www.ramas.com.au/Take%20Away%20Menu.pdf
TripAdvisor http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g580466-d909626-r126155786-Ramas_Fiji_Indian_Restaurant-Woden_Valley_Greater_Canberra_Australian_Capital_Ter.html
Reviews http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g580466-d909626-Reviews-Ramas_Fiji_Indian_Restaurant-Woden_Valley_Greater_Canberra_Australian_Capital_Terr.html#REVIEWS

Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/oYYV9


6 thoughts on “Rama’s Fijian Indian Restaurant in Pearce

  1. You should try the Taj Agra at Belconnen. It’s just next to the ACTION bus depot entrance in Jamieson St. (I was going there BEFORE working at ACTION lol…). The food there is really really delicious and the service is friendly. Tomi and I usually have the banquet for two people which is about $33 per person and they actually do a banquet meal for TWO people.. many places don’t even offer unless it’s a minimum of four people. Considering Tomi and I dine out by ourselves most of the time, this can become inconvenient. I love banquets as you get a little bit of this and a taste of that so next time you know what you want to order (another banquet! lol).

    p.s. I don’t think that Bron’s cheesecake is on the menu, unfortunately! It looks divine!

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