Queensland Pride | #QLDER #ORIGIN Game 1 State of Origin Rugby League the Greatest Game of all

Regular readers will know my passion and pride in being a Queenslander. I’ve referred to the greatest competition in the greatest game of all many times in this blog, that is, State of Origin rugby league.

To all my friends and family who support New South Wales and the Blues, I’m sorry if you find me offensive on nights like tonight.

For readers not familiar with State of Origin rugby league history. Queenslanders (Maroons pronounced marones) are known as the cane toads (Buffo marinus) and NSW (Blues) are cockroaches. These are affectionate terms of endearment. As they say, State of Origin is mate against mate, state against state. For those interested, it was Kangaroo great Barry (garbo) Muir who coached the Queensland side from 1974 to 1978 (two years prior to the adoption of Origin selection criteria) and during this time Muir coined the term “cockroaches”, the descriptor of the New South Wales rugby league team still used by the Queenslanders.

Growing up in Brisbane I remember watching year after year footy players who regarded themselves Queenslanders playing in blue because they followed their dreams of playing in the biggest competition at the time, viz., the NSW Rugby League. The late Senator Ron McAuliffe was instrumental in getting the state of origin concept up and running. In 1980 I was in grade ten at Brisbane Grammar School and I remember watching the first Queensland state of origin team train on our footy ovals. It was a little odd watching rugby league players on our rugby union pitch but for me and my mates it didn’t matter. These were legends. Big Arty Beetson and the young Wally Lewis who would go on to become The King, the Emperor of Lang Park.

Queensland is the greatest state in the federation. I loved growing up in Queensland. That should not detract in any way my love for the Northern Territory, the greatest territory in Australia 🙂

Guess what? Tomorrow is Queensland day. Yes, that’s right 6 June celebrates Queensland day when the Queen gave her approval and signed the Letters Patent on 6 June 1859. On the same day an Order-in-Council gave Queensland its own Constitution.

That said, as much as I would like to see Queensland win another series and make it eight in a row, if the games are tight and tough and close, if NSW wins it will be good for rugby league and it will be good for state of origin. This is the greatest sporting competition on earth. It really needs to be close and tough. After seven series victories, it will reinvigorate the game to have a NSW series win.

I had a little fun at work today

Friends asked why a blue shirt? I wore my syphilis tie so there would be a pox on the blues 🙂


My game day footy lunch

Pre-footy lunch #QUEENSLANDER XXXX #Maroons #StateofOrigin #Domin8 #pie #yummy

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Chunky steak, bacon and cheese hot pie


Ready to watch the game in my XXXX Queensland Maroons beanie 🙂


Tonight is a dinner that for me is quintessentially footy and Queensland. I’ve blogged before about my favourite sandwich

A battered fish and coleslaw sandwich with potato scallops washed down with another great Queensland drink, viz., Bundaberg ginger beer. Check out previous post on this 

I have many Victorian friends at work who refer to potato cakes when they’re potato scallops. #justsaying #thatisall

The first game is currently on. Win or lose it’ll be exciting and there are two more games in the greatest game of all. I hope whatever you’re doing you have a great night. #QUEENSLANDER


6 thoughts on “Queensland Pride | #QLDER #ORIGIN Game 1 State of Origin Rugby League the Greatest Game of all

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  3. After watching England hold Brazil to a draw IN BRAZIL (!!???) my faith in our national game has been restored. Until we fail to beat Montenegro or whoever and miss the World Cup, when I will revert to cricket (unless we don’t retain the Ashes) in which case I will return to rugby.

    • I think the Ashes will be safe with you. I’m not sure the values of cricket remain and I’ve stopped taking an interest. The Lions team with your blokes and the Irish will probably have their way here too. Soon there’ll be talk of becoming a republic because we can’t beat the English at traditional games 🙂

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