Paniyiri and a food mix | #loveBrisbane warmth compared to #Canberra | #paniyiri2013

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The day started with a sleep in. It was a lovely day in Brisbane. It was about 17 °C when I got out of bed. I heard in Canberra that this morning was a frost laden –6 °C. I’m so glad I was in Brisbane and not in Canberra.

For breakfast we started with some of Mum’s pikelets with some maple syrup.

#breakfast pikelets and maple syrup. Thanks Mum #yummy #lovebrisbane

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This is Mum’s recipe

1 cup self raising flour
1 egg
¾ cup milk
1 heaped table spoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of melted butter

Mix and then let stand for an hour if you can be arsed
Cook and flip when bubbles form and burst

Mum’s pikelets are delicious.


We then had to go to Westfield Chermside so Miss16 could buy some things with gift vouchers she got for her birthday. Miss12 persuaded me to buy some beef jerky. I’ve never had it before. I’m not sure I’d eat a lot of it.

After taking Miss12 to school so she could help out with a junior gymnastics display I took Miss18 to Paniyiri for work experience and Miss16 and I decide to stick around and enjoy some Greek food.

As it turned out Miss18 was at the entrance and accepted our tickets to enter.

Musgrave Park isn’t that big but in the area just in front of the Brisbane Greek Club there is a stage and that’s where most people sat to enjoy the entertainment and eat the food. Behind the entertainment area were the food stalls. There were so many. Most were selling much the same sort of Greek food. Some were selling regional variations. There was a good combination of savoury and sweet.

When we arrived, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was speaking to the crowd. He was followed by the Queensland Premier Campbell Neumann.

For lunch I chose some meat

Meaty #lunch at @paniyirigreekfestival #lovebrisbane

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Greek lamb yiros. It was pretty good. There wasn’t too much fat but just enough.


Miss16 chose a chicken souvlaki wrap which she enjoyed. Sorry no image.


The main stage for @paniyirigreekfestival

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The main stage


Dancing time @paniyirigreekfestival #paniyiri2013

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The dancing was popular


#dessert Loukoumathes Greek honey puffs #yummy #paniyiri2013 @paniyirigreekfestival

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We ate Loukoumathes (Greek honey puffs) while watching the dancing. I’d never had them before. Apparently a few hundred thousand of these sweet little treats will be made over the weekend. They were sweet and they were nice to eat while watching Greek dancing.


I thought I would do more walking but we did more eating.

My youngest brother took Mum and Dad out to yum cha for lunch while I was driving my daughters around.

We get home and Mum and Dad give us prawn dumpling and BBQ pork bun #afternoontea

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Mum and Dad brought home some char siu bao and prawn dumplings for us for afternoon tea.


#brisbane #sunset #lovebrisbane

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My last sunset in Brisbane for a couple of months


For dinner we had something light

Light #dinner Roast chicken and lettuce with mayonnaise. #yummy

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Chicken lettuce and mayonnaise sandwiches


For dessert we had a sweet Greek treat

Baklava or as Miss16 calls them sweet lasagne


After dinner I went to pick up Miss18 from Paniyiri and her work experience day

When we arrived the fireworks were starting.


My pre-sleep treat

Turkish delight from @paniyirigreekfestival #paniyiri2013 #yummy

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Turkish delight


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10 thoughts on “Paniyiri and a food mix | #loveBrisbane warmth compared to #Canberra | #paniyiri2013

  1. You never had the honey puffs at Glenti? OH MY GOODNESS. I never went to Paniyiri. I think another good thing about small towns (as per your next post) is that it’s much easier to motivate oneself to go to festivals. When I lived in Brisbane I wouldn’t have gone all the way to the West End for Paniyiri – too far, no parking, excuses excuses! The food looks delish!

    • To my shame I never attended Glenti in Darwin. I should have.
      The parking at Paniyiri was horrendous.
      Now I want more loukoumathes 🙂

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  3. Last time I went to the Greek festival in Brisvegas I met Effie (from Acropolis Now) and had my photo taken with her (on my crappy old phone… so no longer have that photo unfortunately). My friend drank too much ouzo (or whatever the Greek version of that is) and we got eliminated from the Zorba dancing competition in about two minutes flat. We had an AWESOME time!!!

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