Dinner at Morks in Florey with Tony Robinson (Baldrick)

It’s Wednesday night and Bron and I had a big dinner date. Morks. We were so excited.

This was our third dinner at Morks. We’d been there twice before and when Benn greeted us at the door it felt like we were coming home for a meal.

When we chose the dishes we wanted Benn remarked he was surprised we didn’t ask for the John Dorey again because we’d asked for it the first two times.

The first time at Morks http://yummylummy.com/2013/03/14/thai-to-die-for-the-best-canberra-restaurant-experience-in-some-time/

The second time at Morks http://yummylummy.com/2013/03/28/dining-at-morks-restaurant-bestblogs13-shout-out-in_the_taratory/

We both felt reasonably hungry so we chose two entrée dishes and two main dishes. We chose the soft shelled crab and the crab balls with pickled ginger to be followed with the Duck Maryland and the lamb cutlets.

While we were waiting for our entrée to arrive who should appear but Tony Robinson of Black Adder fame.

Any Blackadder fans out there?

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Click on the image to see the comments from local Canberra IGers.


Just after Benn delivered the entrée dishes he came out with an extra dish. Fried pork wonton with a mint lime sauce. This was an amazing dish. The wonton were delicate and tasty and the sauce added a zing that lingered for some time. It was nice to mix up the mouthfuls of soft shelled crab, crab ball and wonton. The crab balls were tasty with a really nice texture and they were nicely complemented with the pickled ginger.

Given a choice I’d eat this every time I visit Morks.


#dinner soft shell crab perfectly cooked Thank you @morksrestaurant #yummy

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Soft shelled crab


#dinner crab balls These were #superyummy Thank you @morksrestaurant

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Crab balls and pickled ginger


After three entrée dishes we were feeling very satisfied. It was good that the restaurant was so busy and there was a good amount of time between entrée and mains. It gave us time to digest a little and enjoy a good chat.


The lamb cutlets were really tasty and nice. They weren’t too fatty but had enough to ensure a good flavour sensation. The lamb was served with some sticky rice which was lovely.


The Duck Maryland was the hero of the night. The skin was crispy and the flesh was fall off the bone tender. The duck was served on a pan fried disc of rice that had been molded with egg and various herbs and spices. Along with the rice was a delicately sweet side of lychees and tomatoes. This was a perfectly balanced dish the red curry sauce when eaten with the rice was heavenly.


I ummed and ahed about whether to have dessert and then Benn brought out complimentary lychee sorbets. One each. This was just what we needed and ended the meal perfectly.

#dinner Thank you @morksrestaurant for the lovely lychee sorbet #yummy

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Thank you again Mork and Benn and everyone in the team for another great meal. We’ll be back again to continue our journey through the menu.

Morks on Urbanspoon

Morks http://morks.com.au/
TripAdvisor http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g255057-d2069126-Reviews-Morks-Canberra_Greater_Canberra_Australian_Capital_Territory.html
Google map http://goo.gl/maps/AO0WX

Morks Dining Menu http://morks.com.au/index.php/menus/main

Meet the team at http://morks.com.au/index.php/team I am assuming Benn maintains the social accounts.
You can follow Morks on instagram at morksrestaurant facebook and Tumblr


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