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Last night Bron took me to see Star Trek into Darkness. I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time.

Now if you don’t like science fiction I invite you to read on because at some stage I do get onto food 🙂

Okay, it’s time for confessions, well, not really confessions because if you’ve read my “about” page you’ll know that I do like all things Star Trek. I remember in the 1970s coming home from swimming club on a Friday night and after a shower I’d sit with Dad and watch Star Trek The Original Series (TOS). I loved it. I didn’t really understand the nuance of Kirk as a womaniser and risk taking leader, but I really liked Spock, Bones and Scotty. When Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) began I was an immediate fan. I’ve also enjoyed Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) and Star Trek Voyager. My favourite series though has been Star Trek Enterprise (ENT) which was a prequel to the ST TOS era. I suppose it comes as no surprise I have a soft spot for Star Trek medical officers as well as science officers.

In 2009 when Star Trek was launched and we became aware of what Star Trek Canon describes as the Alternate Reality* a whole new vista of possibilities opened for Star Trek fans. Star Trek 2009 directed by JJ Abrams was a great movie. I really hoped Star Trek into Darkness could be as good and not a disappointment.

Last night Bron bought tickets at the Dendy Canberra and we got great seats in the middle. It was an interesting crowd sitting around us. As much as I love Star Trek I’ve never been inclined to dress up in Starfleet uniform or as a non-human Star Trek character. That didn’t stop some of other movie goers. I had a man next to me in an engineering tunic complete with com badge. About as far as I will go is holding up my right hand, palm anterior with third and fourth digits separated and occasionally saying “live long and prosper” Apparently this _\\// is the emoticon for live long and prosper.

Back to the movie; I was not disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised. I did have some doubts at the beginning and now that I’ve seen it I wish I had taken the time to revisit some of the TOS movies plus some relevant episodes from ENT. The plot was great and the story unfolded nicely. I’m glad it wasn’t any longer than just over two hours. Too much longer would have been tedious. I really liked how a variety of concepts from various parts of Star Trek lore have been weaved in. I’d happily rate it between 9 and 9.5 out of 10. At the start I was worried that JJ Abrams had botched the job but he pulled it together at the end. The odd cameo was also appreciated. What I really enjoyed was seeing the return of an actor who played a part in ENT.

If you like Star Trek I don’t have to recommend this, you’ll go again and again like I will.
If you aren’t into Star Trek or science fiction but like a good movie, I recommend this movie as worthwhile. It would help if you watch Star Trek 2009 to get some of the background to the Alternate Reality.
If you don’t like Star Trek and if you don’t like science fiction, if you’re a hater, then I recommend watching something else. The win win will be you will free up a seat for fans to go again and again 🙂

So how did I prepare for Star Trek into Darkness? It all centred around Bron naturally. Saturday started with an excellent Bron breakfast of poached egg on a muffin with another muffin smeared with marmalade.

#breakfast Bron made poached egg on muffin #yummy

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Sorry it’s a bit blurry. I was feeling very hungry.


For lunch Bron and I went to Ricardo’s Cafe at Jamison.

Ricardo’S Cafe on Urbanspoon

I needed something refreshing and dairy

#lunch Caramel thick shake #yummy

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Caramel thick shake


Bron and I shared the Wagyu steak and truffle sliders

#lunch Wagyu truffle sliders #superyummy

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These were delicious. I’d recommend them to anyone who likes a ham burger. The chips (French fries) were also very good.


Bron and I shared a vanilla slice after the sliders

#lunch #yummy vanilla slice with Bron

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One of the layers was salted caramel between the pastry and custard


I cannot say too often just how good Ricardo’s cafe is.


At the movie (Dendy Canberra) Bron and I had a vanilla bean ice cream choc top

The ice cream was very rich and creamy. I think Dendy get these specially made. It’s not clear if they’re made by The Choc Top Ice-Cream Company


After the movie Bron made me a Haigh’s spicy hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

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Marshmallows maketh the hot chocolate 🙂


This morning Bron made us scrambled eggs and bacon on sourdough toast

#breakfast Bron made scrambled #eggs and #bacon #yummy

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Bron bought the streaky bacon at Elite Meats in Holt. It was very tasty bacon. While there appeared to be a good layer of fat, it didn’t taste fatty at all. Thank you Bron.


*Alternate Reality—If there really is only the prime and alternate realities the word alternate as an adjective is acceptable. If there are however, infinite alternative realities, then I object to the adjective alternate in Star Trek Canon. How this interacts with the concept of parallel universes in Star Trek Canon is unclear in my puny mind.

For information about almost everything Star Trek it’s worth visiting the Memory Alpha site at

Star Trek Into Darkness
Memory Alpha

Dendy Cinema
Google maps


20 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness | #StarTrek #IntoDarkness | No spoilers

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  2. I saw this on Friday night and LOVED it! I became a fan with TNG but wasn’t able to get into TOS, but did enjoy most of the earlier movies starring the original cast. It’s refreshing that someone else loved ENT. I loved every episode of that series and it’s often not mentioned by fans. I admit to struggling with Voyager, but have watched DS9 a few times. Anyway back to the movie – WOW!!!

    • ENT had so much going for it. It’s such a pity it only lasted four seasons. The stories were so good and filled in a lot of gaps, especially the Augments and Klingon forehead ridges.

  3. Have you seen the Youtube clip of the 2 Spocks?

    It is an Audi ad, but it’s very well done. (It helps if you have seen Leonard Nimoy singing “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” first. With that one song from about 1967, he out-weirds even William Shatner’s ‘singing career’.)

    As far as I am concerned, TOS is the only series 🙂
    TNG was lacking umph. What sort of adventurous captain drinks tea? It was a bit like The Love Boat with occasional aliens. Most of the time, the Enterprise seemed to be on “diplomatic missions”. They even had a barmaid on board. Q was the only saving grace. TNG ruined DS9 for me, and don’t get me started on Voyager. Janeway looked a little too like Bronwyn Bishop for my liking.

    I didn’t think the ST reboot would go well, in fact I didn’t like it the first time I saw it (Spock getting together with Uhuru? There goes the whole Vulcan emotional detachment thing that’s been a part of ST forever) but I liked it much better the second time around.

    I can’t wait to see this one.

    • I try to keep my expectations at a low to moderate level and enjoy each episode/movie on its merits. That said, the best thing about Voyager was 7 of 9 and Ensign Ro before she betrayed Starfleet. On DS9 I liked Jadzia Dax and when Worf was in command of the Defiant. Data, Crusher and LeForge were my favourites from TNG. And for ENT I liked all the characters equally.

      • I should add I like the whole Borg story arc on TNG. It’s just that the standalone episodes of TNG were so devoid of, well, life. I also like the movies with Picard et al. They were good stories that did what sci fi does best: ask “what if?” questions that no other story genre can, and by doing so SF stretches our imaginations beyond everyday boundaries, and in the process also asks “what is humanity”, but almost from an outsider’s perspective.

        Yeah, yeah, 7 of 9, Ensign Ro, Jadzia Dax, I get the picture … You forgot Deanna Troi, played by an actress whose skills were boundless, either walking toward the camera or away from it. Truly gifted 🙂

  4. I LOVE STAR TREK TOO! Been hooked since the show came out in the 60’s. I loved Lost in Space too…Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing this movie! The cast is great, and it is uncanny how much Zachary Quinto resembles Leonard Nimoy! Karl Urban does a great job as Bones. And Chris Pine – perfect as Kirk! Will go to see this when Paul returns home…Great post Gaz!

    • Thanks Barb. You’re spot on with Quinto and Nimoy. The cast is great. I dream they’ll become the cast of an Alternate Reality ST TOS television run. Sadly, it would be too expensive and the fan base not big enough.

  5. I’m going to see Star Trek tomorrow! Now you have me all hyped up! But first things first, all that food makes me think I need to get out of my room and cook up a delish breakfast! Have an awesome day Gary! 🙂

  6. My favourite was Voyager for some reason. ANd although I am a Star Trek fan (much more so than the kids who don’t get it at all) my only quip with the new movie (ie the first one haven’t seen the current one yet) was the round blob of red matter at the end – as they say in movie world (apparently) it was a real maguffin – too contrived.

  7. I can’t believe you got to sit next to someone in a Star Trek costume! My goodness! Was it an advanced screening or the first day or anything like that?

    Your food all looked way too good for someone (me) who has just been told by their doc to watch their cholesterol! lol. 🙂

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