My take on corned beef | Avoiding the canned stuff

When I was in Atlanta I had my first (and second) Reuben sandwich. I’ve been wanting to make one ever since. Before I get there though I wanted to practice cooking corned beef. I’ve done it before but it was a long time ago.

The task for today was to simply cook some corned beef that I could have for dinner and also make as a filling for toasted sandwiches at work.

The whole process took a few hours from start to finish.

This is the piece of meat I used

#dinner Image 1 #cornedbeef #experiment

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I soaked it in some tap water with some star anise, cloves, bay leaves, brown sugar and vinegar

#dinner Image 2 #cornedbeef #experiment soaking with bay leaves, star anise and cloves

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After soaking I cooked the meat in a pressure cooker

In my youth I would cut the fat layer off and put it between two well buttered pieces of white bread and add some mustard and then inhale. Nothing tastes as good as silverside fat from corned beef between buttered bread.


I wanted to add some caramelised onions

#dinner Image 4 #cornedbeef #experiment softening onions and caramelising them

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I finished the cooking by putting the onions, corned beef and a cup of the cooking fluid from the pressure cooker into a casserole and cooked in a low oven. Half-way through I took it out to add a little curry powder and a potato for my dinner.


For comparison. I wasn’t going to open the can, but the shot is for comparison (sort of).


This is a large bowl that I will use for toasted sandwiches at work this week.


This is so much cheaper and easier but way too salty and oily

Image 8 for the blog. For comparison with my homemade hashed #cornedbeef #experiment

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Tonight’s dinner. My take on corned beef and vegetables. No white sauce here 😦

This wasn’t too bad. The meat fibres pulled apart easily. It wasn’t too salty or oily like canned corned beef. It was sweet with the onions.


The next step when I feel confident is to try a Reuben sandwich. That’s a dish I want to make well so I can share it with Bron.


5 thoughts on “My take on corned beef | Avoiding the canned stuff

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  2. I cook mine in the crock pot with beer and pickling spices. We eat sliced corned beef for dinner and the following morning I make hash with just potatoes and a bit of black pepper. I fry eggs in the hash too! Nice post Gaz!

  3. What a coincidence – we just had corned beef sandwiches this week at a café and it wasn’t really good -yours look delicious and it is home made! I enjoyed this post.

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