Elk and Pea breakfast | Great omelet at @elkandpea

Elk and Pea on Lonsdale Street in Braddon
Image from http://elkandpea.com.au/deets.jpg

On Wednesday morning I went to the Elk and Pea on Lonsdale Street with some fellow medical and scientific advisers from work. I’ve previously been there for a weekend dinner, weekend breakfast and a weekend morning tea. It’s a pretty good place and it’s getting more popular.

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I asked for the omelet with chorizo. This was quite large and filling. Very tasty though and I’d happily recommend it to anyone who has a big appetite and didn’t think they’d need to eat lunch. I seriously didn’t feel the need to eat until late that evening. It was a good thing I didn’t get home from work that day until 1930 AEST.

And a special mention to fellow Canberra blogger, viz., Tara from In The Taratory,  I got a butter knife but the sourdough was softened by the omelet and I wasn’t regretting my choice. That said, I continue to echo your plea that breakfast restaurants need to better consider their cutlery when serving hard toast. A steak knife would be ideal.


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