Yikes! I’m 80.2 kg | How did that happen?

This morning I weighed myself. I haven’t done this for a couple of months. This morning standing naked I weighed 80.2 kg (or 176 lb for my friends in the USA). Since about Easter I’ve felt myself thickening a little. At the beginning of the year I was about 76 kg. At Easter I was suffering from ManFlu and then had an ankle problem which meant exercising was not a high priority for me. Coupled with some more extravagant eating it should come as no surprise that I’ve got over 80 kg.

I really need to stop eating so much, exercise more and watch what I’m eating. This last week has been a little out of control. Let’s take a look.

Now we need to remember I started the week with the ham hock (which was delicious). I also experienced my birthday (and much of Bron’s generosity). Finally I had one of the best quick meals I’ve ever had last night [click on the links for the images in the posts].

So in between I also ate pretty well.

Roast belly pork

#dinner belly pork #yummy

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Yes, I ate all that to myself and there was nothing left over.


Friday morning signalled my last Friday working in the department so I had my last Friday Mavi breakfast wrap.

This doesn’t mean my last Mavi breakfast wrap, just the last one on a Friday. From next Friday I start working as a Visiting Medical Officer in Pathology at The Canberra Hospital every Friday.


On Friday night I was late at work and so that means takeaway

Hungry. Mmm… Char siu and roast duck. What will I buy for takeaway #dinner ?

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I wanted something yummy from 2YUMMY


I chose a laksa of course

#dinner my char siu laksa #yummy I drank the liquid straight from the bowl 😃

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My char siu laksa.


My breakfast on Saturday wasn’t sensible.

#breakfast #tart #yummy

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It was a lemon meringue tart from Elk and Pea


Before I went to see GI Joe Retaliation I needed lunch. I don’t want to spoil this for anyone. I loved the movie. It’s well worth watching if you like ninja action, guns, heavy machines and very athletic looking actors. I will definitely purchase the DVD when its available.

My Snag Stand Beef Horseradish hot dog


A movie isn’t a movie without, you guessed it

Time for GI Joe #movies

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For breakfast this morning I splurged and had some toast

#breakfast #avocado and poached #eggs on toast

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Not just toast but half an avocado plus two poached eggs


For dinner I braised some gravy steak with vegetables

My #dinner tonight. Braised beef and vegetables with brown rice #yummy

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This was pretty nice and it was lean


I’ve included the rest of my week in instagram

If you click on any image in this post you’ll see the IG comments made by my IG friends. Some are pretty funny.


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It’s autumn


Good morning Mr Owl

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Mr Owl


I really do not like speed dampening "cushions"

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New speed dampening cushions have been installed on local streets. I’m not a fan of them. I am a supporter of better road safety.


Good morning. #clouds

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Saturday’s early morning clouds


Good morning Mr Owl. Beautiful blue background

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Mr Owl this morning. Beautiful blue sky. 


This car has been here for weeks

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An abandoned car outside the local cop shop


On a depressing note, my footy teams have not done so well this weekend. The Brisbane Broncos were defeated by South Sydney. The Reds drew their game. The Melbourne Storm were defeated by the Canberra Raiders. So very very sad…


Elk and Pea http://elkandpea.com.au/

Snag stand http://snagstand.com.au/


20 thoughts on “Yikes! I’m 80.2 kg | How did that happen?

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  3. Don’t worry about eating too much on your birthday week! It’s your birthday week! You are entitled to all the yumminess in the world! Besides, you have the rest of the year to cut down the carbs, calories and all the good stuff that doesn’t do a body good! 😉

  4. Good luck with it! I’m low carb, too. Was 93kg in Oct 2010, but lost quite a bit over 4 months, got down to 74, then yoyoed and have hovered between 79 and 80 for about a year. It’s not good, I’m still 20kg over what I’d like to be, but at least it’s much better than before.

  5. I am on the diet – one week done. It’s so boring but it just has to be done. Nothing fits. I could do one of those mavi wraps right now.

  6. Oh I understand, so. I gorge myself when I am alone, which has proven problematic since I moved to Canberra on my lonesome :/ I’ve tried to be really mindful of my portions of late, and when I really overdo it I go on a week or two of Liteneasy – it trains me back down to appropriate portion sizes. It’s a tough slog if you eat on the run a lot or eat mindlessly as I do, but I’ve recently found some clear soup or miso will kick the bored snacking stuff, won’t overdo on the calories and won’t get me into bad habits again. Sounds like eating with Bron is the way! Nip it in the bud – its hard beast to wrangle.

    • Not really. When I eat with Bron I eat smaller portions and the food is healthier. When I’m alone I eat huge portions. I need to control myself when I’m alone.

  7. Uh oh! Bron’s cooking is too good – I swear I lick the computer screen when I see some of the pics and even that tastes good!

    I remember your post from a while back about how you lost weight when in Darwin – low carbing. In fact I have incorporated that principle (or should I say I have unincorporated carbs) into my diet lately and it seems to be working. And also portion sizes – mine (over the past five years since being a parent) had become out of control and after a week or two of cutting back on my food intake I realised I wasn’t getting hungry – I didn’t need fill my plate/eat seconds/have dessert daily etc etc. It’s all a mindset, isn’t it? Have a good week!

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