Smoked ham hock my way | #bestblogs13

In February I won a competition on radio station 2CC. I won $50 worth of meat from Elite Meats at Kippax Fair in Holt (in the North of Canberra).

Today it felt like a good day to cook the smoked ham hock I chose.

Elite Meats smoked ham hock

#dinner Elite Meats smoked ham hock out of the freezer #yummy

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This is the ham hock thawing because I forgot to take it out of my freezer last night.


I looked over a few recipes and while enamoured by many of them I decided to just make it up as I went along based on suggestions from a number of websites.


This is a heavy duty meal so it needs heavy duty cookware.

#dinner My trusty casserole

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My casserole


I thought I should add some nectar of the gods. It is such a shame I have a liver that cannot metabolise ethanol, otherwise I’d drink this every day for my health. Not to worry I did see a recipe that used beer rather than wine.

XXXX Gold. XXXX sponsor the XXXX Queensland Maroons. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the XXXX Queensland Maroons and state of origin rugby league. By far and away the greatest game of all. The first state of origin game will be soon. Can Queensland make it eight years in a row?


Of course man cannot live on meat and beer alone so there are vegetables included.

#dinner Vegetables for my slow cooked smoked ham hock #yummy

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I forgot to include the Brussels sprouts in the image :-/


It’s a fairly simple dish to make. I chopped onions and added them to some olive oil in a saucepan on a low heat. I waited for the onion to soften nicely before adding some balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Once that was simmering and well incorporated I added the tomatoes. When the tomatoes were soft I added the chopped celery and mushroom. When everything was really soft I started to prepare the casserole. I lined the bottom with thinly sliced red cabbage and laid the ham hock on top. I then added the contents of the saucepan and poured the stubby of XXXX GOLD into the casserole. I then added the carrots and Brussels sprouts. I put the casserole into a low oven (150 °C) for four hours.


This is how it looked at about 3 hours

#dinner Half way there. Slow cooked smoked ham hock. #yummy

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You can see the meat falling off the bones.


After four hours I pulled the casserole out. My apartment has a delicious sweet smoky aroma to it. I plated up the slow cooked smoked ham hock on a bed of noodles.

#dinner My bowl of slow cooked smoked ham hock #yummy

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Okay, it’s doesn’t look that colourful and I captured the image before I added some continental parsley.


I didn’t add any salt or seasoning like a stock cube because I knew there would be so much flavour in the ham plus the flavour of the balsamic vinegar, sugar and onion really came through. I expect I may blow the sheets off the bed tonight after eating so much cabbage, onion and Brussels sprouts. It’s a good thing it’s just me 🙂


Voting closes in a couple of days


Ham hock
Noun (n) (a small cut of meat from the leg just above the foot)

XXXX Queensland Maroons Facebook page


11 thoughts on “Smoked ham hock my way | #bestblogs13

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  3. mmmmmmmmm, that looks good, PERFECT comfort food! On another note, couldn’t help but notice your magic bullet in the backiground, how often you do use it? Enjoy? Honestly I am having a hard time enjoying mine although I try!

    • I do like it. I still use it almost every morning to make myself a banana smoothie for breakfast. Today I used Chinese gooseberry (the proper and original name for kiwifruit), banana and parsley with some vanilla extract and an egg white low fat milk and ice.

  4. You paint an interesting picture.
    “I expect I may blow the sheets off the bed tonight after eating so much cabbage, onion and Brussels sprouts.”
    Picture ain’t pretty, though. I’m going to have to work hard to get the whole image out of my head. 🙂
    At least the setting is Canberra, so the picture has you in a chaste and non-revealing onesie. If you were in Darwin, the picture would have you wearing NT PJs. Shudder…

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