My beloved MacBook is fixed | #bestblogs13

On Thursday night I blogged about the problem I had with a swollen battery in my MacBook. I had called the Apple store and made a Genius Bar appointment for Friday night and was told to expect a five to seven day turnaround. I was preparing myself for doing everything from my iPad when away from home.

As it turns out I need not have fretted. When I arrived at the Genius Bar and was seen by an Apple Genius it was obvious my battery was big and turgid and its tumescence needed relief. The Genius cleaned my MacBook and put it into a sleeve and printed a repair contract. Then when I expected him to say come back next week he said come back in 15 to 20 minutes. He also said given the amount of warping if the hard metal case didn’t spring back to shape and if the track pad wasn’t working properly they would probably need a few days.

I was hopeful. I returned after 15 minutes and to my delight my beloved MacBook was fine and straight.

A big bouquet to the Apple Store in Canberra and to the Genius who helped me.

The Genius was running a diagnostic after fixing my MacBook.


The night got better too. Bron cooked dinner and we watched an episode of Game of Thrones.

Perfectly cooked Wagyu steak with cauliflower cheese, and potatoes and sweet potato baked in duck fat with some greens. This was amazingly good.


This was followed by Ginger cake and ice cream

#dessert @davidlebovitz ginger cake and homade ice cream #superyummy

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Anyway, I’m pretty happy my MacBook is fixed and I can use my track pad.



Apple store Canberra
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7 thoughts on “My beloved MacBook is fixed | #bestblogs13

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  2. Are there any other medical-type people who read this Gary … Merrilyn and I read it and LOLled at the rather frank description of your problem. 🙂

  3. Super quick! We both had ‘lucky’ computer fix weeks! (not lucky to be int he situation they were in necessarily, but lucky to be fixed so quickly!)

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