Mexican dinner party | Shout out to @davidlebovitz | #bestblogs13

Thursday night saw Bron invite a couple of dear friends over to her place for dinner. The theme was Mexican, that is, the food theme, we didn’t do any Mexican hat dancing or tequila drinking.

For an entrée Bron made corn chips with a David Lebovitz guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Bron made the corn chips from tortillas and they were amazing. They were tasty, crunchy and light. The guacamole and salsa were fantastic. I watched Bron make some of each and had the pleasure of tasting it along the way. I could’ve eaten corn chips all night.

#dinner #entrée Bron made corn chips and salsa and guacamole #superyummy

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It looks like I had a lot of sour cream. It just seemed to spread across the plate (honestly).


For the main course Bron made a David Lebovitz chicken with chocolate mole sauce. The mole sauce amongst other ingredients contained ancho chili peppers, onions, various herbs, tomatoes, pepper, and unsweetened chocolate. The sauce had a nice kick to it but it wasn’t an unpleasant heat that some chillies have. While Bron and our friends enjoyed wine with their meal I found pineapple juice to be an excellent accompaniment to the spicy flavours.

Chicken chocolate mole

#dinner Chicken with mole sauce (chocolate sauce) #yummy

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This is the chicken covered in the chocolate mole sauce. No I did not eat all of this.


#dinner Chicken mole with tortilla being prepared #superyummy

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This is my plate with a tortilla in the making and the chicken ready to be shredded. I only ate one tortilla 🙂


#dinner Chicken mole tortilla A Bron special 😃😃😃 👏👏👏 #superyummy

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My tortilla. It was delicious. What you won’t see is how much chicken I ate after finishing this.


I remember on a trip to Mexico City enjoying enchiladas and mole sauce. I blogged about it and one of my work friends was horrified that I’d eaten a mole (as in the blind mammal that lives underground). I laugh and laugh every time I think of that.


For dessert Bron made a David Lebovitz ginger cake plus some home made non-churn cherry and white chocolate ice cream

Doesn’t it look amazing? The ice cream was creamy and delicious. You wouldn’t know it was not churned. The cake had a lovely kick of ginger and a hint of pepper. It was brilliant. Bron is such a magnificent cook.


You can find information on the recipes at the David Lebovitz website



Stop press

Friday morning morning tea (or mornos as defence friends say)

#morningtea Bron's ginger cake with #coffee Reading #TheScientist

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Coffee and cake. What could be better 🙂



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