Frustrations with a swollen MacBook battery | #bestblogs13

This is a short post with no images. I’ve discovered my beloved MacBook has a swollen battery and I need to hand it over tomorrow afternoon to the Apple store to have it replaced. The older MacBooks had accessible battery compartments for simple replacement. The newer ones do not.

I’ve been doing a little browsing and discovered this is a constant problem for many MacBook iterations. It seems Apple has known about this for some time.

While I can still blog, tweet and post images to instagram from my iPad and iPhone it’s not quite the same without my MacBook. Certainly blogging won’t be as good in the sense it will be more fiddly to add images.

What frustrates me more is that I will be without my beloved MacBook for between five and seven days according to the Apple store employee I just spoke with.

So while I will continue to try to be a good blogger, if the quality is less than optimal it’s because I’m using my iPad or iPhone instead.




10 thoughts on “Frustrations with a swollen MacBook battery | #bestblogs13

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    • Yep. Oh well, apparently it’s a fire threat not to replace it. I just hope the bulge straightens out. It’s still in warranty so they should fix it.

  2. Oh noes about the battery. Do you use an app to blog to your WordPress or are ou just using Safari and the WordPress web interface?

  3. O no – that sux! I too have a prob with my beloved MacBook and am handing it over to the Apple store peeps tomorrow. Am hoping mine is a simple prob that can be rectified quickly – couldn’t stand to be without it for a week. I barely use my iPad and never use it for blogging…

    • Looks like we’re a pigeon pair. I am so attached to my devices and blogging without a MacBook is so limiting. The iPad and iPhone WordPress app though is a lot better than it used to be.

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