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On Friday night Bron and I had dinner at Sanur’s in Belconnen. It’s on Emu Bank near the Belconnen Arts Centre.

We’ve eaten here a few times before and enjoyed ourselves.  From the images from that meal you can see why for me it’s always difficult to go past a deep friend whole snapper. There’s just something special about a whole fish dish.

The service is best described as friendly and quaint. Nothing is too difficult but sometimes I’m not sure all that is said is understood. My guess is that part of the accoutrements of this restaurant are sourced from Bali. I say this because in the toilets (rest rooms for my North American friends and the Dunny for my school mates) the hand dryers are not made for the Australian electrical system, they use UK pins. Sadly the rest rooms also do not have a paper or cloth towel option, just the underwhelming and underpowered air dryer. I’ve mentioned on this blog before the standard for air dryers is the Dyson Air Blade. Anything less is not adequate.

Okay, back to the food which the most important aspect of any restaurant experience.

For an entrée we shared the Udang Goreng Tepung ($10.90) [King prawns in spiced, crispy coconut batter served with cucumber relish (4 pieces)]. This was pretty good. The prawns were really tasty and the cucumber relish refreshing. I found my prawns a little tough; slightly over cooked. The restaurant was busy and the prawns looked like a popular dish from what I saw around me. The coconut batter was really nice and the subtle taste of coconut was very pleasant.

For mains we asked for the Panggang Iga Kambing ($24.90) (available for dinner only) [Char grilled marinated lamb cutlets served with sambal kecap] and the Ikan Balado/Udang Balado/Cumi Balado ($28.90) [Deep fried of whole fish served with padangnese style mild chilli sauce]. The lamb cutlets were divine. They were succulent, tasty and the dipping sauce really gave off a fantastic aroma. The fish was okay. It was good as a fish dish but you know you really need to be okay with bones. Nearly every mouthful has bones in it and unless you like swallowing bones careful mastication is the order of the day. Being deep friend it meant the bones in the head and tail were edible. I ate through most of the head and tried valiantly to consume the head without putting off Bron. I refrained from making sucking noises as I ate the eyes and crunched on the head bones. The tail was amazing. There was quite a lot of garlic in the dish which was really nice given I haven’t eaten much garlic of late.

We also had some Roti Pratha (V) ($5.00) (2 pieces) [Indonesian style bread, good accompaniment for curries] to eat instead of rice.


We were here last night

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Sorry the lighting wasn’t good for iPhone photography.


Entrée prawns

#dinner Entrée king prawns #yummy

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Main fish

#dinner deep fried whole snapper #yummy Yes I ate the whole head and tail

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Main fish close up

#dinner deep fried snapper #yummy

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Main lamb

#dinner lamb cutlets #yummy

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As we left Sanur’s we walked past a small Chinese restaurant named 2 Yummy BBQ Noodle House

The chef’s specials look pretty good

Chef’s specials

Look @donovanshaw intestines

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Anyone for intestines?


We walked home via Max Brenner‘s

I had a waffle with chocolate and Bron had a chocolate lick (no picture of Bron licking chocolate sorry)


#dessert waffle #yummy

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While we both enjoyed the meal at Sanur’s it was a fairly salty experience and something sweet and chocolate flavoured was necessary. Max Brenner was a very suitable solution to our desires.

Sanur’s is a very worthwhile restaurant for a nice meal. The eating area is cosy and warm. Sanur’s is popular with families and there were a few babies in prams on the floor on Friday night. The food comes out in good time, not too quickly and not too late. The wait staff are friendly and always very accommodating of requests for more water and changes in food requests. The restaurant is also close enough to Westfield Belconnen and the Hoyts Cinema complex that an early meal followed by an easy walk and movie is pretty convenient. Alternatively, on a Friday evening, an early meal can be followed with some late night shopping at Westfield Belconnen.


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Sanur’s Menu
Google maps

Address 1/114 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617
Telephone (02) 6162 1688

2 Yummy BBQ Noodle House
Google maps

Max Brenner
Google maps

At a later date I want to share with you my rating system based on the presence or absence of cloth napkins. Just a hint, I really think a restaurant that uses cloth napkins is a better quality restaurant.


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