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As a kid growing up in Brisbane one of Mum’s regular dishes was salmon rissoles. If you’re not from Australia or New Zealand you may not be familiar with what a rissole is. The wikipedia entry is pretty reasonable. I know for Mum’s salmon rissoles the main ingredients were tinned pink salmon and mashed potato, as well as bread crumbs and lots of finely cut vegetables. One of my favourite Australian movies is “The Castle” which contains so much that is typically Australian. As a result when the producers tried to adapt it for an American audience various words had to be changed, i.e., meat loaf instead of rissole (alternative versions).

Anyway, I’m quite fond of rissoles so yesterday when Bron pointed out rissoles in the Elite Meats display I jumped at the chance to buy some. When speaking with one of the butchers he said there were made in-house and like everything in the shop all the produce is organic and free-range. The rissoles were made from chicken mince and cheese and vegetables and then coated in fresh bread crumbs. All that was needed was some shaping and then a shallow pan fry.

Yesterday’s meat acquisition

Thank you @2CC and Elite Meats Kippax for my prize pack

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I got six rissoles. Four for me and two for Bron. 🙂


Chicken rissoles ready for the fry pan

Uncooked Elite Meats Chicken rissoles. Thank you @2CC and Elite Meats #dinner

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Chicken rissoles plated up


The rissoles tasted pretty good. I’d happily recommend them to anyone living in Canberra and is venturing to Kippax Fair in Holt.




16 thoughts on “Chicken rissoles | Elite Meats @2CC | #bestblogs13 | The Castle

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    • Thanks. I’ve already given some of it away and the rissoles and steak are in me or through me 🙂

      I have sausages next 🙂

  5. Until now I’d never heard of a Rissole! Looks incredible, I wonder if I can find any around Boston, perhaps from a specialty foods store. Hmm, I have research to do!

  6. Mmmm did you eat them with tomato sauce? and was that FOUR in one sitting or two?lol

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