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Last year Bron visited this place while in Sydney. She came back raving about it and how good the food is. We’re here in Sydney for a few things this weekend. So we thought we’d try out Mamak in Haymarket. It’s the sort of place that’s so popular they don’t take reservations and you need to queue to get in. I don’t mind queueing for something good. We had a dilemma on timing. We’d gone for a walk around Darling Harbour and checked out an Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier at The Star. We ventured into Chinatown to look around and given the opening time of Mamak was 1730 AEDT we just hung around. At about 1715 AEDT we walked around to Mamak and a queue had already started to form. We crossed the road and joined it.

The queue at 1715 AEDT

We've joined the queue 😃

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The group waiting was a good mixture of people from a range of backgrounds.


The menu cover

We're in 😃

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The kitchen

They are busy in the kitchen

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These guys and girls were going flat out the whole time and having people on the street staring in.


Chicken satay

Chicken satay #dinner #yummy

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Grilled over flaming charcoal for that authentic Malaysian flavour. Served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce.


Roti planta

Roti planta buttery goodness #dinner #yummy

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A rich buttery roti served with two curry dips and spicy sambal sauce.


Lamb curry

Amazing lamb curry #dinner #yummy

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Kari kambing. Spicy lamb curry slow-cooked until tender. This was the best lamb curry I’ve eaten in a long time. The meat was fall apart tender and so rich in flavour that it penetrated the glugginess of my #ManFlu and gave me a good warm feeling all over (no it wasn’t the fever of the #ManFlu).  Check the YouTube video below embedded in the post. 


Fried chicken

Ayam goreng. Malaysian-style fried chicken. Marinated with herbs and spices and full of flavour. Eat your heart out Colonel Sanders. This was so much better than KFC and really finger licking good.


At first we wondered if we needed rice and thought about getting a plain roti. We had kept about four pieces of lamb and the curry set aside and asked for another plain roti. This was perfect and I was so keen on it I forgot to capture an image. Rather than flat it came out scrunched like a sponge. It was pretty good and the last of that lamb curry went down a treat.

We would like to have tried the sweet roti but after five dishes we were too full. We’ll have to come back. Watching the kitchen team was amazing as they made the roti on a hot plates.


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Roti menu savoury and sweet

Satay menu chicken and beef

Mains menu

Rice and noodles menu


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11 thoughts on “Mamak in Haymarket | #ManFlu | #bestblogs13

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  2. We have eaten there also. We got there so early so we wouldn’t have to queue. The sweet roti is lovely, so definitely try it next time. We will be back there again soon!

  3. Thank you for your post about Mamak. We have a Mamak in Melbourne and it is simply divine. The best roti I have ever eaten in Australia. I will definitely vote for your blog. You are my window into all things culinary in Canberra. I am a Melbourne girl – well via QLD- and we will be moving to country NSW not too far away from Canberra and your posts are so comforting. Thank you!!!

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