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Last night Bron and I went to Morks again for dinner. Our plan is to eat our way through the menu. This may take some many months but that’s the plan 🙂

Having enjoyed the Tasting Menu from a couple of weeks ago we were keen to try some of the dishes we saw coming from the kitchen that night.

Special treat

Special treat at @morksrestaurant Roti and red curry #delicious

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Shortly after we arrived Benn brought out a special little taster of Roti with a red curry. This was delicious. Both Bron and I have been suffering from being a little unwell and these really helped us feel much better. I decided I would place one whole in my mouth and gently masticate. The flavour sensation was fantastic. The favour development was slow but strong and peaked nicely. This little taster doesn’t seem to appear on the menu at the moment but it was really good.


Angel Prawns

Angel prawns at @morksrestaurant with Bron #delicious #yummy #dinner

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I get the feeling the Angel prawns are a signature entrée for Morks. They are made in a clay pot similar to the ones used by Hanuman in Darwin for their signature oyster dish The prawns were served hot and they were nicely cooked. They were a good size and this was an entrée that you wouldn’t just gobble down, rather it needed to be savoured prawn by prawn.


Angel Prawn (closeup)

Angel prawn close up at @morksrestaurant #delicious #yummy #dinner

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Eight sublime, sizzling king prawns coated in a kaffir lime leaf and coconut based sauce, served in an earthenware dish


Belly pork

Pork belly at @morksrestaurant #delicious #dinner #yummy

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Braised pork belly with crackling, English spinach, boiled quail eggs served with five spice pork reduction, chilli and garlic relish and rice fried with basil and chilli


John Dory

Still my favourite dish. John Dory at @morksrestaurant #delicious #dinner #yummy

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John Dory fillet with kaffir lime leaf based curry served with steamed wombok and rice


My plate


Lychee sorbet (sorry, out of focus)

Lychee sorbet. So refreshing at @morksrestaurant #delicious #dinner #yummy

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Lychee sorbet to cleanse our palette


It was a good night and again the service was fantastic. If you’re a local from Canberra and an IG lover please follow Morks at @morksrestaurant My pick of the night was the John Dory. I liked it the first time I tried it as part of the Tasting Menu and enjoyed it as much last night. The pork belly was really good, but I think its flavours were a little to subtle after the intensity of the John Dory. If I did the meal again, I’d start with the pork and then the fish.

Bron and I are already thinking about booking a table in a couple of weeks and what we’ll eat 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Dining at Morks Restaurant | #bestblogs13 | Shout out @In_The_Taratory

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  2. Love the way those prawns are cooked (voted, you’re right at the end which seems like a good spot because you have to click through all the pages)

  3. I’ve been wanting to try Morks. Looks awesome! If you try all the menu, ill know exactly what I should try 😉 🙂

  4. Oulala, looking good! I heard the government wants to pass a law to forbid consumer to take pictures of their food when eating in a restaurant !! Hope it never pass through

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