My weekend in Brisbane

I love my visits to see my kids and also my parents. The weather has recently turned sour in Canberra and Brisbane is maintaining its warm and wet weather. It rained most of the time I was in Brisbane. It was lovely. Driving in the rain is not something that worries me. It seems to cause Canberra drivers to panic a little. On Thursday afternoon Radio Station | @2CC reported nearly ten road incidents that afternoon. I suppose it’s what you get used to. I loved driving in Darwin and Katherine in the wet season. That said Canberra drivers are expert at driving in fog. Fog freaks out a lot of drivers from other places. Canberra is so fog laden in winter you get used to it.

Miss11 turns 12 this week so this visit was well timed. I had already bought her a new Wii U game and she wanted some books. Miss11 is an avid reader so part of the weekend was going to be devoted to buying books. Becoming 12 also means she becomes eligible (at least in our family) to have a mobile telephone. It had been worked out by Miss17, Miss15 and Miss11 that Miss11 would get Miss15’s old fashioned Nokia and Miss15 would get a new smartphone for her 16th birthday. So this weekend was also about telephone buying for Miss15.

The weekend started well. I left work and Bron also came to the airport to spend some time with me before I left Canberra.

Canberra Qantas Business Lounge

#afternoontea relaxing

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Liquorice all sorts and jaffas shared with some soda water with Bron.


The flight into Brisbane was uneventful and as usual the landing was delayed because BNE is in such poor shape with its runways that only one was working. This is a constant problem to the extent I never believe the arrival time and always assume I’ll be between 30 and 60 minutes late. I picked up a hire car, a Toyota Yaris, and drove to my parents. I love that modern cars can all connect seamlessly through Bluetooth to my iPhone. It was good to drive to my parent’s place with my tunes.

As well as a birthday gift for Miss11 I also had a bag full of chocolate for all the girls (including Mum). I had recently spent some time in Adelaide and bought up big at Haigh’s and menz. I also bought Mum some Almond Roca from Costco. She loves Almond Roca.

We watched a movie and slept well.


We woke up to another day of clouds and rain. I heard from Bron that Canberra was cold with 40Β km/h winds. I felt for her but I was feeling pretty good. My skin was moist and I could walk around in shorts and a T-shirt.


My type of weather

#warmandmoist in #Brisbane πŸ˜ƒ

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I love overcast rainy warm days


Breakfast at my parents’ place on a Saturday

#breakfast Crunchy peanut past and strawberry jam #yummy #oldschool

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Peanut paste and strawberry jam


Shopping for Miss11’s 12th birthday this week

I loved these books when I was in primary school. I know the words have been modified to make them politically correct. I understand why but I am disappointed. I would hope kids are smart enough to distinguish between modern language and old language and want to learn what it means. I only ever read one novel at primary school and one novel at high school. I loved short stories like these though.

Miss11 also got two other books.


Plastic shopping bags

Happy days. A state that is not a nanny state. #Queensland.

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Queensland is yet to introduce legislation banning plastic shopping bags. In Darwin and Canberra before legislation was introduced to ban their use, I would use them to line bins at work and in my bathroom. I found them very useful for multiple uses rather than single use. I still use plastic bags to lin bins, I just buy them now.


Lunch with Mum and Dad

Mum had some lamb meatballs which she cut up and with some Havarti cheese she made toasties. These were magnificent.


After lunch fruit

My first sugar plum. It was good. #yummy

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This is my first sugar plum. It was nice.


After picking up Miss11 and Miss15 from gymnastics training they needed something to eat. On Saturdays they train from 1100 to 1500 so lunch is difficult. An afternoon snack is always necessary. Usually they have fruit or a sandwich. With me today though they asked for a treat.

Miss11 and Miss15 wanted a white chocolate mocha frappaccino

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They had this white chocolate mocha frappuccino with cream and some coconut loaf.


Someone couldn’t get my name correct

Who the hell is Gally? I said Gary.

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I don’t mumble. I speak clearly. I also speak with an Australian accent. The person behind the counter didn’t have English as his first language. For a second I wondered if there was a “Gally” waiting but then realised it was for me.


Dinner preparation

Dinner prep

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Tonight I promised my daughters I’d cook dinner. They like it when I cook for them. I made salmon and salad. They love salmon. Yes that is a tomato vine in one of the salmon containers. I used it to impart a little flavour when cooking the salmon. As you can see there was a lot of beetroot. We all like beetroot.


This was my plate

#dinner I cooked for my kids and parents. They all said they liked it. #yummy

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We all like lots of feta. Everyone liked the lemon zest too.


Miss11 becomes Miss12 this week.

Yes, she is gorgeous.



#dessert Chocolate birthday cake and Weis berry sorbet #yummy

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Mum made the cake and we bought some Weis’ sorbet to go with it.


The rain continues

Bucketing down.

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The constant rain has been a feature of the weekend. It’s been warm and it’s been moist. It’s been good.


Breakfast preparation

#breakfast Getting ready

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My job was setting the table while Mum, Dad and Miss17 cooked.


My Mum’s Sunday breakfast

#breakfast Pikelet with bacon cream and maple syrup #yummy

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A big pikelet with bacon, maple syrup and whipped cream


A snack before leaving Brisbane

#snack before leaving Brisbane

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I know I didn’t need it but I do like cheese.


The snack on QF957 from Brisbane to Canberra

The snack on QF957 BNE to CBR. Choc salted caramel biscuit.

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I love salted caramel


Dinner tonight

#dinner Hamburger #yummy

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This is a beef hamburger with spinach leaves, coriander (cilantro), grated carrot, sliced beetroot, tomatoes, sesame seeds and Havarti cheese.


It’s been a good weekend. I enjoy them with my daughters. When I leave Brisbane there is always a touch of sadness. I hope I get to see them again soon.


Weis’ is a well known name in Queensland. As a kid we would crave Weis’ bars.

I don’t think any person from South East Queensland of my age could not have heard of a Weis’ bar. They were and are amazing.

The sorbet tubs are a relatively new addition and extraordinarily good.


17 thoughts on “My weekend in Brisbane

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your family. You are right, your daughter is gorgeous…they grow up so quickly.

  2. Gally, it’s so good that you like that vile hot and humid weather that Brisvegas has to offer. πŸ™‚ I’m much happier being in the Canberra/Snowies where summer lasts a mere few weeks. (born and bred on the Gold Coast) It sounds like you had a lovely time!

  3. Interesting – you would like the weather in SE England. Almost. Its the same except for the temperature – we just hit 8 centigrade and everyone is talking about Spring. What is good is by the time i get to and leave work it’s light!

    As for driving in the rain – its best on a winters morning – I put the theme music from blade runner on, sit in the queues and pretend I’m Decker!

    • I’ve only ever spent a few days in the England. London in February. It w great. Cold but the humidity was good for my skin. Loved it.

    • Thanks Barb. My kids always giggle when I tell them someone who reads my blog or someone from twitter or Facebook make a comment πŸ™‚

  4. Beautiful post Gary! Happy Birthday to Miss 11 turning 12 this week! Love the pictures! The food looks incredible. Craving chocolate cake, pancakes, and a hamburger at 7:00 a.m. Sounds like a wonderful time and thank you for sharing! I am on vacation/spring break this week and my daughter Stephanie was married yesterday in Biloxi. Later in the week I am hoping to post more. Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

    • Wow, congratulations Stephanie. I hope the wedding went well and everyone is happy. Thank you Judy for your very kind comments. It was a great weekend. πŸ™‚

  5. I should never look at your posts before breakfast! It’s raining here in Ecuador as well, and I painted until after three then slept little because of intense rain. My house is literally ‘feet’ from the river, so I wanted to have a early-morning peek — all’s fine, but now i want pancakes and birthday cake and salmon-beet salad and lamb meatball sandwich – and yes, a little brer rabbit prose to go with that would be just fine!

    great post! now i think i’ll brew some coffee and make a fresh mint/hibiscus tea and whip up enough food to feed an army! it won’t be as delicious as what your presented!


  6. Love this post Gary. Love seeing the pic of Miss 11/12 – she *is* GORGEOUS! Ah a weekend in Brisbane – makes me feel a little homesick. And I agree, I only met you once albeit briefly, but can’t understand how someone could mistake your saying “gary” as gally! Kind of funny! I get all sorts at the only Gloria Jeans here in Timor… Brook, book, burk, the list goes on. Am considering printing my name on a card.

    • That is a great idea about a card with your name on it.
      Yes Miss11 is gorgeous. Such a cutie.
      Thank you for the kind words. Brisbane is a good place to grow up in and it is a great place to visit.
      I hope to read more on your blog soon πŸ™‚

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