Breakfast at Elk and Pea

In a remarkable coincidence I went to Elk and Pea with a friend for breakfast. Without thinking about it we had the same breakfast as T1 and BF on 15 January. Without wanting to offend T1, I did recall she had been to Elk and Pea but in my mind it was for dinner rather than breakfast. Sorry T1 I’d forgotten πŸ™‚

In terms of the experience we arrived at 0930 and were shown to a table in the back near the toilets. The tables were all pretty close to one another and I could hear what other diners were saying. This is a worry because I’m deaf in one ear and it was on my deaf side. It was all pretty cosy. The table we had was very wobbly. We were grateful that a waiter came over and shoved napkins under the base. After a few napkins the amount of movement was reduced but not completely. Along with the quality of napkins I get judgy about restaurants if they cannot manage decent tables and chairs. This was not a good start. It was also dark and my immediate thought was poor lighting for iPhone photography. Fortunately, as I alluded to in my end of 2012 post I’ve recently acquired an iPhone 5 and the camera is a much better tool for food photography.

We ordered coffees and then food. My breakfast buddy asked for the Paprika eggs and I asked for the smashed avocado and mushrooms. The place was busy and fairly full so we accepted it would be a longish wait. The coffees seemed to be delayed especially when later orders (from the table next to ours) came out sooner than ours. Once the coffees arrived, the food arrived in quick order πŸ™‚

The paprika eggs looked really good and tasted great too. My avocado and mushrooms was delightful. The bread was nicely toasted and the mushrooms perfectly sautΓ©ed. There was a good amount of avocado and my poached egg was perfectly cooked with a nice runny yolk. Unfortunately the poached paprika eggs were on the solid side. Marks off I’m afraid. Poached eggs really need to have soft runny yolks.

I had to use the toilet and didn’t see one specially for men. There were two women’s toilets and I used the unisex/disabled toilet. It was well appointed and also had a shower. This is a good thing for those customers who rely on a wheelchair. There were no paper towels and the air drier was pretty pathetic. I know they’re expensive but the Dyson air blade should be the standard for any restaurant toilet.

#breakfast Avocado and mushrooms #yummy

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The food at Elk and Pea is really good. There is no question about that. I’m looking forward to going there for dinner this Saturday night with friends. I’ll happily go back for breakfast again. The coffee was good and I want to try the other items on the menu.


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I spent all afternoon at work today and came home to my ironing and decided on an easy dinner.

#dinner Chicken thigh with salad. I seasoned with Madras curry powder. #yummy

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Chicken thigh seasoned with Madras curry powder and a simple salad.


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15 thoughts on “Breakfast at Elk and Pea

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  3. I like the priceless details you offer as part of your reports.I will bookmark your website and look at yet again right here recurrently.I’m pretty absolutely sure I will know a whole lot of latest things appropriate right here! Good luck to the upcoming!

  4. I see the difference in the quality of the photos! Your breakfast looks really good! I too look around me at a restaurant and it does make a difference.

    My husband and I went to an upscale place for our Valentine’s dinner (the day after due to the extreme pricing for regular items just because of the day). The flowers on the table were dead. The waiter was prompt in coming to the table and we ordered our drinks. Twenty minutes later he came back, sans beverages, to take our order. We had plenty of time sitting there and noticed that the grey carpet was actually a blue and white as the carpet that met the wall showed us those colors. I guess they could not afford to clean the carpets. We were half way through our salads when our drinks finally showed up. We had been there now for 40 minutes. We waited another 30 minutes after finishing our salads for our dinner to arrive. When it did, it was cold. This dinner which should have taken at most an hour had us there for 2 1/2 hours in total. They had booked a huge party and should have closed the restaurant. We never went back, and the place finally closed down.

    And yes a good pouched egg should be runny just like bacon should be crisp!

    • The Elk and Pea had what I assume were cheap framed paintings screwed into the beams of the ceiling. It was a nice touch when looking up. The chairs were almost all different which is fine if they aren’t wobbly and not too low or high. I hope as their profits increase they invest in more sturdy tables. That said they had a good number of staff and I hope they get paid well. Have a great week Barb πŸ™‚

  5. Love the summary! It is amazing how wonderful food can be at many restaurants but the location of your seating and how busy it is within the establishment can decide your overall experience at that time. It is funny, because you usually can tell by their restrooms, how clean the entire restaurant is too. Sounds like they were clean, although confusing!

    I have never eaten paprika eggs (I need to get out more)! Love the more runny yolk too; yet sounds delicious. I agree with you and I bet dinners are incredible at this restaurant πŸ™‚

    Like your easy meal! Chicken and a salad sounds and looks delicious! Have a great rest of the weekend πŸ™‚

    • In my previous jobs I’ve been an infection control medical officer. The way rest rooms are kept clean (or not) is a good sign of the attitude of management. I hope you have a great week Judy πŸ™‚

  6. You do have high expectations! Dyson Airblade!!!! I want one for my house as they ROCK but I think it will be a while before they become the norm. On another note – I once ordered a caesar salad that had a poached egg on it… that I could have bounced off the floor. It had clearly been prepared the night/week before and had been sitting in the coolroom awaiting my order. It was, in a word (or three) a horrible dissapointment. I am hoping that the eggs you guys received were at least warm. πŸ™‚

    • The eggs were warm and had good flavour. The paprika egg was soft but not runny. I know it’s a small point, but I know what I like. Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

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