Ruchi Belconnen Southern Indian dining for a #CBRTweetUp Shout out @Sister_Ratched

Last year I blogged a couple of times about the food at Ramas in Pearce. I have enjoyed the food there and the company on the occasions we dined there helped make the evenings memorable. After blogging about Ramas a Canberra Twitter friend, viz., Jude @Sister_Ratched commented (via Twitter and on my blog) that she thought there were better places in Canberra and Sydney for Indian cuisine. She suggested she could introduce me to such places. I was very happy to be introduced to new dining experiences.
Jude is lovely, she avidly comments on my blog and given the amount of food I post on Twitter and Instagram, Jude has shared her thoughts. At times this has been a concern for the quantity and quality of food I would post. I believe in some ways, the recent changes in my diet have been influenced by Jude’s comments about cholesterol, the importance of fresh ethically harvested produce and the health benefits of salad 🙂 Jude is a Registered Nurse and currently practises in gastroenterology. I respect her opinion.

On Friday night Jude organised a Canberra Tweetup. I regret not taking names and Twitter handles because I’ll offend some new friends if I don’t mention them. Suffice to say this is not the last #CBRTweetUp I will attend. It was a most enjoyable evening and it really is great to meet tweeps in real life and get to get to know them a little better. One of my favourite Canberra bloggers was also there. T1 from InTheTaratory fame. T1 has been prolific recently on Twitter as part of the #LikeCanberra campaign for the Centennial celebrations of the Australia’s capital city.

We all met at Ruchi Belconnen. Ruchi specialises in Southern Indian cuisine. Jude recommended I try a Thali. A Thali is a tasting plate made up of a selection of various dishes. The food is served in small bowls on a round tray. In the middle there was bread and plus a piece of flesh (fish in my case). I asked for the Ruchi Special Non­‐Vegetarian Thali for $24.50. This consisted of Chapatti, channa curry, Kerala chicken, beef vindaloo, pickles, thayir pachadi, rasam, and boiled rice. When the food was being served I heard the waiter say “special non-vegetarian Thali” and I assumed it was mine. It turned out not to be what I asked for but it was a Mysore Maharajah Non-­Vegetarian Thali which consisted of Meen porichadu, chapathi, boiled rice, sambar, Mysore chilli chicken, daal, lamb korma, rasam, thayir pachadi, pickles, and a coconut dessert. This dish was considerably hotter in terms of spices than what I was expecting. It was not at all unpleasant, on the contrary it was delightful. I really enjoyed this tasting plate of Southern Indian delights. The company was great and in the end it was not a late evening but it was certainly a very enjoyable one. The next #CBRTweetUp is being organised. I’m looking forward to it.

Ruchi special non-vegetarian thallis #cbrtweetup

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Mysore Maharajah Non-­Vegetarian Thali

The menu can be downloaded from

I would definitely recommend Ruchi Belconnen. I’ll be returning.


Friday was made even better with a Mavi Breakfast wrap which meant I didn’t need lunch.

#breakfast Tongue of bacon in my Mavi breakfast wrap #yummy

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A beautiful tongue of bacon.


This afternoon. I enjoyed a pastry treat from Ricardo’s Cafe at the Jamison Plaza.

The Peanut Paste #yummy

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This is the Peanut Butter. It contains a very subtle peanut paste flavoured mousse with a heart of caramel resting on a delicate chocolate crumb biscuit base. It was lovely.



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13 thoughts on “Ruchi Belconnen Southern Indian dining for a #CBRTweetUp Shout out @Sister_Ratched

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  3. You always find the most amazing food!! I love that wrap. My favorite is that cake! Oh my! I love it. The picture is gorgeous. How big is it?

  4. Keeping that wrap out of sight of the kids – I’ve got them down to beans and eggs only and the bacon tongue will get them hassling me all over again….

  5. Aw shucks Gaz 🙂 So glad you were impressed with Ruchi. Now I need to convince you to try Bilu’s in Harris Park, Sydney! Yes, it was a great night, and wonderful to meet everyone over some fabulous food…the power of Twitter!!

  6. Mmmm you sure know where the good places around Belco are to eat!!!!!! I started following your post ages ago but then didn’t get any updates, so just thought you had been lax. Turns out that I had not manually turned settings to “yes, i really would like to see what this person is up to occasionally since I went to all the effort of “following” them!” so now I get your new posts! 🙂 I love peanut butter and chocolate anything. I went to (a very dissapointing) Max Brenner for the first time ever recently. The food sucked but the peanut butter and chocolate frappé was just amazing. Expensive, but worth it!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I don’t know that I know where all the good places are. I’ve been away and busy at work. I hope I can be more regular 🙂
      I haven’t been to Max Brenner for a long time.

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