Honey soy salmon and a chocolate honeycomb dessert

I just posted some images on Instagram and my friend Laura asked on Twitter if I’d blog the recipe. If asked, I’ll blog anything 🙂

So I had a fillet of Atlantic salmon which I bought from Coles. It was about $30 per kilogram.
I made the salad out of salad leaves from a packet from Coles. This is a really convenient way to get various types of lettuce leaf plus Rocket. The leaves keep for about four days in an airtight container.
In the salad I had grated fresh beetroot as an alternative to sliced pickle beetroot, freshly grated parmesan cheese, crumbled Australian feta cheese, chunky diced cucumber, sliced celery, sliced spring onions, quartered cherry tomatoes, ground pepper, and chilli flakes.

My method of cooking the salmon is dead simple and always works. I heat up a fry pan with some vegetable oil until it gets to smoking hot. I then add the salmon and add a lid. I time this for five minutes. I leave the fry pan for five minutes and don’t touch it. When the time is up I turn off the heat and move the pan and leave the lid on for another one minute. After the minute the lid goes into the sink of hot soapy water and the salmon is put on a plate to rest. The fry pan then hits the hot soapy water.

The salad is basically leaves in a bowl with everything except the beetroot added. The colour of the beetroot will bleed into everything so I add it at the very end.

Tonight I flaked the salmon and added it to the salad.

Normally I might use a salad type dressing for the salad but tonight instead of putting the fry pan into the soapy water I heated it up again and added a little white wine then soy sauce and then honey. I stirred that quickly and let it reduce a little. I drizzled the honey soy over the salmon and the salad. It was sweet but not too sweet.

For dessert I took inspiration from Rachael and Laura again with their advice on menz chocolates from Adelaide.

I had some menz Chocolate Honeycomb which I crushed a little with a meat tenderiser and added with Connoisseur Classic Vanilla ice cream. It was so yummy.


10 thoughts on “Honey soy salmon and a chocolate honeycomb dessert

  1. Damn that just the way I do salmon – I mean stick the lid in the washing up and everything! Washing up as you go is the way to go (especially as we don’t have the space for a dishwasher) but you Aussies have the space, no?

    • I live in a one bedroom apartment. I do have a dish washer but but tend to just wash the dishes as I go in my single basin sink.

  2. This is a perfect meal! I absolutely love the flaked salmon in the salad! The ice cream dessert is over the top incredible! Now I am hungry 🙂

  3. Looks good Gaz. If you shopped at the EPIC markets though, you’d get locally grown salad ingredients which last much longer than 4 days, not to mention food miles and local farmers being kept afloat. There’s fish there too, and amazing meat etc etc. I can understand the attraction of Coles or Woollies for a select group of people , but really… with markets like EPIC so close why would you want to keep the bloody old duopoly ripping off Aussie farmers? Kthxbai.

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