Australia Day and other thoughts

Yesterday was Australia Day. It’s a day that most Australians celebrate to remember the landing of the first fleet in what would become Sydney in 1788. When I say most Australians there are many Indigenous Australians who refer to 26 January as Invasion Day. Australia Day is a national day and a public holiday is always gazetted. Given this year 26 January falls on a Saturday all the celebrations occurred yesterday yet we get Monday as a public holiday. I love Australia. We get so many public holidays and everyone receives four weeks of recreation leave a year as a basic employment entitlement. That said, statistics show that Australians work longer hours per week than most member countries of the OECD so while we get plenty of holidays, we also know how to work hard.

English: Dick Smith

English: Dick Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Australia Day, I always think about how fortunate I am to have been born in Australia and to be Australian. For many Australians the celebration revolves around food and alcohol. As a non-drinker (which is pretty uncommon in Australia), I focus on food. In recent years the lamb industry has invested significantly in advertising that real Australians eat lamb on Australia Day. While I don’t believe it’s unpatriotic not to eat lamb on Australia Day, I do like lamb so that’s what I had.

There was also a very cheeky YouTube and television video played this Australia Day by Dick Smith who is an entrepreneur, business man and advocate for buying Australian made.

WARNING It’s a little rude.
YouTube video


So for my Australia Day lunch I had some very nice Maggie Beer products, viz., some pâté and quince paste.

#AustraliaDay #Lunch Yummy pâté, quince paste and Gorgonzola

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For dinner I pan fried some lamb cutlets and served them with a salad.

Of course I'm enjoying lamb for #AustraliaDay #Dinner #yummy

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I’m taking a break from work soon and a book I plan to read is Food Photography for Bloggers. David Lebovitz did a nice blog post on it with the author.

I have a new book to read 🙂 Thanks to @davidlebovitz for blogging about it

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English: Maggie Beer at the Australia Day citi...

English: Maggie Beer at the Australia Day citizenship ceremony at Commonwealth Park in Canberra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


9 thoughts on “Australia Day and other thoughts

  1. Happy Australia Day Gary!! Somewhere I have always wanted to go. I heard from friends that it is beautiful. And looking at pictures it is. The employment entitlement a year is outstanding. Working for the college I am pretty lucky with paid vacations. I believe it rejuvenates you. The fried lamb looks so delicious. That picture is powerful! Please let us know how the book is when you finish it 🙂
    Have a great Monday off! Enjoy 🙂

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