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On Wednesday evening I vented my frustration about a bad taxicab driver and a lost bag. I don’t really like to vent. I prefer to be more positive and upbeat. I was coming down from the high of being with my daughters and having such a good time. I was surprised how annoyed and upset it made me feel, after all I’ve had my bags mishandled five times in the last twelve months by Qantas and United Airlines. The good news is my bag caught up with me sixteen hours after I returned to Canberra. The relief was palpable. I’m just grateful it didn’t happen on the way to Brisbane given that bag contained presents for my kids and parents.

So coming back to Canberra means coming back to the same old routine.

Ice coffee banana smoothie for breakfast


I received a call from Qantas at about 0900 AEDT saying my bag had been found. This is despite the website stating the bag couldn’t be located and they were still tracing. Given it had arrived in Canberra at 0900 AEDT, it’s hard to believe it just appeared on that flight. I shouldn’t complain further, I have my bag. What it meant though was I had to hang around and delay my day’s plans for it to arrive.

Welcome home bag 😃✈

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My bag with the offending Qantas QTAG.


Multigrain topped with salmon and tomato. #lunch

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Routine means tinned red salmon and tomato on toasted multigrain Vienna loaf


Thursday evening saw dire warnings across southern Australia of an impending heatwave. There were predictions of temperatures in some areas in the mid to high 40s (degrees Celsius).

I wasn’t feeling that warm but wanted a light dinner suitable for warm weather. Mangoes and cucumbers are cooling.


A sweet gift from my daughters. Dark chocolate around ginger.

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Dessert. Dark chocolate covering ginger from my girls.


You need refreshing drinks on warm evenings.

Crushed ice and pineapple pieces with lemon lime and bitters cordial blended with Coles sparkling mineral water. So refreshing and I forgot the mint.


Even though we’re past 2012/12/21 (day with longest daylight time) it was still light until late.

Last light over Lake Ginninderra.

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Last light over Lake Ginninderra


As predicted on Friday we started seeing extreme temperatures across southern Australia (with attendant bush fires destroying homes and causing injuries). I did what most people do if they don’t have air conditioning and aren’t at work, I went to the local shopping mall and watched a movie. It’s been a few months since I’ve been to a movie. I chose Skyfall, as in James Bond 007. I enjoyed it. It was longer than I was expecting. The ending was cool. I’d rate it 7.5 or maybe 8 out of 10. If you’re a James Bond fan it’s worthwhile although a little tedious in parts.

For the remainder of the day I chilled and watched a DVD or two. One of them was The Dictator. I love the quote about Crocs (footwear). “The universal symbol of a man who has given up hope.”


Dinner had been in my head since Thursday evening. I watched an episode of How to Cook like Heston. It was the first episode in the series and it was dedicated to beef. In this episode Heston describes the myths around steak and his technique. I didn’t follow his method exactly because I didn’t have two days to age my piece of Scotch rib fillet. That night I unwrapped the steak and put it in the refrigerator uncovered and let it dry out. On Friday night I got a pan smoking hot and seasoned the steak with some salt. I then applied the steak to the pan and turned it every 20 seconds for a total of three minutes. I then let the meat rest for a full five minutes. I had prepared a salad with some lettuce, avocado, beetroot, Parmesan, spring onion, tomato, and Chinese sausage with some lemon juice. I sliced the steak thinly and added it to the salad.

Scotch fillet cooked Heston style with lettuce, avocado, beetroot, Parmesan, spring onion, tomato, and Chinese sausage salad with some lemon juice. I was pretty happy with the comments I received on Instagram 🙂


On Thursday evening a Twitter friend @ColouredPurple mentioned after I posted my tropical drink that she had come across a nice Italian sparkling mineral water from Aldi. On Friday night I made my drink with it.

Tropical drink time. Ping @colouredpurple for tip on the Aldi mineral water.

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It was pretty good. Better than the $0.80 bottles from Coles.


This morning I woke up a little later than normal and went for a walk.

Sun rising over Lake Ginninderra #igerscanberra

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The sun rising over Lake Ginninderra.

As the sun rose the Owl Statue looked all shiny and golden.

My view. Morning walk.

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My view as I walked down Benjamin Way.

The Serenity #igerscanberra

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Another view of the lake.


After watching part of the test match from Sydney I had this delicious lunch.

I’d bought the Gorgonzola cheese, and Maggie Beer pâté and Maggie Beer quince paste earlier today.


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Unfortunately while biting through the toast I lost part of an upper right side molar.

The bit that broke off from a molar

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That’s the bit next to an Australian five cent piece.


Okay so it’s a little warm today.

Why can we just have low 30s and 95% humidity. That would be perfect.

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Why can we just have low 30s and 95% humidity? That would be perfect.


Despite a broken tooth I’m determined to keep cooking and eating. Tonight I had a raw beetroot and grated it into the salad. There’s also grated Parmigiano-Reggiano plus cucumber, celery, nectarine, spring onion, lettuce and tomato.

Nothing like a light salad as the rain falls to cool down the day and increase the humidity.

Catch you later. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “A happy ending and the end of a good little break | Ping @ColouredPurple

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  2. That looks like perfectly cooked steak – and it isnt as easy as it looks – many an expensive peice of meat i’ve undercooked, or worse, overcooked

  3. Thank you for the related articles. I enjoyed She makes Hats and a few of the others.

  4. This was definitely a good new, bad news post. Good is that you got your luggage back and you didn’t loose it on the way to your Christmas celebrations. Bad that you broke a tooth. Good is the dishes that you have been eating. Bad that you don’t have AC and it is so hot. Take care of yourself, Gary.

  5. I am so happy you recovered the luggage! Now that truly is a positive miracle because I know so many others that haven’t. Your pictures are phenomenal!! That owl is truly amazing. The food pictures are making me hungry at 7:00ish a.m. Sorry about your tooth. A dentist will fix you right up Gary. Your girls have great taste; dark chocolate covering ginger!! Yummy !!! Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Judy,

      It’s nearly 2330 here. It’s been a relaxing quiet day. Thanks for the lovely comments. I hope you have a great Saturday with some yummy food 🙂


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