A sour end to a wonderful break

I left Brisbane today after a little over a week of joy and happiness. I’ve had a fantastic time visiting my parents and my daughters.

This morning Dad made us breakfast sausages and bacon.

Breakfast snags and bacon.

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Looks odd but it was tasty.

For morning tea we had pavlova

Leftover pavlova for morning tea is the best 🙂

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It’s always better the day after when the cream goes a little more stiff.

My parents had to attend a matinee session of South Pacific this afternoon and I had to deliver the girls home. I had a couple of hours to kill so I got to the airport a couple of hours early. I checked in my bag using a QANTAS QTAG. A simple and convenient method to avoid paper based luggage tags. The process seemed to work okay.

I went to the Qantas Club and spent time reading. They had iced vivo biscuits which are a real treat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iced_VoVo

Thank you @qantasairways for the upgrade and the iced vovos 😃

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I boarded my flight after getting an upgrade thanks to Qantas. For an afternoon snack, I had a cheese plate.

It was delicious.

Then on arriving in Canberra I discovered my bag was not put on flight QF961. This is the second time in two months that this has happened with Qantas.

I caught a cab home after being told my bag would be delivered when it’s found. The cab driver of TX73 was not the driver on the dashboard card which was for A2278. He didn’t indicate to change lanes or turn corners and he was speaking on his mobile telephone throughout the drive from the airport to my place (this is now illegal in the ACT unless he has a proper handsfree set up which he didn’t). He didn’t know the directions to my place so I had to direct him. When I asked about his authority card it was in his pocket. I called the taxi company and they didn’t want to do anything. I would have to put the complaint in writing.

At 2055 AEDT I called QANTAS but they had closed their baggage service area despite their brochure saying it is open until 2100 AEST (which is 2200 AEDT). I called the Canberra baggage claim area and was told I should avoid using the Qantas QTAG system in future and there was still no trace of my bag. I am so annoyed. This has made me feel quite upset after what has been a wonderful break from work seeing my parents and daughters. I have stuff in that bag that I need to use not least of all the value of the contents.

I try not to rant too much on this blog but tonight I’ve ranted all over twitter and I felt the need to ventilate here.

I hope my bag shows up soon. Word to the wise, avoid the use of the QANTAS QTAG system.



25 thoughts on “A sour end to a wonderful break

  1. I had a customer service experience this Xmas I’d rather forget too, with a well known brand over here called John Lewis – top quality stuff; I ordered some window blinds and was told I’d get them by the 19th Dec and sat waiting at home for them to turn up. After 1 week the courier admited they had lost the item so I went to the depot to find total chaos (okay it was christmas but the place was a total pit). I’ll never do online business with them again – they just aren’t set up for it.

    PS im following you on twitter – I just started, and its a bit weird but guess i’ll get used to it…

  2. Sorry to hear about your luggage. Not very good customer service on their end. The positives are that you spent quality time with your daughters and parents. And all this food is making me very hungry!! Delicious 🙂

  3. Another Qantas blunder and you should really write the a letter. Hope the matter is resolved soon, and Happy New Year anyway. BTW, the day after pavlova looks yummy.

  4. So sorry that this happened with your bag! My mother was traveling to visit my Grandma in New Jersey from CA. She was to be there with her for a week. Twice United Airlines sent her bag to Hawai’i, taking days to be returned to her in New Jersey. She told me that if they were going to insist on sending her bags to Hawai’i then they should send her there too! 🙂 I hope that your bags are returned to you shortly.

    Regarding the cab driver: Are they to display their authority card anywhere?

    I would complain not only to Qantas about the bag, but also the cab company about the driver!
    I hope that you have a good day today!

    • Hi Barb,

      The drivers are meant to display their card on the dash. United has mishandled my bags three times in 2012. If only I could fit everything into carry on.

      • Lately, when we fly somewhere, we try to do it all in a carry on due to the cost of checking luggage. The issue is those that carry on bags that are bigger than what they say you can bring on. We have noticed that the airlines here in the U.S. do not pay attention to that detail. So when you get to your designated seat, someone 4 rows in front is using the space that should be for the seats of that particular row.

          • Hee hee! That is very true, and they should be barred from doing that. The issue is that the people who work for the airlines never speak to those folks. For some reason they always pick on me! 😐 Why is that?

      • If you do not get things done, I am really good at getting results….I would be more than happy to help you with both of these issues!

        • Hi Barb

          Thanks. Good to know 🙂

          My bag arrived late this morning (intact). I will write letters to both companies expressing my concerns.


  5. What a crap situation! Qantas should be more apologetic. My sister had a bag late, wrote a letter of complaint & got credit toward another flight. I hope your bag is found. Fingers crossed for you.

  6. Bloody Qtags! They are bad news. Also, absolutely horrified by that taxi driver.. I hope something is done: the telephone! Perhaps you should let the police know?? Anyway, glad you had a lovely holiday break, and how hilarious that Iced Vovos are on Wiki, ha!!

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