Pacific Fair

Today is 2013/01/01 (YYYY/MM/DD this is the way I shorthand dates), the first day of 2013. It was also the last day we spent on the Gold Coast. I promised Miss11 and Miss15 a shopping trip in the tourist shopping centre, viz., Pacific Fair.

Pacific Fair Website

Google maps

To start though we needed breakfast. We walked across the road to Bistro Blanc on Surf Parade on Broadbeach.

Bistro Blanc Website

Google maps

First things first.

I really need this.

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Miss11 and Miss15 both had bacon and egg on a muffin with a hash brown.

Miss11 and Miss15 each had a bacon and egg muffin. They were happy.

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It was served “gourmet” style with barbecue sauce.


I couldn’t go past the Eggs Benedict with bacon.

It's hard to not have Eggs Benedict.

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This was done on a Turkish bread which was very nice.


Having spent more than a week away from home, I planned my 3G data usage to perfection.

Perfect planning

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Okay Pacific Fair with Miss11 and Miss15 meant lots and lots and lots of dress and shoe shops. It also meant looking at some novelties.

For fans of plants v zombies

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I never knew you could buy Plants v Zombies plush toys 🙂


I haven’t posted pictures of everything they looked at. I am fortunate that my daughters like looking and are careful when choosing to spend money, even my money. In the end everyone came away happy.

For morning tea, you guessed it, it had to be another vanilla slice.

Vanilla slice at Pacific Fair

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This one I shared with Miss15 who reminded me that when we lived in Darwin every Saturday or Sunday morning I’d walk to the local pastry shop and buy them caramel tartlets and buy myself a vanilla slice or bee sting.


After more than half a day of shopping we needed some food before the drive back to Brisbane. We opted for a mall Chinese takeaway. This was a $10 plate of self service. It was awful. Truly disgusting. The worst I’ve ever had. The place is called Cathay Oriental at Pacific Fair shopping centre. Don’t do it is my advice. McDonald’s or KFC would be better.

Shopping is hard work. We all shared this. Worst mall Chinese food ever.

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It looks nasty. Tasted worse.


Miss15 and Miss17 needed new wrist watches. I bought them some very nice looking watches.

ICE watches for Miss15 and Miss17

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As we were driving home Mum and Dad were cooking dinner. Basically it was wonton soup without the wonton wrappers. Instead it was served with noodles.

Check it out. This was beyond awesome.

For previous entries on wonton take a look at this search query


For my last night in Brisbane with my parents and two of my daughters, Mum made her “world famous” pavlova. One of the greatest Australian inventions ever (I write this to deliberately stir up my friends and family from New Zealand*).

Mum's homemade pavlova. A true Australian classic. Mum makes the best pav.

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This one had passion fruit, pitted cherries, banana and mango topping.


Okay, tomorrow, I return to Canberra. I have had a great little break in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

*For all I care, New Zealand can keep Russel Crowe and Richard Wilkins as their own. Pavlova is ALL AUSTRALIAN.


16 thoughts on “Pacific Fair

  1. I know you have enjoyed the time with your family…love the hearts that I found in many of the dishes. Wishing you all the best to you and your family this new year.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love the colours of the watches. The pavlova looks so yummy!!!
    I am glad you had a wonderful break with your girls 🙂

    Happy New Year Gary!

  3. Looks like you had some great quality time with your daughters. They just grow up way too fast.

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