Wet’n’Wild Water World

It’s the last day of 2012 and the second last day of my holiday with my daughters. Today we went to Wet’n’Wild Water World on the Gold Coast. There aren’t many images because I was dressed in a pair of speedos, boardies and a rashy. No pockets and for the major rides you can’t carry things like cameras or smart telephones. Besides, at a water park, it’s all about the fun in the water. Today the weather was perfect. It was mostly around 29 °C and overcast with occasional sun bursts. That meant it was warm and not hot. It also meant that with four applications of sun screen throughout the day none of us got sun burnt.

Breakfast this morning was at McDonald’s because we were in a hurry.

Not quite as appetising as a Mavi breakfast wrap. Cheaper though.

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Rosti wrap. This is rubbish compared to a Mavi Breakfast wrap. Check out previous posts on the Mavi Breakfast wrap http://garydavidlum.com/?s=Mavi+Breakfast&submit=Search


After a day of water activity we enjoyed ice cream at the ice cream parlour.

Ice cream time

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You can buy small medium and bucket sized sundaes.


I had a small caramel sundae. It’s all self serve through a series of dispensers. I chose mango and sprinkles plus caramel sauce.

I got all the sprinkles

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The sprinkles came out in a rush. There was more on the floor than in the cup.


Goodbye Wet'n'wild

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Goodbye Wet’n’Wild Water World.


As the sun was setting

The sun sets and Jupiter's casino lights up

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Jupiter’s casino was lighting up for New Year’s Eve.


Bath time

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It was nice to extend the water theme and have a bath. Sadly the spa didn’t work.


Tonight it was Miss15’s turn to choose a meal.

Chicken Kiev with Caesar salad. Miss15's choice 🙂

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She chose Chicken Kiev and Caesar salad.


After dinner we walked the streets of Broadbeach watching people. Today I pondered that the Gold Coast, especially around places like Broadbeach is for the “beautiful people” while places like Wet’n’Wild Water World is for everyone in all their shapes and sizes, colours and backgrounds. What is great about a water park is that everyone is just in their togs. You see almost everything, especially the tattoos and body art, plus the fat and obesity that is plaguing our nation. You also see the wonderfully crafted and honed bodies of the fit and healthy. I know I’m using strong words, I appreciate all the diversity and I’m not meaning to offend. At a water park, everybody is there to have some fun and get some Vitamin D. The streets of the Gold Coast though are about being seen and looking good to be seen. That is, except for blokes like me. Middle aged Australians with kids in tow. Tonight I chose a daggy T-shirt, King Gee work shorts and thongs. I reckon I got stared at as much as the tall leggy women and the muscle men. It made me laugh on the inside.

The best thing about walking the streets tonight was the lovely gesture from Miss15 to shout me and Miss11 a gelato. Miss17 had already left for a party with her BF so it’s just me and my two youngest daughters.


Of the rides at Wet’n’Wild Water World, only a few have cameras that worked.

It was raining while riding the Tornado.

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It rained today during our ride on the Tornado.


I'm so fugly! We're on the Kamikaze.

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I put my hand up to hide my fugly face lol 🙂 This was on the Kamikaze ride.


Enjoying Mammoth Falls

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This is from the Mammoth Falls ride.


We went on a heap of other rides. It’s hard to pick the best. I loved them all. The faster and higher the better. It’s probably best to visit the website if you’re interested.


Google maps http://goo.gl/maps/OHtRX


4 thoughts on “Wet’n’Wild Water World

  1. A lot of smiles and memories! Love it!!
    I love water parks the most, and this looks like so much fun. We have Adventure Island in Tampa. I love the night to choose meals! Happy New Year!!!

    • One day if we can arrange it I’d love to take my girls to visit theme parks of the US. I want to experience the similarities and differences.

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