On the way home | Travelling continued

The other night on twitter I came across this link. I thought it was hilarious. Given I’m “guilty” of many of the examples used in the parody I could see a lot of myself in it, especially the food images. I expect if I owned a cat or a dog I’d post a picture of them every day too.

Click here for the Instagram parody

On Wednesday I went to dinner with my colleagues to the Lightfoot Restaurant in Leesburg. It is a renovated bank and the men’s room has the vault door as a feature wall opposite the urinals and stalls.

Google map http://goo.gl/maps/Dymtk

Lightfoot Dinner menu | Lightfoot Dessert menu
The restaurant has won awards and is regarded by locals as a pretty fancy place to eat.

For an entrée (or starter for my American friends) I asked for “The Plank”. This is a dish served on a plank of wood. It contains a small cube of salmon, a seared scallop and a couple of pieces of chorizo on a skewer. These lovely meats are served alongside a plentiful amount of bacon. As far as entrées goes, it was good but too much.

Entrée "The Plank" scallop salmon chorizo and bacon salad

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Sorry it was a room with very poor lighting. My iPhone 4 doesn’t capture images well in low light.

For my main dish I was excited that gumbo was a special. I’ve never had gumbo and I’ve always wanted to try it. This one was extra special because it contained hush puppies, fried oysters, prawns and a fillet of catfish. A few months ago I watched a video from Hilah about hush puppies and I thought then I’d like to try it. I’m also sure I’ve seen Hilah cook catfish too. The gumbo was good. It was heavier than I thought it would be but then I did eat a very large entrée.

Remarkably I did not ask for a dessert. I’ve been eating enough dessert on aeroplanes and at the National Conference Center.

The bank vault as seen in the men's rest room.

The bank vault as seen in the men’s rest room.


The meeting I have been participating in has gone well and on Thursday afternoon as soon as we broke up I began the journey home.

To recap though, on Wednesday for breakfast I asked the egg cooking lady for a cheese and mushroom omelet. I also asked for some bacon pieces but she didn’t understand what I was saying. I said bacon three times but to no avail. I then put on what I thought was an American accent and she understood me. This is not the first time, quite often flight attendants don’t have a clue what I’m saying.

Cheese and mushroom omelet.

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I discovered on Wednesday that the NCC also does hamburgers for lunch. I found some beetroot from the salad bar and shared with my colleagues from the US, Canada and the UK that a hamburger should have beetroot. It would have been improved with a pineapple ring and a fried egg but they weren’t available.

Lunch. I found beet root to put on it too.

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Lunch. Make your own sundae.

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The NCC also has soft serve ice cream with various flavoured sauces and cherries and nuts.


For Thursday morning, I seriously contemplated an egg white omelet however, I discovered the waffle maker 🙂 How could I pass up a waffle with some bacon and sausage plus some sugared strawberries, cream and this thing called breakfast syrup.

Breakfast waffle with bacon and sausage.

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Thursday lunch had to be another hamburger plus some flank steak and scallops.

Lunch. Flank steak, scallops and a hamburger.

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When the meeting finished on Thursday afternoon I caught the shuttle to Dulles (IAD) as soon as I could. I didn’t want to miss my flight UA647 to San Francisco (SFO).

The National Conference Center

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UA647 homeward bound. Currently in Dulles

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The dinner on UA647 was a choice between chicken and pasta. Given my experience on flight UA525 from SFO to IAD I chose pasta. It was okay. I wouldn’t want it again. The passenger next to me had the chicken. It was a plain looking piece of breast. It looked dry. My neighbour didn’t finish it. Enough said.

Dinner UA647 pasta

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Dessert sundae UA647

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The flight from IAD to SFO took six hours. When we landed in SFO I had enough time to access wifi in the United Club to send through the meeting report I wrote on the flight UA647. I also had a biscuit.

Boarding soon

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I boarded UA863 and soon after takeoff we had dinner.

UA863 nuts and ginger ale

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I was again facing backwards.

My view on board facing backwards UA863

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This is the menu choice. I asked for the short rib of beef and if that wasn’t available the salmon and crab.

The menu

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Fortunately the short rib of beef was available and it was one of the nicest airline meals I’ve enjoyed. Almost on a par with the Red wine braised beef with soft polenta roasted shallots and salsa verde I enjoyed when I travelled on Virgin Australia to Mexico in 2011. http://garydavidlum.com/2011/11/20/lax-to-syd-dinner-on-vaustralia/

For en entrée we were served a salad and a salmon wrapped prawn.

UA863 salmon wrapped prawn

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UA863 salad

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The main had the short rib of beef with mash, beans and baby carrots.

UA863 short rib of beef. This was superb.

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This was followed with the ubiquitous ice cream sundae with walnuts, caramel sauce, cream and cherries.

UA863 my last caramel sundae

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While asleep I had this nightmare that the aeroplane lost power and we plummeted to our deaths. I woke up with a start as well as a sore throat. I think I’m developing a head cold.

Breakfast was an omelet

UA863 breakfast omelet

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It was a relief to get into Sydney and prepare for the last flight of the day.

QF1471 last flight

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On the flight between Sydney and Canberra, Qantas mishandled my bag so it didn’t arrive with me. The good thing was I ended up sitting next to a friend who used to work in the department. She’s just returned from a work trip to Samoa.

My bag arrived in the afternoon. It gave me enough time to buy some groceries.


I’ve been watching series 2 of The Walking Dead this afternoon.

For dinner I made a salad from leaves, red onion, celery and some Australian feta along with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I also cooked a piece of salmon and a piece of bread.

Dulles Airport IAD

Google map http://goo.gl/maps/rAKYp

San Francisco International Airport SFO
Google map http://goo.gl/maps/GzJKY

It’s Summer time and the season for tropical fruit. Here’s a YouTube video from Hilah giving advice on how to cut a pineapple.

Hilah cutting a pineapple
It’s Summer so what better time to experience some tropical fruit.

Hilah making hush puppies

Hilah making fried catfish


16 thoughts on “On the way home | Travelling continued

  1. Love that link you give about Instagram. It’s hilarious!!! Started season 2 of Walking Dead just last week too…I am hooked.

    • Because we’re expected work as we fly we’re permitted to travel in business class on international travel. We’re not permitted rest days so it makes up for it. Sometimes the meals are better than restaurant meals 🙂

  2. That video was hilarious! And so was the gal not understanding that you wanted bacon and you trying to use an American accent and it worked! Hope that you are feeling better, and I look forward to your next post!

  3. Over the top yummy post! I laughed off my chair with the parody video!! So true, so true! So hilarious. Loved your travel food. If I could choose just one.., it would be; The ubiquitous ice cream sundae with walnuts, caramel sauce, cream and cherries. Your pictures are superb!! Sorry about your dream and cold. Traveling does that. Have a great day!

    • Thanks Judy. I feel a little better this morning. The ice cream was good but that short rib of beef was cooked pretty well for an airline.

      • I am surprised by your airplane food each time. Because I have never eaten airline food that even looked that appetizing.

        • Because we’re expected work as we fly we’re permitted to travel in business class on international travel. We’re not permitted rest days so it makes up for it.

  4. Talking about cutting pineapples: I have brought home from Australia a pineapple cutter which makes two concentric circles as you turn it around the fruit, and you can adjust the diameter according to the size. It is clever.

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