It’s starting to feel like Summer

It’s finally starting to feel like Summer. Yesterday and today we had maximum temperatures >30 °C. It’s just a pity it was so dry. The weather would be perfect if we had more humidity and some rain.

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs I spent today Spring cleaning for a rental inspection this week. I used my new Magic Bullet to prepare the eggs with a little cream. I served it on quinoa and flaxseed toast. I really needed a good mug of coffee after another poor sleep.

Fluffy scrambled eggs on quinoa and flaxseed toast with coffee. Good morning world.

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This evening I enjoyed an almost tropical meal of salmon with mango coleslaw. The coleslaw has red cabbage, red onions, carrot, coriander, mint and parsley.


This afternoon I received a visit from a friendly magpie.

I have a visitor. Ping @ohwir

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This morning while walking I captured an image of the trees down Benjamin Way. Using Diptic I posted to Instagram a comparison of the Winter and Spring images. Canberra truly has the best expression of seasons in Australia with true demarcation between each of the four seasons. While it is beautiful I miss the simplicity of the wet season, dry season and build up in Subequatorial Australia.

Winter compared to Spring. #igerscanberra

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6 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel like Summer

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  2. Hi Gary, it is actually Sunday a.m. here!! I have never tried quinoa and eggs. Sounds and looks like something I need to do.., over toast too! The magpie is absolutely gorgeous. The comparison of the pictures winter and spring are beautiful. Looks like a serene street to travel on!

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