Tantrum Thursday

From Saturday at 1045 AEDT

Okay an update. At 0830 AEDT a Telstra technician, Grant, called my mobile telephone and said he’d check the exchange. At 1030 AEDT Grant called and said he’d found a loose wire and everything should be fixed. Guess what, it is! I have my line, ADSL and wifi. Grant called at 1040 AEDT just to make sure everything was working. This is Good. Thank you Telstra.


From Thursday night

I need to rant. I got home from work and went through my usual routine of turning on my modem/router so the home wifi would start to work. I turned on the iMac only to discover that there was no signal. The modem showed a problem with the telephone LEDs. The telephone line was dead. I called Telstra (the main provider in Australia) and after a couple of failed attempts of calling the fault line I spoke with a man who was trying to be helpful but his accent was very thick and I think my strine was also too much for him too.

After 30 minutes of line testing and me pulling out devices and cables from sockets in the walls he determined there was a problem he couldn’t work out. He’d send a technician as soon as possible. I had high hopes someone would come tonight, after all I’m a loyal customer. The earliest someone can come and see me is Saturday. No specific time could be provided although it’s likely to be the morning.

I vented on Twitter and Facebook which always helps. I was interested in the number of people who no longer rely on a landline and seem to be happy with wireless broadband.

I’ll let you know how things go…


26 thoughts on “Tantrum Thursday

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  2. I totally can relate to your problem. It seems that companies just don’t give the service that they should. We haven’t had a land line in years and don’t miss it at all.

    • I hope we get to that stage here. The National Broadband Network is an Australian Government initiative which is meant to deliver a much better service. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

  3. TELSTRA!!!!!


    I am in the middle of lodging a complaint with the TIO. Why? 4 months of billing stuff ups, being cut off from 3G access, having broadband speed reduced to nothing, 2 hour telephone conversations with pleasant people who can’t understand Scottish accents and hang up on us.

    • I hope your TIO complaint brings about a good result. I’m nervous that if this technician comes out tomorrow he or she may or may not fix the problem.

  4. Don’t get me started – oh you have. My Virgin (Richard Branson) cable is fine most of the time. But when it isn’t it’s an insufferable pain in the arse. I mean I wouldn’t rely on it if I worked from home. I have spent many hours on the phone with ‘Dave’ from Mubai (I always ask where the technician I am talking to is actually talking from) but I have to say they are good. Especially as I am usually several sheets to the wind when I end up calling them.

    • I’m pretty Arjay was from Mumbai too. I didn’t ask. Apparently Australians are racist scum who ask that question all to often.

      All I want to have is for my devices to work properly on a good home wifi system. Surely not too much to ask in the 21st century.

      • God you should try working for my company. I went to Amsterdam for a meeting yesterday. I took a work dongle with me so i could stay connected. I spent half an hour on the phone with the IT team trying to get it to work before I gave up. As for racism no one knows more about that than Brits!

    • Sometimes they may call and schedule earlier. I hope that happens for you. I know here, if I call for a problem with the cable and/or internet; and I cannot figure it out myself. They are responsive depending on the situation. But you have to wait a while that day. Hopefully they will be there early and you can walk and enjoy your day off!!

  5. I feel your pain. I haven’t had landline for a few years. I had so many problems of outage. I have wireless. Sometimes there are some bumps. I hope they come by and help you out sooner than later. It is frustrating!! Hang in there : )

  6. Incredibly frustrating, however, u should always remember, your Social Media is a VALUABLE tool , use it! My brother and I recenlty brought an insurance company to their knees in support of our father. Tag their sites, hash-tag them, in other words make them wish they had come out last night! Until we demand better service we will continue to receive less than what we pay for.

    Good luck!

  7. We are ranting here too! Our telephone service is out and has been since Friday last week. I spoke to a “repair advocate” yesterday and was not given a reason why we had no service, or why the repair person did not show up as promised on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday….Maybe this is Mercury in retrograde, which affects all things electronic!

    Have patience! B

    • Thanks Barb. I’m trying to be optimistic that a technician will come out on Saturday morning. I really feel for you. Relying on my iPhone as a hot spot is no where near as good as ADSL wifi.

  8. I am with you here..We (my husband is the mastermind behind this) have switched to the internet to support our land line and when there is no internet (Cogeco here in Canada), the telephone is dead. We have switched because it saves so much money, and we just have to rely on our cell phones.

    • When I was last in Ottawa I noticed your 3G network is amazingly fast compared to Telstra. I’d be happy with that service if we could get it here.

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