CPAP | Shogun Japanese Restaurant | a burger with a difference

I’ve been at a low ebb this week for a wide range of reasons. After a week that ended in the wanton wonton weekend I had a lot of catching up to do at work as well as the extra work associated with a week of meetings. In addition I started using a CPAP machine at night. For my adult life and according to Mum my childhood too, I’ve been a loud snorer. Given I’m now getting older and getting to that age when I should start putting in place all those things I learnt in medical school, I’m taking my health more seriously. I now have a general practitioner (GP) and I now think more seriously about exercise. With a history of snoring, my GP referred me to a respiratory physician with an interest in sleep medicine. I spent a night in a sleep laboratory and came out discovering I do not have sleep apnœa (which is good), but that I have frequent hypopnœas. Roughly thirty or more times a night I stop breathing for up to 10 seconds.

On Tuesday I was fitted for a continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) machine and I’ve been using it each night since. The brochures and other literature I’ve read says it can take up to a month or more to get used to CPAP therapy. I hope it takes less than that because I’m finding I’m more tired and irritable than ever before. In many of the on-line forums it looks like some people need repeated fittings and flow titration. Every morning this week I’ve got up feeling worse than when I wasn’t using CPAP.

My bedside CPAP set up

It may be that I’d be better learning to play the didgeridoo which has been shown to assist patients with sleep apnœa.

I will persist because I want to learn to sleep better. I average about five hours a night which isn’t enough. I’m usually in bed early and I wake multiple times a night and then rise at about 0400 to go for a walk. I hope one day to sleep through the night each night and wake at 0600 and exercise then. That will mean a later start at work which has it’s own problems for me but I’ll deal with that soon.


Last night I went out with friends to the Shogun Japanese Restaurant and had my first Teppanyaki experience. The restaurant itself felt a little old and dated. That said the wait staff were friendly and helpful. I had been told that many Japanese restaurants are not inexpensive especially if the quality of the food and experience is high. We chose from a set Teppanyaki menu for around $39 per person. There was a mixed reaction amongst my friends. For me the cost was reasonable for the quality of the beef, chicken and fish as well as the entertainment provided by the chef. The set menu consists of an entrée, soup, three meats and a dessert. I thought it was worthwhile and if the opportunity arose again I’d return.


Raw fish and chicken

Cooked fish

Omelet being prepared for fried rice.

Beef and sprouts waiting to be cooked.

Beef and chicken cooking.

Flaming beef

Ice cream, cream and fruit for dessert.

The Teppanyaki chef wrote this in salt upside down and back to front.

Map for Shogun Japanese Restaurant in Canberra

After Shogun we went to Koko Black which is an institution in Canberra. I had a hot chocolate affogato because it was a cool night last night.

Hot chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream

Hot chocolate affogato

Map for Koko Black in Canberra


During the week I came across a Jamie Oliver recipe which I stored in Evernote. I bought some beef mince and made burgers with some mustard and beer (XXXX Gold). I arranged the burger as an open sandwich on a slice of toasted multigrain Vienna loaf with some thickly sliced tomato and thinly sliced pickle. I used Jamie’s yoghurt and Worcestershire sauce idea as a sauce. In addition I made a slaw with cabbage, carrot and red onion.

On balance, I should have used a knife rather than a food processor for the slaw. The burger tasted okay but I think I should have purchased a coarser grade of beef mince. The yoghurt and Worcestershire sauce idea was pretty good on the burger. The seed mustard was a good addition. It’s a pity I can’t drink much alcohol otherwise the stubbie would have made a good accompaniment to the burger.

Yoghurt and Worcestershire sauce

Kensington Pride Mango

Addendum….the next night

Open burger sandwich



15 thoughts on “CPAP | Shogun Japanese Restaurant | a burger with a difference

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  3. Gary, as usual I want to eat everything on the page. My other half uses a Bipap, He hates it, unfortunately, but it does help him sleep. Often he takes it off while asleep and it ends up waking me up with the noise of it lying on the floor. I have friends who’s husbands swear by it but we’re still breaking it in apparently.

  4. My new trick for a good night’s sleep is my Virgin Premium Economy Eye-Pad. For some reason it keeps me asleep and I liken it to putting a sheet over a bird’s cage – it kind of just switches me off.

  5. I wish you a good night’s sleep my friend! We have restaurants here that cook in front of you – Bennihana’s. The food is good and the chef most entertaining! The burger looks good! I love Jamie Oliver’s style of cooking and have not prepared one thing of his that I did not like! Take care!

  6. Gary,

    I look forward to your weekend blend of meals and scenes!

    And I do hope you can begin to sleep better, and please keep us updated on it. I too average 5 hours a night if I am lucky! Lack of sleep is not good.

    Love this entire post of food and that the chef wrote Thank You! What a nice touch to a perfect meal. That hot chocolate affogato!! Wow Gary, it looks so good!

    The seed mustard on the burger, great!

  7. Always love Japanese food! As for the CPAP, Gary, hope you’ll get used to it eventually, because I work in the the field of Psychology, and sleep apnea can have long term implications cognitively (well, you know, not enough oxygen to the brain) and even the personality. As for the didgeridoo, please send me a reference if handy– I am not joking. 🙂

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